Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Well, I've meant to come out and introduce myself, but I've been so swamped I finally realized, ruh-roh, hadn't done it!

My name is Lesli Richardson, and my contemporary romantic novel, "Cross-Country Chaos" is under contract with BookStrand. It's not your typical romance novel. Kelly Alexander is a divorced mom of two boys. The younger, Denny, is eight and uses a wheelchair because he was born with spina bifida. In the process of getting him qualified for the Junior Nationals, she's introduced to handsome (and single) former Paralympian, Mart Rawlings. The question is, can Mart prove to Kelly that he's her Mr. Right and break through her wall of fear left over from a very nasty divorce to her cheating ex-husband?

It has love, romance, sled hockey, an ex-husband getting decked, and a cross-country trip drive from Florida to Washington state that would put any average person in the funny farm. What more could you ask? :)

As the mother of a wheelchair athlete, I wanted to write a book that would take the reader along for the ride and halfway through have them realize, "Hey, these are just REAL people like me." I've seen too many romance stories where the issue of disability is either treated in a "fluff" manner, or the writer flat-out got it wrong. (One book I won't name by a well-known writer kept referring to a man's everyday chair as a "racing" chair, proving they didn't do their research!) I wanted an accurate book that was also a fun read, proving that sometimes, the greatest disability is between a person's ears, not in their physical body.

I live in southwest Florida with my husband, son, and a houseful of misfit and neurotic animals. When I'm not writing I'm...well, I'm writing. *LOL* I'm lucky enough I'm able to pursue my passion for wordsmithing full-time now.

You can hunt me down and check out my other scribblings at: http://leslirichardson.blogspot.com or http://myspace.com/madmumbler and feel free to drop me an email.



Lindsay Townsend said...

Hi Lesli! Fascinating intro and your novel sounds great! Very topical. Best wishes from your fellow Bookstrand sister, Lindsay
Lindsay Townsend/Flavia's Secret
A Secret Treasure - Bookstrand

Francesca Prescott said...

Hello Lesli, I love the theme of your story. My husband used to ski competetively with blind people (he was their eyes), so I'm particularly sensitive to the issues you've addressed. Bravo! I'm looking forward to reading this book.
xx Francseca Prescott/MUCHO CALIENTE! - BookStrand

Lesli Richardson said...

Hi Lindsay - Thank you very much! It's the first of four I want to write about related characters introduced in this book. Now to find the time to finish them all! *LOL*

Hi Francesca - Thank you very much. While fortunately the population is becoming better educated to disability issues, there are still a surprising number of people with old-fashioned and flat-out erroneous assumptions about those with disability, as I'm sure you and your husband can attest to. That they can't do "normal" things (including falling in love and being in a steamy romance! *LOL*). I wanted this book to challenge those old assumptions and hopefully change some minds in a fun and non-preachy way.

It's kind of a "Murderball" meets "Debbie Macomber" kind of novel. *LOL*