Sunday, May 4, 2008

Intro to Bekki Lynn

Hi, I'm Bekki Lynn and I'm an eclectic romance author.

Ha! Sounds like an AA meeting. However, I'm not looking for a cure. Writing is as necessary as breathing.

I live in the midwest with my husband of thirty-one years surrounded by our family and four-legged kings and queens of the house. What they don't know is that I really am the Ruler. I just let them think what they want.

Currently, I have two erotic contemporaries with Siren. A Psychic Hitch released April 14th and Last Glass of Wine is coming later in the summer. As I'm writing this, I'm fleshing out a paranormal I wrote for NANO last year and finishing up the expansion of another I wrote a year ago. I also write mainstream, women's lit and have a few other surprises in store. ;)

Thanks for stopping by and checking us out. This is a happening group of authors with a fantastic publisher making them available to you. Don't miss out.


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