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On the Eve... Chrontropolis Lives...

On the Eve... Chrontropolis lives... yes, I am dancing-giddy-excited about the release of HER INSATIABLE DARK HEROES ~ from Siren’s Menage Amour line.

Blurb ~

How many Superheroes does it take to satisfy the one woman who dances like a fire goddess? Answer: the four Dark Valorous Brothers of Chrontropolis.
Before the weather wars destroyed her world, Wendra was the girl next door, except for her dancing talent and her desire to become a top performer. When she is rescued from her own desperate attempt to fly inside her flame by Dark Zavier, then Claimed by the four Dark Valorous brothers, she has no idea how to cope with their primitive insatiable sexual needs, or their passionate longing to bond with her.
On top of that, her own super power, the ability to use flame as a weapon, is becoming stronger by the day, even if it remains useless against the Dark Brothers’ determination to master her. Still, how does she make her own blazing mark, in the new world of Superheroes and Super Villains?

PG Story Excerpt ~

Zion fastened his gaze on the tornado’s advance, straight for the center of Chrontropolis. Already chunks of debris whirled in the funnel, with the larger pieces being hurled in every direction.
“What are they doing ” Wendy abruptly straightened. Her muscles tensed anxiously as he lowered them onto the chair. Riveted, she watched his brothers’ streaking flight toward the behemoth tornado snaking angrily over the ground.
Zion coded in the emergency, sending it to all of the Super Brethren. It could be too late. Whoever had created the weather monstrosity had known where to conjure it up and how to time its attack on Chrontropolis. He hoped like wild hell some of the Super Brethren followed behind his brothers, though he knew if they’d been anywhere close, the screen’s visual technology would have already shown them.
“Can they really stop that horrible thing?” Wendy’s breaths quickened in fear. “By themselves?”
Zion didn’t know which way to jump. Should he reassure her or tell her the truth? The force and size of the tornado as shown by the screen’s readouts required six supermen with the power level of the Dark Brothers to alter its course and lessen the destruction. Instead of answering her, he shut his eyes in concentration, communicating telepathically the current status to his brothers.
“My Great Aunt Minnie,” she swore. “Since you’re not answering, it must be bad.”
“Wendy,” he began. Yet what did he tell her?
“Why do you have to stay here?” she impatiently challenged. “Go help them.”
She moved restlessly while he refined the screen’s imaging capability and searched a wider perimeter for other Superheroes. Quietly he heaved in a relieved breath. The three Gallant Brothers flight-charged toward the tornado from another angle. Although their arrival would not be timely, the odds had just improved. Once again, Zion used telepathy to send the info. Next, he switched on the city’s alarm system. It was not fully effective in covering the entire metro, but still, lives would be saved if the worst occurred.
“The Gallant Brothers?” She leaned toward the screen.
“Yes,” he confirmed, desperately wanting solutions he didn’t have. Yet.
Zion studied the rough distortion at the top of the funnel. The precision of the matrix frequencies told him it was being manipulated by master scientists.
“Omygawd It’s growing.” She strained farther forward, her gaze locked on the boiling black twister.
“It’s doubling in strength.” Regretting his rash words, Zion connected mentally with his brothers, informing them.
“It’s too large. No ”
“Don’t bother with a lie.”
When he cupped her shoulder with his palm, she shrugged out of his hold. “You should have gone with them.”
His own anger surfacing, Zion seized her upper arms. “Don’t be a fool. Who would protect you if—”
“If they die,” she struck back.
He hesitated, but only for an instant. “Yes, Wendy, if they die.”
She froze, her spine stiff with dread. “It’s headed for the center of Chrontropolis, isn’t it?”
“Yes.” Zion hauled in a large breath. “I’ve sounded the city alarms.”
“You can do that from here?”
“We have control over all the city systems from here.”
She slumped back a bit, and he knew she couldn’t take her gaze away from the screen. Neither could he. His brothers flew abreast at rocket speed, their outlines blurred on the screen. The tornado had developed into a distorted serpent, furious as it spun over the ground. Uprooted trees, enormous rocks and pieces from old structures orbited the eye in a bizarre chaotic frenzy.
“Good resolution.” She trembled. “I can see everything so clearly. Too clearly.”
He stroked her arms and shoulders, trying to comfort her. “Night vision advancements. Necessary for night patrol.”
“What are they going to do, really?” Her voice cracked and she shrank into the bend of his body.
“Use their flying speed to unwind the tornado’s spin.”
She shuddered, then flung her arm up to point at two more of the Super Brethren. “Who are they?”
“The Tiger Twins.” Zion’s heart jumped into his throat, not with fear, but with hope. The twins possessed a ridiculously high level of super strength, especially when combined. Yet, would they arrive in time? Their flight was slow compared to his brothers’ speed. He mind-sent the message of their immanent arrival.
“They’re getting close.” Wendy stilled, her body rigid, hands knotted together. “Please, oh, please,” she prayed.
Zion silently joined in with his own prayer. His brothers linked arms, soaring into the whirling force of the tornado. Their flight slowed, reduced by the horrific winds they battled. Forming a wedge, they neared the top third of the tornado. Like the tip of an arrow they shot forward with their combined strength, opposite the giant’s spin.
“They look like tiny birds. I can barely see them. On no ” she moaned. “They’re not moving.”




Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Sizzle Romance Title coming from Savanna Kougar ~ MAY 1, 2009

Wendy & the Dark Brothers ~ Zavier, Zent, Zion and Zotorro ~ invite you to read their love story ~
HER INSATIABLE DARK HEROES ~ what does it mean when The Harbinger arrives on a world devastated by weather wars...where super powers are given to a few... coming from Siren-BookStrand ~ ~

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Wednesday's Words for April 30, 2009

What an amazing week I had in Orlando! I always return from the Romantic Times Book Lovers convention energized, and ready to get to work.

The resort itself was beautiful, lushly landscaped, 16 two-storey buildings set along scenic paths and around swimming pools, lagoons and restaurants, with its own Convention center built in. Whenever I had to go anywhere on the grounds—mostly between my room and the convention center—all I had to do was call the bell desk and they very promptly sent someone around. They had a fleet of golf carts for ferrying guests hither and yon.

I mostly went hither, with only one side trip to yon on Saturday after the giant book fair. The pool was wonderful.

Coming home always seems like entering a space that is totally strange, at least for those first couple of hours. You realize your adventure is over and it’s time to return to the real world. You gear yourself up, mentally, to go on a trip; but you rarely go through the same process to return home, and so your mind needs a bit of time to adjust. At least that’s my theory.

Of course, sometimes the schedule, when I get home, doesn’t quite mold itself to my intentions. I thought I would spend my day in solitude, writing, on Monday. Instead, it was a day of laundry, dishes, and running around, which was just as well as my daughter, now graduated from her course, spent the day here, alternately looking for jobs on line and reading.

But the inspiration I soak up from being among readers and writers is enormous, easily outlasting a few days of plans gone awry.

I met so many wonderful people this year, and so many of them touched my heart. While sitting at my publisher’s table in Club RT, I couldn’t help but notice two women my own age sitting near-by, chatting as one of them sketched. Every so often they would look our way and smile. I was privileged at the time to be sitting with Siren-Bookstrand authors Wendi Darlin and Raina James. Through this interval, several people stopped by to introduce themselves, to inquire about some of our fabulous authors, or to enter our draws.

After a while, the two ladies I had earlier noticed were packing up to be on their way. As they passed me, the one who had been sketching offered me a sheet of paper. “This is for you,” she said. I looked, and she had sketched me. “This is beautiful, thank you,” I told her. She smiled, and said, “You write beautiful words.” I regret that I was so stunned I failed to get her name!

At one event I was sitting with a group of older people, and when they asked me what I wrote, I told them erotic romance. Then one of the women said she liked to read real romance, so I told her about my Magic And Love series. Next to me, one very sweet lady who’d suffered a stroke and had to form her words carefully said, “I have never read an erotic romance.” I assured her that it wasn’t for everyone, but she shook her head. “I want to!” she declared. Since she confirmed that she was attending the book fair on Saturday, I told her there would be plenty of authors selling stories that were erotic romance, and that if she wanted to buy one, she should.

And how touched I was when, on Saturday, she came straight to my table to buy my book.

Lest you think it was all work and no play, I will assure you there was more than one evening spent, sitting with friends and chatting, refreshments at hand. And I did get the opportunity to enjoy one of the pools on Saturday afternoon, after the book fair.

