Monday, April 20, 2009

Angelic Forecast ~ XXXIII

“Escape,” I say. “I have a feeling this week a lot of us will want to find a good escape ~ a book, a movie, favorite TV shows ~ a long hot soak in a bubble bath.”
I eye my surroundings. New dandelions have popped up, their yellow faces reminders of the sun. Gentle rains are increasing the greening of the land at a fast pace. The sky peeks out from behind thin layers of cloud.
I shake my head, not understanding the bizarre and discombobulating past week I’ve had, including the case of the hanging snake outside my dining room window.
“Everything is changing.” The Heavenly One appears before me outfitted like a genie. “Everything is in flux.”
“Changing professions?” I ask drily. “I have a bottle you can use.”
He laughs, a joyous sound resounding all around me. I smile, feeling lighter. Keeping his arms crossed he floats upwards and the bottom half of his form becomes spiraling smoke.
“How about three wishes, do I get that?” Somewhere inside me I hope like a son of a gun, even knowing that is not the Highest Order of things. I sigh. And wait.
“This week many aspects of life will feel insubstantial and transitional. Half in solid form and half not formed yet. There is nothing to do but notice and feel what occurs. It is like that moment when you cross the line from shade into sunlight. It simply is.”
I nod. “I think I’m in the transitional quicksand instead of the shade to sunlight moment of crossing.”
The Cherub reaches above my head, his finger whirling a lovely mist and smoke around my head. It smells faintly of lilac and twirls all the way down to my toes. I feel floaty, insubstantial. And, at peace.

The following week will be one storm after another. Both weather storms and the storms of major events will be taking over the world stage. Hunker down and ride out any storms in your personal life, your career or business life. Remain responsible in your actions toward others. However, any personal storm you can avoid responsibly, do so. Confrontation with others at this time could lead to a firestorm of reactions best avoided.
Remember to use angelic assistance and avoid any world event storm bearing down on you. If you are caught in the maelstrom hold on for the ride and ask the Divine for every assistance. It will be forthcoming.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona


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