Monday, September 1, 2008

Music ~ Saturday Night Fever With a Carnal Cherub

My hero in WHEN A GOOD ANGEL FALLS is Zerr Dann Volcano. He is what is often called a carnal cherub, a unique breed of angel who can operate long term in the material realms, such as Earth. His nature and powers are divine, yet he also possesses human desires, especially potent sexual desires. All that light inside his being has to be focused somewhere. So he tells me.
Once material planet-worlds became abundant in the Universe, and some Archangels turned to the dark side, carnal cherubs were created to observe them and, if need be, battle these Dark Force Angels on their own hellfire turf.
However, while they are in training, carnal cherubs are sent on fun assignments. It’s well known in the celestial community that they adore dancing with women, and have a particular fondness for disco, ala Saturday Night Fever style. In fact, there are John Travolta cloud-dance contests in the heavenly realms, no wings allowed, and the instructional classes are always filled to capacity.
Another little heavenly secret, sshhhh ~ dancing on the clouds with Archangel Michael impersonating ‘Travolta’ is all the rage. Oh, and wings are allowed.

If you love disco dancing...okay, it might be your well-kept secret...and I won’t tell if you do. But consider the following twelve indicators ~

You might have been partnered with a carnal cherub if...

12. He intones the name of a Bee Gees’ disco tune, then boyishly grins with expectation, and the next thing you hear is ~ More than a woman...

11. If he’s wearing garb reminiscent of that garish anything-goes time. Yep, the white suit of Saturday Night Fever or a shiny polyester shirt and pants, only his clothes sparkle as if coated by stardust, most noticeable when he stands beneath the disco ball.

10. If his eyes bedazzle you, and you can’t resist his gentlemanly yet playful invitation to dance ~ even if you are dead on your feet and ready to go home. And hate all men because you just spied your ex-boyfriend in the corner creepily pawing your last babysitter.

9. When he whirls you through a series of dance steps you had no idea you could ever perform to Love to Love You, Baby ~ and you feel as if, yes, you really are dancing on the clouds. And soon, not to your surprise, ‘I could have danced all night’ is singing in your head, competing with the music.

8. You beam a smile up at him as he dips you like Patrick Swayze in a dirty dancing dream, and you have absolutely no fear he will drop you, or break you in any way.

7. As you dance pelvis to pelvis, defying the prowess of Elvis Presley to You’re a brickhouse, your head is still in the musical clouds of disco ~ not on wantonly shoving him against the nearest wall, and ravaging his ultra sexy body.

6. You lose one of your dangly 80's Cher earrings while Donna Summer’s Bad Girls is swivelling your hips, and he instantly discovers its location, flung beneath the chair of the hottest babe alive, who is now eyeing you like you’re her next bag of kitty litter. But you hardly notice because as he presents the earring in his palm, its sheer brightness causes you to lose your breath with astonishment.

5. When the thump-thump pound of the music slows to Last Dance, and you’re hugging bodies and dancing cheek-to-cheek, you feel as if you’re hovering over the dance floor, like he has wings or something.

4. As the music winds down and the neon lights fade, he heavenly kisses you until kingdom comes, and you swear your feet aren’t touching the floor and that surely you’ve just sprouted wings. Flapping shimmery wings.

3. After he walks you to your car, he presses a tender parting kiss on your lips. And you know you’ll never see him again. But somehow it’s okay. Somehow you know you’ve just been touched by heaven.

2. You hum the melody of I feel love, as he walks toward the slickest and sweetest motorcycle ride you’ve ever seen, then simply vanishes.

1. As you drive home, your head lost in the clouds, and your senses reeling, Willie Nelson sings angel flying too close to the ground, in your mind as if on a repeating loop. Then when you turn on the radio for the rest of the drive home, the first thing you hear is Johnny Angel, how I love you.


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