So I communed, and I ate; I drank and I swam; and I re-charged my batteries, refilled my well, and am ready to begin another year of asking—and answering—‘what if’.

I really do have the best job in the world!

Two men. One woman. Three hearts. One love.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Heroes and Kings

Edward Burne-Jones, 'King Cophetua and the Beggar Maid (1884)' (from Wikimedia Commons)I could look at this famous Burne-Jones picture, King Cophetua and the Beggar Maid, for hours. It shows one of the romance ideals - the ultimate Cinderella story. King Cophetua, smitten by love for the beggar girl, finds her, offers her his heart and marries her. (Naturally, she says yes!)

It's the stuff of romance, even modern romance. Over and over, the rich, powerful hero 'rescues' the Cinderella heroine: the struggling artist, waitress, actress, secretary. As a myth it's comforting to the man, showing him as a powerful hero figure. Women, too, can enjoy the fantasy of being swept up into luxury - who wouldn't?

I'd love to see more role-reversal of this myth: the queen raising up the beggar lad, the woman of power showering her hero with gifts. Woman not only as care-giver or healer but as bestower.

I don't write role reversal very often, although I did have fun with the ideas in Bronze Lightning, in the relationship between Bride and her young lover.

Here's a role reversal excerpt from Bronze Lightning, where Bride the warrior woman uses her sword in a very original way.


Bride entered the house first and heard Fearn behind her draw Sarmatia into a dark corner. 'Goar's in our chamber. Tonight it's yours,' he whispered. He and Sarmatia disappeared.
Bride picked her way round the sleeping royal family and banked-down fire. She could see that the smallest room—really no more than an alcove—was open. A tall figure lurked beside the bed, dressed in loin cloth and jet necklace.
'I'm glad you chose the black amber.' Bride closed the hangings behind her.
'Anything to please. Will you bury me in it?'
So Goar thought he knew her mind. Bride unsheathed her sword, floated its point up to his left shoulder. 'There. The bead was wrong.' She arranged it with the blade tip. 'Now you've seen her, do you think Sarmatia beautiful?' The lethal point trailed down his chest.
'For a woman in man's clothes she's outstanding.'
The fool was brave. The point had reached his lights. The blade side twanged, a gentle reprimand, against the hard flatness of his stomach, and jagged along the top of the loin cloth. Goar hadn't the length of arm to retaliate as the sword stroked along his flanks. Involuntarily, his hips moved.
'Just like a man. Fickle.'
There was no mistaking the satisfaction in Bride's voice. Goar was resentful. The hesitant caresses of his Atterian girls had been nothing as deadly-sensuous as this.
Warmed by his body, the blunter sides of the rapier scraped on Goar's dark-blond leg hairs and glided upwards. Resentment sharpened as the sword mesmerized him. The point touched him intimately, through the cloth. Goar began to sweat. His breathing was like that of one of his girls, in their moment of yielding. He hated the humiliation.
'Hate? You'd kill me if you could.' Bride goaded him.
Goar began to pant. The blunt part of the blade alternated with the narrower tip in a killing parody of a woman's mouth and tongue. Abruptly, both were withdrawn. Goar swayed slightly.
'Here I am—the woman you swore you'd never bed.' Bride's mouth was dry as she dropped sword and tunic by her heels.
Goar forgot danger and his years of turning aside. He stepped forward.
His potent picture of himself shattered, but Bride wasn’t teasing. Frowning, she picked up the sword and flicked back one of the bed furs. A long black shape struck at her and she recoiled.
The adder spilled over the bed, fell writhing on the alcove floor, followed by a spider. Another dozen huge spiders scrambled over the furs in every direction. Goar caught the adder's tail, whipped it onto the bed, bundled snake and spiders' nest into the biggest fur and carried it to the midden.
Returning, he found Bride almost as he'd left her, except that she'd been sick in the waste bucket. When he touched it, her hand was clammy.
'I didn't put them there.’ Goar didn't insult her by suggesting that the adder and spiders had found their own way into the alcove. 'Did the snake bite you?'
'No. We'd better find Fearn.' Bride choked, her shoulders heaving. This time, she managed to keep the sickness down. 'I don't think that gift was meant for us.' She tried to laugh. 'Unless Sarmatia brought the adder here.'
Neither idea seemed likely to Goar. 'Forget it. A bad joke.' The families had drunk a skinful tonight. Anyone could have dumped their bedfellows into the alcove while he was out at the midden. Goar squeezed Bride's chilly fingers. 'The snake's gone. You can sit down.'
She stared at him with the round eyes of a child. Men or snakes were one thing, but everyone has a weakness. Goar gave his light laugh, suddenly understanding.
'Let's make sure we've no other bedtime visitors.'
Hand in hand they scoured the tiny chamber and shook the remaining furs. Two spiders dropped to the floor and Goar pushed at Bride before she stiffened. 'Into bed with you. I'll get rid of these.'
He didn't kill them. The spiders had made a peace between him and Bride.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Angelic Forecast ~ XXXIV

