Saturday, May 3, 2008

Gracie's Intro

I’m Gracie C. McKeever, an author from the Bronx and native New Yorker. Aside from several side trips along the way I’ve lived and worked my entire life in the Big Apple (most of it two train stops away from the House that Ruth built….Go Yanks!)

I’ve been writing since the ripe old age of seven when two younger brothers were among my earliest, captive audience for various short story readings and performances. I only started writing with a serious eye towards publication, however, in 1994 and sold my first mainstream short story to a genre print magazine out of Colorado.

I’ve been kicking around the internet and e-publishing since 1998 when I discovered and signed on with new alternative romance e-publisher that published my first New Age paranormal urban romance.

I’m an eclectic and avid reader and have had the great fortune of being able to incorporate two of my favorite passions and talents – reading and writing – as a book reviewer for several online e-zines in the past both as a regular staff member and a freelancer.

In 2001 I caught the erotic romance and erotica bug when I sank my teeth into my first erotic romance e-book for a solicited review and haven’t looked back since. An instant affinity for the genre was born and spawned my first erotic romance title a few years later. That title, Beneath The Surface: The Matchmaker 1 is currently available from Siren Publishing, Inc. and was the first in a long list of award-winning and top-selling Siren titles.

Thanks for the invite, Amanda! I'm glad to be here and very proud to be a Siren author!

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