Saturday, September 20, 2008

Author Discovery: Anika Hamilton

This week I was looking for short and sweet and found Anika Hamilton's Dessert Box. Carmella and Sandra have built many passionate memories together and this Valentine's Day Sandra has asked her lover to relive them all in order to unlock her from box to enjoy chocolate covered treats.

Dessert Box is not about new found love but a ten year relationship spanning college years together, periods of experimentation and moments where they could not keep their hands off of each other even in formal settings. Anika's story is unique because it is about what happens *after* the "happily ever after".

The narrative is told from the more dominant Carmella's point of view so my only complaint to Ms. Hamilton is, "will there be a sequel where Carmella sets up a challenge for Sandra?" (^_^)

Dessert Box's elegant style is a perfect introduction to Hamilton's other work, Reclaiming Nicola, which is a short mxf romance.

Five questions to enjoy your feast;
Five answers to receive your treat;
Five pieces to create one tool;
Five components to achieve one goal;
Five reasons to set me free;
Five flavors of chocolate on me.

See everyone next Saturday!
Silapa Jarun
Keeping history hot...

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