Monday, September 1, 2008

2 New Reviews for Ingenue's Choice!

Gracie McKeever combines old characters and settings with new and draws the reader ever closer to the newly maturing character of Zara who is becoming more likable by the day. The second installment in the Zara’s Bois series, Ingenue’s Choice is better formed than the first in the series and includes more dialogue with the two angels that started it all, Micah and Jamaereh. Fans of M/M and BDSM will appreciate the eroticism of this tale and the growth of the characters as they begin to heal old hurts.” 4 Headstones, Sarai for Bitten by Books. To read the full review, visit here:

“The developing romance between Patryk and Keir is very sweet and was a pleasure to read about. The sex in this book is scorching hot and there is some mild BDSM, too.
Gracie McKeever does a great job at creating a lively and sometimes very funny story, while depicting her characters in a very believable way. Ingenue's Choice is a very enjoyable paranormal story and I'm off now to read the third book in the series, Bouncer's Folly.4 Roses, Reviewd by Christian Otto for the REC. To read the complete review, visit here:

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