Saturday, September 20, 2008

4.5 Kisses for Rapture 1 from Two Lips Reviews!

“The Prosecutor’s Paramour is a superb prequel to Ms. Santiago’s The Wives’ Tales series. Readers will be sucked into a futuristic world where women are relegated to the role of second-class citizens. Evie proves herself a worthy adversary by keeping Zachary on his toes. Zachary’s many secrets are revealed to Evie in unexpected ways. I have a whole new appreciation for Ms. Santiago’s talent as she constantly kept this reader guessing, even though I knew the ultimate outcome!

Ms. McKeever is a new author to me and subsequently I’ve never read any of the previous installments of her Sisters of Emsharra series. I found this novella to be the hardest one to enjoy, struggling to juggle the back-story with the main and keeping the secondary characters straight in my mind. I found Michael’s conflict to be one that tore at my heart. I empathized with how he could feel anything positive, let alone love, for Xevera after his mother suffered so cruelly at the hands of one of her people. I admired Xevera’s spunk as she bravely faced all of Michael’s hatred.

Ms. Ashbury begins her new trilogy The Song of the Sirens with The Enchantress. Twyla and Nicholas are a great team, loving and working together. Twyla gives her complete trust to Nicholas, thinking he might be the perfect man for her. Nicholas reworks his initial perception about Twyla as he learns more about this amazing woman. I was intrigued with the sirens and wished more background had been incorporated into this story. Knowing Ms. Ashbury, the second and third installments of this promising series will give us this and more!

A Devil’s Bargain was an utter delight to read! Isabelle is everything Devon wishes he could have, but knows is beyond reach. Ms. Wildes turns up the sexual heat as Devon introduces the virginal Isabelle to all the delights of the flesh. Isabelle not only stirs Devon’s libido, but through her wonderful spirit, encourages him to care again. A Devil’s Bargain is one historical that I’ll repeatedly turn to to warm up a cold winter’s night!”

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