Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Look is "flying" with a 5-Wings Review!

I'm thrilled to be able to share this stunning review for THE LOOK, my newest release...

Classic Romance Revival Reviews gave it 5 Wings!

Here's what the reviewer had to say:

Twenty-seven-year-old Morgan Slater comes to the rural KwaZulu-Natal midlands in search of the truth and a family she has never known and finds herself drawn to a strange house. This is an immediate, engaging opening to The Look, especially when Morgan encounters the brutally handsome, suspicious Blake Thornton. Their explosive meeting resonates with both, as each sense they can really ’see’ each other and ‘look’ into each other’s hearts and minds. The conflict between Morgan and Blake is nicely played, giving the writer lots of opportunities to develop the theme of looking - and watching.

The pace of the novel is nicely judged, as the mystery of why Morgan has come to this quiet backwater is gradually revealed. It allows the reader to savour the country community that Judah Raine vividly draws and enjoy the developing relationship between the sparring Morgan and Blake.

The emotions in the novel are subtle and powerful, shown rather than told so the reader can feel with the heroine. Morgan is a perky, sympathetic character and Blake a good foil to her. Morgan’s a lovely tease and Blake certainly needs taking down a bit so I enjoyed their back-and-forths. Beneath their banter is a far more serious issue, the reason why Morgan has come to Thornleigh, and that is handled with great delicacy.

The cat is adorable - if you read the book you’ll see why and how - and the whole easy-going way of country life in South Africa is very appealing. Clearly Judah Raine knows the country and knows what she is talking about: the rhythms of life and people and their speech are perfectly caught. Fishing can be romantic, too - if you read The Look, you’ll understand!

The Look by Judah Raine is a sweet romance with lots of romantic tension and a glorious Happily Ever After. This reviewer read it on a rainy afternoon in one sitting and was transported to South Africa and the strong, protective arms of Blake Thornton.

Thanks CRR Reviews!

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