Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Formal Introduction ~ Toni L Meilleur

First and foremost my name is Toni L Meilleur. I consider myself still fairly new to Siren Publishing. That being said, even though my time here is probably considerably short compared to other Siren veterans I must say this company rocks!

A little bit about myself:

It seems it's always easier to write about characters than yourself. But I'll give it a try. I have two children that have been a true gift in my life. I am as of yet not able to pursue writing full time so I make my living as a personal trainer. I am very active in the theatre though I tend to lean more towards dancing roles than actual singing ones. Largely because of the fact that I can't sing. I also like to to teach youth theatre. I adore working with my hands, so when I get the itch I tend to make furniture my victim. I love to update older furniture, by stripping it and restaining it and upholstering it. Heck! I've even made a coffee table from scratch!

The weird part:

One of my greatest joys in life is to prank my kids. Not the jump out and scare you but the ones that are so intricate they never see it coming. They have a deep mistrust of my 'honest smiling' face but it has made them wiser kids. They can see when someone is trying to pull something over them in a minute. Unfortunately they haven't yet found the time a day to get up early enough to get one over on me. I have given them a goal. This of course is not limited to my kids. I often prank people I truly care about, because how else do you show the love...?

My Addiction:

Reading and writing are an addiction to me. Since the first poem I wrote at the age of eleven I always get the itch to write my own, and read some of my favorite authors. Writing has helped through a lot of bad times, and provided some of the most well spent time when I am creating. I am constantly bombarded with new ideas for stories on an everyday basis. Characters come to life inside my head until I have no choice but to purge them by writing their story.

My work:

I have been honored to write with Siren Publishing. As of now I have several books either out or coming out. This I am hoping is merely the beginning.

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