Monday, May 5, 2008

Paranormal: So far I've only dabbled...

My series for Siren, Magic And Love, features Eugenia and Gwendolyn - two very endearing fairy godmothers. This is the extent to which, so far, I've dabbled in writing anything that could be considered paranormal.

Would I consider writing a novel that would more fully fit into this genre? Yes, I would. Though I must confess that I don't particularly care for vampires or shape shifters, necessarily. Witches and sorcerers and the Fae, now...that's another thing all together. Alternate worlds where one may travel to by magic, worlds where unicorns still exist? Oh, yes.

I know this genre is still considered 'hot'; however, when I sit down to think a story into existence, I almost never think of what the market is calling for. Yes, writing is a business; and yes, I do need to think of it as such more than I do.

But I believe in writing the story that needs to be told. The words mean more where there is passion behind them - not necessarily just the passion of love making, but the passion for the words and the story itself.

So, some of you may be asking, "Morgan, when are you going to write a story in this genre?" And my answer is...when the story demands to be told.


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