“What now?” I ask myself. The world spins at a crazed rate and is on the brink of changes most of us never imagined. Or if we did, the looming reality is so much larger than what we could conceive or believe.
Besides, the Heavenly One has not shown yet, and I feel a great distance between us. I wonder where he is. I wonder why I feel this disconnect, and hug myself.
Torrential rains are on the way. Yesterday a twister chased people into ditches as it raged down I-70 highway. And I know in my gut the weather hits will keep on coming around our planet.
“Where are you?” I whisper. Suddenly before my mind’s eye I see golden transparent beings hovered over throngs of ill people. From their hands a constant stream flows, droplets of sapphire light. The jewel-like droplets enter some and not others. I wonder if that means it is their time to enter heaven, or if they are stronger and not in need.
“This is where I am.” The Cherub’s face appears before me.
“I understand,” I say.
His purple eyes are more somber than I have ever witnessed. “The sunlight is everyone’s friend. That is my message.”
In the next moment I am drawn above the spinning Earth. Sunbeams surround and bathe Mother Earth, dispelling layer after layer of darkness.

The following week will bring great joys to some, especially upon the completion of some goal or when success is realized for a great effort that is a long time in coming.
This is also a week to be careful or take care in all that you do and plan to do. Caution and realistic planning for the future will go a long way right now. Prepare for the future in a similar way your grandparents may have used, and make this way of thinking a new habit.
Bring your own light to every situation. And cherish the light of others. If you are a gardener, this week embraces you.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona


Where angels fear to tread, 2012 Earth ~
Is a stranger on a superspeed motorcycle her savior from the brutal endtimes?

