Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I'm thrilled to have my first release with Siren Publishing, the first of many, I hope. Dance for Me, a May-December romantic suspense, came to many years ago when I became friends with Kiko, an exotic dancer. I was fascinated at how fit she was and after watching her dance one night realized why. Dancing is hard work!

The younger man, older woman part of the story is a little personal...and I'll leave it at that!

The suspense in Dance for Me came strictly from my over-active imagination.

Enjoy the excerpt!

Reino entered the bedroom and walked over to Lara, who stood at her dressing table. Her eyes met his in the mirror. He couldn’t get enough of this woman. Might never get enough of her. His hands descended on her shoulders, and he placed a kiss on the top of her head. Her hair smelled of rosemary, probably the shampoo she’d used that morning. Thoughts of her filled his mind day and night.

He feathered his fingers across her collarbone, coming to rest on her buttons of the old denim shirt. One by one, he undid them, while nuzzling one side of her neck and gently biting her earlobe. The shirt slipped to the floor. She wore no bra, but he’d known that the minute he’d walked in. Her nipples had peaked then, just as they did now.

He cupped her breasts and rolled the turgid tips with his thumbs. At her moan, he shifted his gaze to the mirror. What a passionate creature she was. Her head rested on his shoulder, her eyes closed, lips parted. “Look at me,” he commanded softly.
Her lashes fluttered against her flushed cheeks before opening. He inhaled sharply at the hot desire burning in her blue eyes. “Let’s stay here tonight. Go to Gloucester in the morning,” she whispered.

She pushed his hands away and turned in his arms. Her fingers made fast work of the snap and zipper on his jeans. She dropped to her knees and hooked her thumbs in his briefs. Slid them down his legs along with the jeans.

Reino bent his knees slightly and braced himself for the onslaught of her tongue licking its way up the inside of his thigh. Her mouth took the full length of his erection. His knees nearly buckled. He cupped the back of her head, threading his fingers through her curls. Lights flashed behind his closed eyelids as Lara varied sucking with lathing his cock with her sweet, hot tongue. Moments before exploding, he pushed her away, dropped to his knees and kissed her mouth.


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