Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Review for Kentucky Woman

Kentucky Woman has received a 4 Cherries Review from Whipped Cream Reviews. Kentucky Woman is an erotic menage romance.

“In this Civil War-Era historical, three spirited individuals find love and healing with each other amid danger and betrayal. This was a highly erotic and fascinating story about three people each with their own secrets who learn to love and trust one another. Spies for Lincoln, Cutter Raines and Billy Marlow are intrigued by the young beauty, Jessie McGee, who offers her body in exchange for their assistance. Jessie is willing to do anything to protect her brother and locate her friends who have been abducted. Each of these characters has a secret that once revealed could either change everything or bring them even closer together. The author did a wonderful job of giving these characters each a distinct personality and motivation for pursuing this unconventional relationship. Behind Billy’s playful façade lurks a heartache and tragedy that truly touched me once revealed. And Cutter, the brooding member of this threesome, also has some secrets of his own that I never saw coming, but that have shaped him into who he is. These two longtime friends seem to need each other almost as much as Jessie needs them, but in a different way. There isn’t anything sexual between the two men, but Billy seems to have a calming affect on Cutter and helps him deal with his temper. Speaking of a temper, Jessie is a feisty character full of spunk and determination. She’s a little firecracker who needs and comes to care for the two men, yet at times it seemed her bond with Cutter was a bit stronger than hers with Billy. I couldn’t tell if this was intentional or if it was just me. I enjoyed each new revelation about these fascinating characters and there is definitely more to each of them than what meets the eye. Although at first I had my doubts about the threesome and whether or not I could buy their relationship considering their initial bargain, I really enjoyed watching as it developed and became believable. In addition to the fascinating relationship, there is also an intricate plot involving murder, betrayal, and the slave trade. Each new revelation added to the story and helped keep the story interesting. There were a few twists that I never saw coming, but that really enhanced the story. It was obvious that the author did some research into the time period and the area in which the story is set. I enjoyed the little historical names and facts interspersed throughout the story. They gave the story an authentic feel and helped to make the setting and time period believable. Overall, Kentucky Woman is a fascinating erotic historical that I found very entertaining.” -- Lilac at Whipped Cream Reviews

If you haven't already read Kentucky Woman, now's the time. The McGee-Raines-Marlowe story continues with their daughter Olivia as she travels to 1890 Kansas in Buckskins and Brocade, where she's joined by incredible twins, Connor and Desmond McBride. Kentucky Woman is available through Siren-Bookstrand and Buckskins and Brocade will be released this spring. It is available to pre-order.

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