Friday, August 8, 2008

Wendi Darlin's Review of Renee Knowles' Going Topless

I’m a huge fan of women’s fiction, and Renee Knowles’ Going Topless was a wonderful read. She did a fantastic job of weaving the storylines of three vivacious women together in an intriguing foreign locale. Amsterdam was painted so beautifully, I felt like I was there. She portrayed the scents, the history, and even the people of that country so well, I’ve moved it up on my list of places to visit before I’m too old to walk cobblestone streets.

Going Topless’ three primary characters, Susannah, Chelsie, and Mattie, were well-drawn and easy to relate to. Susannah’s journey was touching and heartwarming. Still recovering from the death of her husband, she is stung by the revelation of his betrayal. An intervention by her sister, Chelsie sends her to Amsterdam where she begins to pick up the pieces of her life, and meets a sexy younger man who is all too happy to help her get her groove back.

Chelsie has her own agenda in Amsterdam, but the reunion with her former lover isn’t what she’d hoped it would be. Worse, she doesn’t think she can share her pain with Susannah for fear of alienating her sister.

Chelsie’s best friend, Mattie finally steps out of Chelsie’s shadow. After a false start with a man who will tell her anything she wants to hear …as long as her wallet’s open… she finds someone who helps her see how desirable she really is.

This is a really nice feel-good read. A perfect beach book. I read it on an airplane, and it made the cross-country trip “fly” by.

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