Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hey, Don't Forget Dee

Since many of the wonderful SirenBookStrand authors are introducing themselves, I thought, I'd do the join in, so here goes. My nom de plume is Dee Dawning and I write contemporary mainstream and erotic romance, sometime with a paranormal element.

I have three current novels with another publisher and BookStrand has contracted, starting in July, to publish three more of my stories, Love & Seduction in Las Vegas, By the Book and Gizmo.

Love and Seduction in Las Vegas, is the story of Loretta Bishop, an erstwhile, middle aged, sexually liberated, Las Vegas cocktail waitress, who suddenly has the enviable task of teaching a movie star good looking college student how to woo and seduce women. It's funny, it's sad and it has a fabulous ending that will make you cry for joy for Loretta.

By the Book is a sexy story about Sarah and Danny Williams, who, trying to add a little spice into their sex life, re-enact a scene a week out of the fictional salacious erotic book, Lascivious Liaisons.

Gizmo? Well Gizmo is a short story about a middle aged woman who suddenly received a device through the mail from the future that allows her to experience phenomenal things.

Check out my web page, myspace page or my personal blogs for the latest on me.
http://deedawning. wordpress. com/
http://eroticmusing s.blogspot. com/

It was nice meeting you. I hope you'll keep an eye out for my books and read them.

Hope to hear from you, Dee

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