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Hot Heroes ~ Interview with Baron Zaggry Dhio Vettura ~ Wagering in the World of the Blue Pearl Moon

Wagering is a way of life in Baron Vettura’s aristocratic world, especially on any horse sport. And with the revival of the war horse sport of Braverth, all bets are definitely on, amid the swirling dangers of plots and constant intrigues.
Today, I thought I’d let my hero in All Shades of Blue Paradise, Book I & Pleasures of Blue Lotus Oil, Book II ~ speak for himself on the subject of wagering in the World of the Blue Pearl Moon

An interview with Baron Vettura ~
Wagering in the World of the Blue Pearl Moon

Baron Zaggry Dhio Vettura entered the Regent’s extravagantly appointed reception chamber. Immediately he strode toward the woman comfortably seated on an elegant chair designed for her small, curve-flowing body. The Emissary from the green-water world of Vhesphia, the planet residing in the inner orbit next to his world, had arrived requesting to interview him.

Bowing over her slender four-fingered hand, Baron Zaggry briefly pressed his lips upon her dolphin-like skin. Rising, he offered her the warmth of his grin, and the admiring flash of his gaze. "Emissary Gjylish, may I compliment your slim loveliness and the jade-sheen beauty of your complexion?"

"Baron Vettura, you may...of course." Her natural throat-deep voice held feminine giggles, surfacing like bubbles. "And may I compliment the promptness of your appearance. My request to interview you must have caused your personal schedule some strain. I can only apologize, however, the people of my world have been devouring news of the Braverth, and are particularly fascinated with the idea of wagering on sport events. A cultural way we do not possess. Please..." She floated her delicate arm toward the chair facing her.

Pivoting, Baron Zaggry seated himself. Lounging back like the golden cougar his Sheridan called him, he steepled his fingers and focused his full attention on the bright-eyed Vhesphian. "Your command of our formal language is most superior, Emissary Gjylish. What question would you ask first?"

"In our culture wagering occurs on games of chance and intuitive skill. Certainly not with the level of zeal your culture displays. How did high-coin wagering become such a passionate past time?"

Zag smiled suavely, lacing his fingers. "I believe high-coin wagering was born of idleness in the beginning. Once a generation was born in our history, where diligent work was no longer required, and wealth was available, the fierce boundless energy of youth demanded a past time which would excite them, and consume their passionate restlessness. Wagering, gambling...swiftly became a manner of sport, along with the various sporting games, which also originated as entertainment at that time. This new breed of sporting entertainments alleviated boredom, and brought about pleasure-vigorous ways of socializing with each other, of meeting one’s future husband or wife, especially for the most elite of the aristocracy."

"Indeed, the ways of your aristocratic society continue to fascinate the people of my world. Yet, why the avid and frenzied level of wagering on a horse sport? Wouldn’t the pleasure and excitement of watching the Braverth be excitement-fulfilling enough?"

"Truth to your ear, Emissary Gjylish," Baron Zaggry charmed, "the Braverth, indeed, all horse events, fulfill my requirement for excitement and entertainment. Without any need for wagering. However, coin-fortunes or other invaluable favors are to be gained by successful wagering."

"Yes, one of the differences between us. Our society remains more communal, all to be shared. Our wagering is more for the tiny joys of winning a prized gem or a collection of gems. Whereas, your people thrive on the chaotic rise and fall of winning fortunes or favors by gambling on the swiftness and skill of a rider upon a horse. Is that not so?"

"Yes, many in our world do pursue what we call the ‘bliss-rush’ of the win, similar to the natural high of winning a sporting event. Still, there are many other dynamics at play. Often gains in coin are used in productive ways, to improve one’s land and home, to support an enterprise, which maintains the richness of our overall economy. Although, certainly, there are those who squander their gains in a juvenile and irresponsible manner."

"Is not wagering also used as a method to possess power or take away an individual’s power?" With eel-like fluidity, the Vhesphian woman leaned forward, slightly adjusting her media recording globe.

Alert to the interview trap she set, Baron Zaggry languidly adjusted his posture, to one where he appeared more relaxed, and more in mastery of the situation. "True, Emissary Gjylish. The ebb and flow of power is, at times, influenced by wagering. A simple example would be, if I win a large purse, and use it to my advantage by growing one of my business enterprises, I gain in power and in notice, therefore my words carry greater weight."

"Baron Vettura, there is a bold curiosity about how wagering is used in what your society calls ‘intrigues’, or what we would view as hidden deceits practiced to gain an unfair advantage. Could you provide an example for our understanding?"

Lazy as a hunger-satiated cougar, Baron Zaggry allowed his lips to curve in a smile. "Perhaps," he teased, pausing for a moment. "As you, and the good people of your realm, must realize, our ‘intrigues’ have evolved along with the complexity of our culture, and have become multi-entangled layered webs used for a variety of reasons and purposes. For love, for carnal appetite, for the gain of coin, as a way to broker power and favor. Indeed, for any impassioned motivation. Of course, that would include revenge and spying. And sun-obviously, and too often, greed."

Baron Zaggry shifted, propping his booted foot on top of the resting stool with a feral elegant ease. "However, I have not provided an example, have I? Perhaps, you will further define what you wish to know, Emissary Gjylish." Friendly as a cougar expecting dinner, he smiled once again.

"Of course, Baron Vettura, I will define what I and my people wish to know." Her eyes glowed, tiny bolts of emerald lightning streaking toward the pupils of her eyes. "There are updates several times each day on your media venues about the immense amount of wagering in the gambling entertainment salons. There is also speculation about the intrigues which are playing out. Why do so many gamble on who will triumph in the Braverth. Will it be your slave lover, Lady Sheridan. Or, will Lord Gawaith prevail? And what manner of intrigue do you play out?"

Baron Zaggry allowed his steepled fingers to lace and unlace leisurely before he answered. "My slave lover, Lady Sheridan, rides to victory in the Braverth, to win the security of our horse lands. And to triumph as warrioress. It is that simple, and that complicated in our world. Certainly, various intrigues swirl around us like the lavish gown skirts of our women swirl, as they splendidly and gracefully dance during our evening entertainments.

"Lord Gawaith has been my slave lover’s devoted adversary in the horse sports where they compete, for several riding seasons now. He carries an obsession of spirit, the prideful need to defeat Lady Sheridan by his superior skill and by his personal mastery of the horse war game, Braverth

"There are many who believe my slave lover suffers a depletion of her physical prowess...given my carnal appetite for her. They would also believe she could not be as warrioress-determined in her ability to triumph, since she has yielded to me as her master.

Baron Zaggry raised one dark auburn brow, then continued, "Your example follows, Emissary Gjylish of the esteemed Vhesphia World. Is my interview with you part of an intrigue I deftly play against my enemies? Are my words, concerning my slave lover, mere deception? Or are they the truth as some would observe and believe?

"What is intrigue?" Baron Zaggry brought the fierce intensity of his gaze to bear on the Emissary, who leaned forward as if she was about to learn the end of a media-novel mystery. "What is not? Shadow or the mirror reflection upon a blue crystalline lake...and would I wager against Lady Sheridan’s victory in the Braverth, simply to gain another high-coin sum?" Baron Zaggry smiled like a hunt-triumphant cougar, who rested after dining on meaty succulent flesh. "There are some who believe my nature to be so ruthless toward collecting a fortune, I would use my slave lover in such a betraying manner."

Baron Zaggry slowly leaned forward, the lithe power of a cougar. "What do you believe?" He casually un-propped his foot." What is deception? What is not? What wager would you lay down, Emissary Gjylish?"

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