Blurb: Winter Solstice, December 21, 2012 – The end of the Mayan Calendar
What happens when a world weary, worn out incarnated angel, Sedona, who believes she is merely human has three choices after her old van breaks down? ...more

~~~ NOW IN PRINT ~~~

Author Discovery by Lindsay Townsend, BookStrand author of FLAVIA’S SECRET, A SECRET TREASURE, BLUE GOLD and BRONZE LIGHTNING ~ ~

WHEN A GOOD ANGEL FALLS ~ adventure fantasy erotic romance ~ available from BookStrand ~ ~ ~

Spring Kisses from Savanna Kougar...

~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance

Your Mudflat fortune cookie for this week -


For more fortunes, Free Read, reviews, excerpts, visit

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All the Right Reasons ~ Coming Tuesday!

I'm pleased to announce that my third "Damaged Hero" story will be released in ebook on TUESDAY! The bump-up in date came as quite a surprise, but it was a welcome surprise.

All the Right Reasons is the story of Lucas Mitchell, a veteran returning from Iraq. And for Lucas, I had to create an equally passionate heroine. Jozsa "Joy" Kovacs is a Hungarian gypsy, full of fire and love of life. She gave me a chance to explore my own Hungarian roots. All the Right Reasons also goes back to the track to catch up with all of the characaters from Murphy's Law, the first book in the series.

These books are very near and dear to my heart. I'm pleased to say that all of the "Damaged Heroes" have been either contest finalists or winners in RWA contests. I only entered All the Right Reasons in one contest, so I was thrilled to have it final in Polar Passions.

I hope you'll give my Damaged Heroes a chance to win your heart!

All of my award-winning ebooks are available at:


Can love heal all wounds? Lucas Mitchell returned from Iraq a bitter, changed man, wracked with guilt over his friend's death. He buys and ancient mansion and deals with his injuries and grief by restoring his new home and rehabilitating retired racehorses.

Joy Kovacs falls in love with Lucas at first sight. Descended from gypsies who are still influenced by the lingering effects of the Holocaust, her family follows the traditional ways. A husband has already been selected for her, and her father insists she work at their ethnic restaurant. But Joy wants to use her talent and be an artist, and she wants no one but Lucas.

How can Joy find a way to help Lucas break out of his prison of grief? Although they've committed their hearts to each other, can the growing love and passion between Lucas and Joy survive her family's insistence that she marry within her culture?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Deceptions Revealed Released Today

Deceptions Revealed is being released today, April 23, 2009
through Siren Publishing.
Facts revealed will force James to rethink his history. Now he wants to insinuate himself into JoAnna and her son's lives sharing custody. Getting JoAnna to accept and trust his love will become his mission.
For excerpts and purchasing information go to
More information can be found at and you can leave me comments at
This novel will be available in print this October.
Please remember my site is for adults l8 and over only.

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Author Intro

Hi everyone!

Kara Wills here. I'm a new author for BookStrand and my first novel, Forbidden Heart, is officially on the "books." My second novel, Shadow Hunter, is soon to follow. I am so excited to be part of Siren-BookStrand and look forward to growing with some of the best. It's a fabulous group of talented authors and remarkable works.

A little about me. Hm, well, writing has been a dream of mine from the torment of my pre-teen era. I wrote because I liked to put unrealistic dreams on paper to get them out of my system (I was heartbroken to find unicorns didn't exist, lol). Writing became my obsession to where I would write stories during my classes beneath the cover of a notebook. Note to parents: beware of what your children do in school :) It wasn't until I had a teacher insist I try to publish my work that I began considering a career in writing. Hence, the fork in the road and the turn I took.

Regardless how bady I wanted to be published, I didn't know the first thing about it. I was still a teenager and quite frankly, just wanted to write and watch my notebooks collect dust while I spent my nights at diners over coffee and mozzarella fries.

Then, the twenties hit and everything changed. My fiance and I started a family, moved from New Jersey to Florida and I made a firm decision to pursue my childhood dream full force. So, here I am, proud yet humble at the achievements hard work really does procure and missing the 24 hours diners with their cheese fries where so many ideas came to life. Still, I would never go back north, except to visit family, because here is where it all took off and the people I have to thank are always close by.


Covers for my ebooks...

I'm displaying the covers designed by Jinger for my four ebooks.

Wednesday's Words for April 22, 2009

By now, likely you have viewed the youtube clip from “Britain’s Got Talent” featuring 47 year-old Susan Boyle. If not, here is the link:

How appropriate that she chose as her song, “I Dreamed A Dream” from Les Misérables. Here is a woman, currently unemployed, lives with her cat Pebbles, never been married, never been kissed. Her words. We also learn that she has been singing since she was 12 and that it is her dream to be a professional singer, the next “Elaine Paige”.

When the audience and judges got a looked at this woman you can see they wrote her off before the first note had been sung. They definitely had decided that based on her appearance she would fail.

And how incredibly wrong they were.

People are like that, aren’t they? They will make a snap judgement, based on nothing more than their own prejudice. Now, if Susan Boyle had been of less stern stuff, she might have turned tail and walked off that stage when the audience made fun of her. Honest to God, people, I likely would have.

