Monday, September 1, 2008

4 Cherries for Nine Inches of Snow and the Ebony Princess!

“This is the first work I’ve read by Gracie McKeever, and I enjoyed it a great deal. The storyline, which draws elements from different well-known fairytales, is tight and well written, and the characters are all realistic and well-developed. Heroine Aziza Lopez is the right combination of uncertain and independent. Because she and hunky hero David Healey get to meet before he ends up a comatose patient on her nursing ward, we also get to see her fiery side, especially after she witnesses his shape-shifting. David is flawed but completely likable, the nice guy driven by need who still tries to do the right thing. I wasn’t expecting the paranormal twist to this story, when David turns to a wolf at the moment his life is put in danger, but it fits right into the plot. I don’t normally read a lot of paranormal, but I thought David’s shifting between worlds was well done and easy to follow.” 4 Cherries, Reviewed by Dandelion for Whipped Cream.

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