Sunday, September 7, 2008

4 Divas for Ingenue's Choice and The Wolf in the Mansion!

“All of the characters in Ingenue’s Choice are likable and realistically depicted. Keir and Patryck really come alive, due to the author’s skill at creating believable dialogue and interaction between them. The romantic tension between the two men is instantaneous, and builds to steaming and yet tender interactions. I rooted for them from the beginning. I also especially like the author’s warm and casual narrative style. The prose has a smooth and conversational feeling to it. It’s interesting to see, from Zara’s perspective, traits in these men that each overlooks in himself. They have the potential to enrich each other’s lives and just need a bit of help to let go of their baggage and move forward. In spite of the many paranormal elements in the book, the contemporary setting and the people inhabiting it are so well written that the reader won’t doubt anything that occurs. The appearance of the ghosts and angels is so seamless that the reader is never distracted from the main storyline: the romance between Keir and Patryck.” 4 Divas, Dark Diva Reviews. To read the full review, visit here:

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The Wolf in the Mansion:

“McKeever writes short books that pack a punch in the beginning and do not stop squeezing your central nervous system like a vice grip until you’ve reached the last page . McKeever throws intriguing ingredients of Shakespeare, soap opera and genuine, old fashioned romance into every single page, blending the mixture into a satisfying meal.

She also has a welcome taste for explosive sex scenes that keep this a page turner… Gracie C. McKeever has produced another fine, evocative, erotic romantic thriller.” 4 Delightful Divas by A.J. Llewellyn. Dark Diva Reviews. To read the full review, visit here:

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