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TROPIC OF DESIRE, a paranormal/shifter menage, and my first Siren release, is now available! TROPIC's exotic setting, gorgeous heroes, a dash of the paranormal, and plenty of intrigue, will spice up the holiday weekend or an evening at home! I hope you'll check it out!

Enjoy and have a safe and happy holiday weekend!


Antonia Pearce

Celebrated photographer, Sheridan West arrives on the island of St. Lucia to shoot the wedding of billionaire tycoon, Simon Des Marets to stunning socialite, CecilyTowne. Weddings aren’t usually her thing, especially celebrity weddings, but a disturbing series of mountain lion attacks in the hills near her LA home, a secret fear she may be involved, and the persuasion of the groom’s charming brother, Marc, make a trip to the island of her dreams more than she can pass up.
In the days leading up to the big event, Sheridan succumbs to the charms of the oh-so-sexy Marc, her desperate worry forgotten in the isolated paradise, even as the relationship between Simon and the duplicitous Cecily unravels. Romance is in the very air of the lush surroundings and Sheridan finds herself irresistibly attracted to the brooding Simon, too. A full, tropical moon. The gentle wash of the dark, Caribbean surf. Two beautiful men—one determined to possess her completely, the other equally determined to remain aloof. The three face a common destiny predetermined by the past. That destiny’s resolution must save them all from specters of bygone era and a bloody predator tracking Sheridan.

The operator helped her climb out onto the dock and began handing up her baggage.
She turned toward the beach at the sound of her name. A male figure emerged from the shaded cabana and approached the dock, ambling slowly through the fluffy sand. Marc.
She froze in the shock of instant awareness. She’d found him attractive from the moment she’d seen him at her studio in LA—what woman wouldn’t? But not intimidating in any sexual way. His business suits, glasses, carefully groomed hair and simply being in his business “zone” had made him seem aloof. Proper. Non-threatening. That hadn’t stopped her fantasies of him, her growing attachment and longing for more of what they’d shared in her studio, but the terror that began after they met altered her focus.
The tall, tan hottie that drew near resembled anything but the non-threatening, semi-nerdy gentleman she remembered, now that she saw him for the first time in his natural element. With a confident, almost dangerous air about him, his longish gilded bronze hair ruffled about his face in a rare, faint waterfront breeze. His unbuttoned, faded island print shirt revealed a hairless, exquisitely carved torso and abdomen. Worn jeans encased his long, muscular legs, giving only a hint of the leashed masculine power their owner possessed. She’d felt that body pressed against hers, but this was her first opportunity to see him in all his glory. Her knees shook just a bit.
As he stepped up on the dock, she caught herself staring at his bare feet, coated in gray sand. She’d never thought about feet, one way or the other. Never thought them especially attractive, but she did now.
She remembered her manners just in time and clasped the large hand he extended. His grip sure and firm, he looked her in the eye and he saw her. The real her. She could feel a warm glow fill her as though he somehow learned her from the inside out and liked what he found. Sweat trickled down between her breasts and her bra grew constricting. Moisture pooled between her thighs. A blush heated her face.
Ridiculous. She didn’t really know this man, despite their interactions in LA, and he wasn’t likely to be interested in a drab nobody like her for more than a one-time thing, though she could swear she’d seen a flicker of genuine interest on more than one occasion. Brown hair and eyes, average looks, average size, average body, average personality. Such a man wouldn’t take notice of her in that way outside of her imagination. It was just as well. She had her little problem to hide, anyway.
Hmm. Okay, so she wasn’t “average,” she was quite possibly insane, or some kind of bizarre murderous monster. That was even worse. Perspiration beaded on her forehead and moistened her palms as her heart rate increased. She’d fallen for the guy, practically screwed him in LA, and now it was like meeting someone new. Almost.
She’d return to thinking about him in a purely fantasy role. Reality scared her far too much. She zoomed in on the sexy feet again. She had to photograph this man. Head to foot. She could look and fantasize. No more than that.
“I’m glad you made it here safely, Sheridan.” He smiled, warmth radiating from his eyes and in the timbre of his voice. “I’d kiss you hello, but I’d prefer to save that for later in private.”
Sheridan struggled not to melt in a puddle before him. God, she’d missed him. She stared back down at his feet, a pleasant task and far less scary than looking him in the eye. She could already tell those eyes saw far too much. He knew she liked him, though maybe not how much, and he didn’t seem offended, but she’d prefer her privacy. She didn’t want him to know her fears, insecurities, and most especially not the fact that she might be some kind of freak. Unfortunately, he knew at least a bit about those first two items.
“I know it’s been a long trip from LA. We’re off the beaten track.” His comment, uttered in that smooth baritone with the gorgeous enunciation, required a response.
She dragged her gaze back up to his face. Slowly. Attempting nonchalance, she looked back at him and focused on his square chin with a hint of a cleft. She wondered what it would be like to lick that stubbly cleft.
She forced herself to meet his beautiful, intimidating sherry colored gaze. It should be illegal for a man to have eyelashes like that. He almost looked like he wore eyeliner, for heaven’s sake. “Yes, it’s been a long trip, but I’m glad I came. It’s gorgeous here. I’ve never seen any place quite like it.”
Her breath caught at the knowing she saw in the depths of his eyes, the slight quirk of his eyebrow, the satisfied curve of his sensuous, full lips. He knew. He knew the exact effect he had on her and it pleased him. She squirmed in embarrassment as the moment dragged on.
He laughed and the spell broke. He accepted her compliment, pride evident in the ringing tones of his voice. “Yes, St. Lucia is a magical place.” With a sweeping gesture, he looked toward his home before turning back to her. “Since you have traveled the globe to take your wonderful photos, I consider that an even greater compliment. I’m sure you will be happy here.”
Before she could consider that comment, which had an odd air of permanency to it, he smiled, revealing strong, white teeth and an intriguing dimple in his left cheek. How had she failed to notice that? He paid the taxi fare and began to gather up her luggage. “I’m afraid it’s a bit of a hike up to the house.”
She admired his exceptional ass as he led the way down the dock. “Oh, I don’t mind at all.”

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