Thursday, May 29, 2008

Introduction to Jordana Ryan

Hi everyone,

I'm Jordana Ryan! So excited to be here. I have two releases coming from BookStrand. Sweet Dreams is a Contemporary Suspense novella. Gillian never dreamed of running the bakery in her small town, but now that she does, she loves it like nothing else. She can't imagine her life any different than the way it turned out, until Lucas Jensen ambles back into town and into her life. Seeing the man she once had a huge crush on makes her wonder what life would have been like had she left the tiny town and followed her dreams. When strange things begin to happen to Gillian and it looks as if her life may be at stake, it's up to Lucas to find out who is threatening the woman he is coming to see in a different light and stop them. But can he battle his own demons to save the life of the only woman he has ever met worth fighting for?

Perfect Game is a Contemporary Romance Novel. Jessie Kirk never really knew her father, Dan Kirk, but when her mother dies suddenly, she's determined to either get to know her father or gain closure. Her arrival in Santa Fe, New Mexico is less than welcomed by her father or his team, the Santa Fe Devils. After all, her last visit had been one big disaster. But, Trevor, the star pitcher on the team, can't help but remember the vulnerability he had once seen in the girl.

When a career threatening injury leaves him reeling, Trevor and Jessie discover that together they can take off the masks they wear for everyone else and just be themselves. Can either of them stand what they see in themselves and each other? Or will they go on pretending for the sake of appearances?

Both of these stories are due out in late 2008 with BookStrand Publishing.

Jordana has been writing most of her life, but didn't decide to make a career out of her passion until about a year ago. Jordana has spent most of her life working with adults and juveniles in the criminal justice system, and those fighting mental illness. Jordana enjoys tackling issues that are sensitive and perhaps more emotional and feels fulfilled when a reader says her stories have touched them.
Jordana is a single mom to a beautiful six year old girl and can often be found playing with her daughter, crocheting, or cooking when not writing. Throughout her writing Jordana loves to showcase her second passion of cooking and baking!
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I'm looking forward to being able to bring you more great stories, and would love to hear anything my readers have to say!

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