Sunday, April 26, 2009

Angelic Forecast ~ XXXIV

“What now?” I ask myself. The world spins at a crazed rate and is on the brink of changes most of us never imagined. Or if we did, the looming reality is so much larger than what we could conceive or believe.
Besides, the Heavenly One has not shown yet, and I feel a great distance between us. I wonder where he is. I wonder why I feel this disconnect, and hug myself.
Torrential rains are on the way. Yesterday a twister chased people into ditches as it raged down I-70 highway. And I know in my gut the weather hits will keep on coming around our planet.
“Where are you?” I whisper. Suddenly before my mind’s eye I see golden transparent beings hovered over throngs of ill people. From their hands a constant stream flows, droplets of sapphire light. The jewel-like droplets enter some and not others. I wonder if that means it is their time to enter heaven, or if they are stronger and not in need.
“This is where I am.” The Cherub’s face appears before me.
“I understand,” I say.
His purple eyes are more somber than I have ever witnessed. “The sunlight is everyone’s friend. That is my message.”
In the next moment I am drawn above the spinning Earth. Sunbeams surround and bathe Mother Earth, dispelling layer after layer of darkness.

The following week will bring great joys to some, especially upon the completion of some goal or when success is realized for a great effort that is a long time in coming.
This is also a week to be careful or take care in all that you do and plan to do. Caution and realistic planning for the future will go a long way right now. Prepare for the future in a similar way your grandparents may have used, and make this way of thinking a new habit.
Bring your own light to every situation. And cherish the light of others. If you are a gardener, this week embraces you.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona


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