Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Introducing Tonya Ramagos

Hello! I'm Tonya Ramagos, author of contemporary, vampire, and contemporary fantasy romances. I was born in South Mississippi and lived much of my life on the Gulf Coast (Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida). Then about a year and a half ago, I relocated to Chattanooga, TN. Though I was all but raised on the beach, I discovered it's the mountains that hold my heart. We even talked about moving back to Florida at one point but I just couldn't leave those mountains for the flatlands.

About family and hobbies... I'm a wife and a mother of 2 handsome boys, ages 7 and 13. Basketball has become a favorite past time lately, as has baseball, soccer. When you have 2 boys you learn to play the games I suppose:) My #1 obsession is reading. Well, okay, that's probably #2 as #1 would be writing. I enjoy all genres but really must have a good romance in there somewhere. I also like dancing, hikeing, and computer games.

I currently have 4 books available at Siren with 2 more coming soon. Siren is the home of my Heroes of Silver Springs series where you will find hotties from all the branches of public service: firefighters, police, FBI, DEA, and even Navy SEALs. This series is so much fun to write and I have fallen in love with all my guys who make up the city of Silver Springs. I'm thrilled with the response readers are having to it and plan to keep the adventures going for a good, long time.

To learn more about my books please visit http://www.tonyaramagos.com/ and you can get to know the men who make up the Heroes of Silver Springs at http://tonyaramagos.com/heroesofSS.htm

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