Sunday, May 11, 2008

Gifts from the Heart

What type of gift makes your heart melt? Flowers, candy, lingerie, tickets to the ballet? At no other time does the saying ‘it’s the thought behind the gift’ matter more than when it is romantic gift.

The actual gift itself means very little to me as woman. I judge gifts that my boyfriend gives me on whether it shows his understanding of my nature. My current boyfriend knows that I’m in love with diet coke and that the sweetest thing he can do is keep his refrigerator stocked for me when I come over.

Not very romantic to most, no doubt, but to me it shows a level of consideration that melts my heart. It tells me that he wants me to be relaxed and comfortable in his home. Considering that he hates diet coke, it also tells me that he is thinking of me even when he is doing something as mundane as grocery shopping.

This is what I look for in romance novels. A hero doesn’t have to make an overly romantic gesture to be romantic. The thing that will win me over to his side is the thoughtfulness of his gestures.

So what wins your heart over?

Jenny Penn
Deceptioncoming soon in fall from Siren Publishing
Mating Clairecoming soon in fall from Siren Publishing
Cattleman’s Club: Patton’s Waycoming in late fall from Siren Publishing

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