Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Jenny Penn’s Intro

Hey Everybody!

Sorry to show up late, but my computer was feeling under the weather. I’ve nursed it back to health and am here to tell you about myself. I am new author, but a long time avid reader of romances.

I started reading romances as a teenager and have been working on writing one for just about as long. I’m pleased to say that Siren is going to change my title from writer to author in the fall when they publish my first two books, Deception and Mating Claire.

While Deception is a contemporary/ménage trios and Mating Claire is a werewolf/paranormal series, you’ll find that they have my love of strong female heroes in common. As much as I love alpha male characters, I’ve never been a big fan of weaker, shy female characters.

My preference probably has a lot to do with being raised by my mom, who is a very “take charge” kind of woman. My father is very much that way too, so you can imagine what it like when they try to work on things together.

Beyond the strong personalities of my characters, you’ll see my family influence in the dialog I write. My family has always been very close and we spend a lot of time just sitting around talking to each other. I’ve spent many years, working on writing believable dialog and (hopefully) have achieved my goal.

The last thing you’ll notice about my books is that they’re all set in the southeast. I grew up in Atlanta. After graduating from college, I moved around a lot. I’ve lived in Alabama (an area regionally known as LA), Florida and now reside along the southern coast of South Carolina (an area regionally known as the Lowcountry).

Other than those three things, you probably wouldn’t find much consistency in my writing. Outside of series, I enjoy reading and creating stories in all the themes erotic romance include. I love contemporary books as much as I love science fiction based stories. I enjoy long dramas and devour quick, light books with ease.

To learn more about my books and me please visit my website at: http://www.jennypenn.com/ or check me out my myspace page at www.myspace.com/jennypennbooks.

Jenny Penn
Deception – coming soon in fall from Siren Publishing
Mating Claire – coming soon in fall from Siren Publishing

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