Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Author Intro

Hi everyone!

Kara Wills here. I'm a new author for BookStrand and my first novel, Forbidden Heart, is officially on the "books." My second novel, Shadow Hunter, is soon to follow. I am so excited to be part of Siren-BookStrand and look forward to growing with some of the best. It's a fabulous group of talented authors and remarkable works.

A little about me. Hm, well, writing has been a dream of mine from the torment of my pre-teen era. I wrote because I liked to put unrealistic dreams on paper to get them out of my system (I was heartbroken to find unicorns didn't exist, lol). Writing became my obsession to where I would write stories during my classes beneath the cover of a notebook. Note to parents: beware of what your children do in school :) It wasn't until I had a teacher insist I try to publish my work that I began considering a career in writing. Hence, the fork in the road and the turn I took.

Regardless how bady I wanted to be published, I didn't know the first thing about it. I was still a teenager and quite frankly, just wanted to write and watch my notebooks collect dust while I spent my nights at diners over coffee and mozzarella fries.

Then, the twenties hit and everything changed. My fiance and I started a family, moved from New Jersey to Florida and I made a firm decision to pursue my childhood dream full force. So, here I am, proud yet humble at the achievements hard work really does procure and missing the 24 hours diners with their cheese fries where so many ideas came to life. Still, I would never go back north, except to visit family, because here is where it all took off and the people I have to thank are always close by.