Friday, May 23, 2008

New Reviews!

In the last couple of weeks I've received several new reviews for several of my books at Siren and wanted to share them here:

“I like this author because she does not sugar coat but goes for the jugular, she goes to the point without too many flowery scenes and not too many or over the top sexual scenes. In The Wolf in the Mansion there was suspense, action, intrigues and included witches and shape shifters. It was an interesting mixture with non-stop action but it worked effortlessly whether it was the dialogue or speculation of the suspect.” Joyfully Reviewed by Nellie. Read the full review here:

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“Gracie McKeever delivers yet again with Spells Cast In Shadows. Once again, the prolific storyteller creates an imaginative world of awesome spiritual wonder, set against the backdrop of a compelling tale of love and desire. As always, McKeever’s strength lies in the uniqueness of her characters, which, for a world of centaurs, elves, and other mystical creatures, can be quite a challenge. McKeever, though, not only manages to breathe realistic life into the supporting cast, but she does so with what has become her trademark original touch, enriching the overall story with creative flare.

Of course, fans of a good love scene will never be disappointed in McKeever’s prowess with the “pulsating pen.” Her ability to spark unbridled, though tasteful, arousal through the frequent flesh battles of her characters is quite simply erotica at its finest.

As with all her other works, Spells Cast In Shadows will only increase Gracie McKeever’s growing legion of devoted readers. Her signature literary style continues to improve and is never a letdown.” 4 Stars, Josee Morgan for Apex Reviews. To read full review visit here:

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“Gracie McKeever tells a wonderful story of finding love again. Emilia’s Emancipation will make you happy just reading it, and the night of incredible passion between Emilia and Ramón was more than enough to have me looking for a cool breeze!

This story brings hope to all those who think they’ve lost their only chance at love. Don’t pass this one up, it’s a keeper.”

B+ (Recommended Read) by Lynda for Simply Romance Reviews. To read the full review, visit there:

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“IN PLAIN SIGHT by Gracie C. McKeever is one story you can’t miss. This book had me glued to the edge of my seat until the very ending. The characters in this book were well developed. I felt a connection with Sam right away and I could feel her passion for life just jump off the pages. I also connected with Dara Kelly right way. She has a “her way or the highway” attitude that I loved and thought completed this story perfectly. I have to mention the sexy Caution, who is a very hot leading male for this story; he made me tingle with his sexy words. Of course the villains in this story were also great. After all, what is a suspense story without a villain to jump out and grab someone? I thought this plot was well written and very exciting. I had no idea which way the story would turn and what new character would pop in next to surprise me. This left me excited for more dark and twisting fun. The ending caught me by complete surprise. This book was a great way to get away from everyday life. I recommend you pick this book up and spend the afternoon in a sexy and mysterious tale.” 5 Pixies, Becky Gaede, Dark Angels Reviews. To read the full review, visit here:

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