Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Venture - Released today!

VENTURE tells the story of a super-smart woman who had been having a hard time finding the right guy. Then, at a conference in Sydney, she meets John. She considers him perfect but he seems wrapped up with his work. Undeterred and with her customary energy, she throws herself into the relationship. But in doing so, she finds she has to do more than simply fall in love. She has to risk her life, too.

Below is a quiz about Lydia. The first person to contact me with all five answers correct will win a dozen red roses. You'll need to read the book.

Bill Newman


1. What's the name of Lydia's best friend?

2. When Lydia meets John she thinks he's under surveillance. What is the military rank of the person shadowing him in Sydney?

3. Lydia does not like her father's second wife. What is Lydia's nickname for her?

4. Lydia is researching the side effects of an over-the-counter drug. What kind of drug?

5. When Lydia and John move house, which Sydney suburb do they choose?

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