Wednesday, May 28, 2008



What's a girl to do? So many to choose from. Too many to list. Our heroes tempt us with six-pack abs, drool worthy pecs, and deep masculine voices. They spill over with testosterone and alpha male attitudes. They charge into battle and burning buildings. Well...because that's what our heroes do.

Some heroes come in alternate forms, like the shape shifting hero, the vamp, and were. There's cowboys, cops, carpenters, Texas Rangers, barons, counts, superstars, firefighters.
Who do we love? I love bad boys, the tortured hero, the all American boy (or should I say man?). A smorgasbord of hot men laid out in front of us. (Smacks lips)

Here's a list of my favorite heroes in no particular order, both fictional and real.

J.T. Dillion from the Perfect Husband by Lisa Gardner. To me he's the quintessential tortured hero. And still one of my favorites. He's a lean, mean, fighting machine which is exactly why Tess, the heroine, seeks him out so he can teach her how to fight, to survive. J.T. has been deeply hurt, but Tess drags him out of his grief to train her for battle.

Scott Gandy the hero from The Gamble by LaVeryle Spencer. With his southern charm, he's a sweet talking gambler and rogue. Scott fancies his saloon hall dancing girls, that is until he meets Agatha Dowling. And Agatha is anything but...

Matt Damon Matt always reminded me of the boy next door, that is, until he made the Bourne movies when a whole different side of him emerged. He's not only super sexy, but cunning and crafty as well.

Big from Sex and the City. Now here, ladies, is the quintessential bad boy. He's handsome, rich, suave, and silver-tongued. Big reels Carrie in like a hungry trout. She can't so no to him, won't say no to him, even after she meets Aiden (a good guy). She's willing to jeopardize her relationship with Aiden to be with Big. That's the power of a bad boy.

Anderson Cooper Yes, I'm talking about 360 Anderson Cooper. He's smart, accomplished, funny, and he looks good not only in his spendy suits, but also blue jeans and a tee shirt.

Lucas Davenport If you're a fan of John Sandford's Prey Series you know who I'm talking about. He's tall, dark, and rich. But most important of all, he's a cop with confidence. And Lucas definitely knows how to seduce the ladies.

Kurt Russell One of my all time favorite actors. It doesn't matter what movie he stars in, I'm there. I mean, really there. (Sigh.)

Terrence Howard This man is drool worthy. He moves with the natural grace of a wild animal, but has this sexy smile. In the movie, The Brave One, he broke the rules, his own code of ethics to protect Jodi Foster. He even took a bullet for her.

Hawk Rivers The hero from Karly's Drifter, by yours truly. Okay, I had to throw one of my heroes into the mix. I love all of my heroes. After all, I created them. For me, there has always been something about Hawk. He's the epitomy of a tortured hero. He's lean and mean. Hawk has suffered and he survived. When he meets up with Karly Jackson, Hawk makes it very clear to her what he wants. Hawk has been hardened by life, but Karly won't and doesn't back down.

Fox Mulder My favorite FBI agent from The X Files. On a quest to ferret out the truth, the sexy agent doesn't take no for an answer. We all know, if necessary, he would take a bullet for Scully.

Who's yours?

Sage Burnett


Savanna Kougar said...

One of my fave heroes is Adrian Paul of Highlander fame. However, there was always something about Fox Mulder that tripped the desire juices. It was always the knowing his character wasn't truly available because of his quest, that kept me from falling for him totally.

Luxie Ryder said...
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Luxie Ryder said...

A favourite of mine is Officer Jack Traven from Speed.

Keanu at his physical peak (remember those arms?). The character was a new age hero and one of the first to hand over a very important task to a capable woman. Jack didn't doubt Annie could handle the bus and turned to her for support at various points in the movie. This film tore up the rule book regarding action heroes. Macho posturing would never be enough again.

Sage Burnett said...

True, Savanna, that Fox Mulder was definitely elusive, but I still thought he was a hottie.

Luxie, I forgot about Jack Traven. Great role for Keanu. I not only remember his arms, I remember everything about him. lol