Thursday, April 2, 2009

Kissed by Fate - New release by Lara Santiago

Kissed By Fate
By Lara Santiago

Alex of Tiburon breaks off life-partner negotiations with a woman he doesn't love after discovering her with another. Relieved to be free, he journeys to Earth to explore the distant planet where his mother was raised and experience a world he's only read about never expecting to find true love.

Lizzie, disappointed by the lackluster kisses she's received from every guy she's ever dated, gets the shock of her life when the kiss, delivered by the gorgeous mystery man at a party not only tastes like chocolate, but is also satisfying at an orgasmic level.

Fate in the form of a single kiss changes Alex and Lizzie's future to an unexpected happily ever after, until unanticipated events threaten to separate them.

Will being kissed by fate keep them apart forever?

(This title was previously published as The Sins of their Fathers.)

This version has a new scene added.

To read excerpts or purchase a copy please Click HERE

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