Monday, April 6, 2009

LASR Book of the Week and a New Release

Stopping by the BookStrand blog with two pieces of good news.

First, Turning Thirty-Twelve not only received a fantastic "Best Book" review from Violet at Long and Short Reviews, but it was also named as their "Book of the Week." Here's what Violet had to say:

Jackie had gone through a divorce that left her self esteem shattered and her best friends constantly trying to set her up on blind dates. Mark's wife had died of cancer two years earlier and his friends were also hoping for a Cupid to strike up a relationship with the next woman of his dreams. Both Jackie and Mark have children from their previous relationships and now, my friends, it's time to watch the fireworks.

Jackie was hilarious, captivating and had issues with trusting men. So many women, including me, can relate to Jackie's character. Mark's character was seductive at just the right moments, knew what to say and just when to say it. His overall character was stunning and very very real. The secondary characters in this book were sensational. The situations between David (the ex) and Jackie had me laughing till it hurt. They all added a very real element to the book with their emotions and the way situations were handled. When Jackie and Mark's character got around each other, it was electric and you could feel the sexual tension between the two. This was a very believable book and was written in such a way that during the tense moments, it ripped my heart out. During the happy moments, I found tears in my eyes.

Ms. James did an outstanding job writing Turning Thirty-Twelve. I most definitely did not see the twists and turns coming. This book grabbed a hold of my heart and did not let go until the very last page. I still find myself thinking of this book and the characters who made this book so special. I highly recommend Turning Thirty-Twelve to anyone who enjoys a laugh out loud, exceptionally written book that will keep you coming back for more. I would love to see this book either have a sequel or become a series so I can see where my favorite characters are today and how they are faring. Turning Thirty-Twelve was simply an amazing book that I would read many times over which is why I would like to give it the LASR Best Book Rating! I will most certainly be keeping my eye on Ms. James for any books she may have coming out.


The second piece of news is that the second of my Damaged Heroes series releases tomorrow. Free Falling brings back the popular Murphy's Law character attorney Ross Kennedy. He deserved a great heroine, so I wrote Laurie Miller. Not only is she a psychologist, she's also an empath, able to read other people's emotions. She's a great heroine who is spunky and full of life even though she often says she feels like a "size fourteen in a size four world." I strand these two in a blizzard just to watch the sparks fly.

Here's the blurb for Free Falling:

Workaholic Ross Kennedy never learned to enjoy life until he meets the woman of his dreams. If only Laurie Miller can convince him that's exactly who she is.

A psychologist with empathic abilities, Laurie rescues Ross, who has been stranded in the middle of a Montana blizzard. The two strangers are completely snowed in and out of contact. In just a few days, their attraction to each other is overwhelming, but Laurie is troubled. Her empathic gift seems to have vanished. Fascinated by his pretty rescuer, Ross struggles to open up his heart enough to let this woman in.

When the two return home to Chicago, they try to solve a mystery revolving around a Prohibition Era journal they discovered in Montana. Will they find the missing treasure the journal points to? And as a former boyfriend begins to stalk Laurie, how will Ross be able to protect her?

Thanks to all of you who helped vote to make Turning Thirty-Twelve LASR's Book of the Week! And I hope you'll give Free Falling a look.


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