Monday, September 29, 2008

Winning Virgin Lust Just Released Moments Ago!

It’s Time to Introduce Two More Sabbats!

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Sebastian and Gabriel Sabbat are two handsome rogues who share similar physical features and yet, they are uniquely different. Read Winning Virgin Lust and you will soon discover there’s a power struggle within the pages.

At Paranormal Romance Book Discussion (PNR), the readers and authors are discussing ‘safe’ paranormal romance. It’s turned into a very interesting thread and I’ve discovered several new authors since this topic posted.

I’ve thought a lot about the vampires created for the Winning Virgin series. The Winning Virgin novels revolve around two vampire families—the Spensers and the Sabbats. The Spensers represented the ‘safe’ paranormal stories but the bad guys (the Sabbat men) will carry the Spensers and those who love them into a darker realm of existence.

There’s a power struggle in the Winning Virgin books. The books cross over the safe boundaries and yet still incorporate the dark elements too. The Winning Virgin series will please those who look for the “safe paranormal” but will also captivate those who want the darker paranormal novels as well.

Since the Winning Virgin series is considered a steamy paranormal/urban fantasy (with ménage romance in the second and third books), I’d love to know your thoughts. What do you look for in your vampire-paranormal romances? Do you enjoy paranormal books that can give you a good mix of dark paranormal with just enough light-hearted appeal to guarantee a happy ending, or do you prefer one over the other?

I hope you enjoy a little of both because the Sabbats will take you on quite a journey. It starts today in Winning Virgin Lust. Gabriel and Sebastian Sabbat are two vampires who know what they want. They both realize how to get it and how to use their strengths to gain Constance's approval, a woman destined to love them both.


It's the morning after a sexual romp and Constance Spenser wakes up with more than a headache. Since she doesn't seem to know who she is or where she belongs, Sebastian Sabbat buys into the old adage of finders keepers and that's just his first mistake.

The Sabbats and the Spensers aren't friends and when two of their own join for unconventional purposes, the families aren't exactly pleased. Add in a little brotherly love and a threesome guarantees Constance will soon be tied to more than one Sabbat. Gabriel Sabbat will join his brother and Constance in a very accepted vampire ceremony, but when Darian Sabbat realizes Constance has her hooks in Sebastian and Gabriel, he makes a quick decision.

Darian knows he can’t trust his brothers now that Constance wants their undivided attention. In a bold move, he takes the initiative to secure the future of his family and he has a little insurance to ensure the Spensers never get in his way.

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Winning Virgin Lust just released. It’s out now!


Tarot By Arwen said...

Intriguing blog, Destiny! I'd love to be in the running for this book. I'm intrigued by the concept of "safe" paranormals myself! I love how you weave the two together.

Destiny Blaine said...

WOOT! What a way to start the day! Thank you for posting, my friend! I'll send you a free copy of Winning Virgin Blood right now! :))


Savanna Kougar said...

Fascinating blog, Destiny. I probably need a better understanding of safe vs dark. I would guess mine are on the 'safe' side.
I like how you've blended the two, and feature the two different families.
Congrats on your continued success!

bloody_yet said...

This is great to read at work. Esp. when one is bored.

Destiny Blaine said...

Hey Savanna,

Thanks so much for stopping by to post. You’re the best! And ditto, congrats on your success as well. You amaze me with your energy and your talent!


Destiny :))

Destiny Blaine said...

Ahhh... I'm so sorry you're having a bad day, BY. Hope things go better for you in the future and thanks so much for your interest in my work.

Destiny :))