Saturday, April 18, 2009

Winner Takes All--Available NOW

Winner Takes All
Delectable Bad Boys Series
Ménage Amour: Ménage a Trois Romance M/F/M with F/M/M/M, Public Exhibition

"This book is not for the faint of heart." (From my book page, Siren Publishing)

"Fantastic character development. The reader will like the sextreme sex because the author gets the reader inside the characters’ heads... The writing is strong, direct, and the language used is perfect for the tone of the story." (Editor, Siren Publishing)


Cody Brickman, bad boy of football and proud of it, deserves his reputation. Taryn Belle, bad girl of women's sports, fabricated her bad girl persona and deserves none of it. Cody suspects she's a fraud and pushes Taryn to prove she's what she claims to be. Taryn smears Cody's reputation and hits him where it hurts the most, below the belt, by publicly announcing he sucks in bed.

When Cody accidentally stumbles upon a list of Taryn's most intimate, secret fantasies, he smells revenge and enlists the assistance of one and sometimes two friends. Together they help Taryn play out those fantasies in living color, in bare flesh, and in various private and public places. What's a girl protecting her infamous reputation to do but play along? And play she does, until the game becomes too serious and emotions complicate things. Then it becomes a game of Winner Takes All.

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