Now you’re saying, yes, but Morgan, she knew she could sing.

And I say...what you mean is, she believed in herself.

Before she stepped on stage she said, “I’ve always wanted to sing in front of a large audience. I’m going to make that audience rock.”

And so she did. So effectively that Simon’s company immediately began to talk with her about a recording contract.

One moment in time—one bold decision—and the dream of a lifetime begins to come true. Why? Because Susan Boyle believed in herself, and then stepped out on faith.

The results were so huge, so spectacular, and with a television camera near-by we are all able to share in the results.

How many times does this happen, I wonder, when there are no cameras? How many times do people dream a dream, believe in themselves, step out on faith—and succeed? I bet it’s a lot more often than the cynics in life would have us believe.

Now some of you are going to say to me, “Morgan, be realistic. Not everyone’s dream comes true.” And I would have to agree with you. But the only ones I’ve ever heard about whose dreams didn’t come true were those people who quit.

I have never heard of someone who worked consistently, persistently all their lives to make a dream come true and failed. Have you?

Meanwhile, Ms. Boyle stepped out onto that stage in front of all those people and Simon Cowell, and thrilled us all. Did you watch the entire clip? Did you see how amazed and happy she was with the three ‘yes’ votes? She may have believed in herself, but she didn’t necessarily think anyone else would.

We haven’t seen the last of Susan Boyle, I’m sure of it. Her dream even now is coming true.

Just as I am certain that if you keep on trying, never give up, believe in yourself take that step out on faith and keep taking it, your dream will come true, too.

Cowboys, wild horses, three hearts and a wanton wager

Monday, April 20, 2009

Angelic Forecast ~ XXXIII

“Escape,” I say. “I have a feeling this week a lot of us will want to find a good escape ~ a book, a movie, favorite TV shows ~ a long hot soak in a bubble bath.”
I eye my surroundings. New dandelions have popped up, their yellow faces reminders of the sun. Gentle rains are increasing the greening of the land at a fast pace. The sky peeks out from behind thin layers of cloud.
I shake my head, not understanding the bizarre and discombobulating past week I’ve had, including the case of the hanging snake outside my dining room window.
“Everything is changing.” The Heavenly One appears before me outfitted like a genie. “Everything is in flux.”
“Changing professions?” I ask drily. “I have a bottle you can use.”
He laughs, a joyous sound resounding all around me. I smile, feeling lighter. Keeping his arms crossed he floats upwards and the bottom half of his form becomes spiraling smoke.
“How about three wishes, do I get that?” Somewhere inside me I hope like a son of a gun, even knowing that is not the Highest Order of things. I sigh. And wait.
“This week many aspects of life will feel insubstantial and transitional. Half in solid form and half not formed yet. There is nothing to do but notice and feel what occurs. It is like that moment when you cross the line from shade into sunlight. It simply is.”
I nod. “I think I’m in the transitional quicksand instead of the shade to sunlight moment of crossing.”
The Cherub reaches above my head, his finger whirling a lovely mist and smoke around my head. It smells faintly of lilac and twirls all the way down to my toes. I feel floaty, insubstantial. And, at peace.

The following week will be one storm after another. Both weather storms and the storms of major events will be taking over the world stage. Hunker down and ride out any storms in your personal life, your career or business life. Remain responsible in your actions toward others. However, any personal storm you can avoid responsibly, do so. Confrontation with others at this time could lead to a firestorm of reactions best avoided.
Remember to use angelic assistance and avoid any world event storm bearing down on you. If you are caught in the maelstrom hold on for the ride and ask the Divine for every assistance. It will be forthcoming.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona


Where angels fear to tread, 2012 Earth ~
Is a stranger on a superspeed motorcycle her savior from the brutal endtimes?

Blurb: Winter Solstice, December 21, 2012 – The end of the Mayan Calendar
What happens when a world weary, worn out incarnated angel, Sedona, who believes she is merely human has three choices after her old van breaks down? ...more

~~~ NOW IN PRINT ~~~

Author Discovery by Lindsay Townsend, BookStrand author of FLAVIA’S SECRET and A SECRET TREASURE ~ ~

WHEN A GOOD ANGEL FALLS ~ adventure fantasy erotic romance ~ available from BookStrand ~ ~ ~

Spring Kisses from Savanna Kougar...

~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance

Sunday, April 19, 2009

4 1/2 Delightful Divars for Sexual Healing for Three!

“Ms. McKeever weaves a spicy tale of a woman who has been hurt and the two men that help her overcome it and take a chance on love once more. When I originally requested this book, I didn’t realize that there would be elements of BDSM in it. Not that it distracted from it in the least. Having Russ being a practicing Dom was a pleasant surprise and balanced out the relationship between Donna and Chance perfectly. This is a wonderful read and covers the topics of abuse tastefully. I would definitely read Ms. McKeever’s work again. I give Sexual Healing for Three: The Matchmaker 4 ½ Delightful Divas.” Dakota for Dark Diva Reviews. To read the full review, visit here:

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Are you attending the Romantic Times convention?

A trade paperback of my 2009 Eppie Award Winning novel, TARBABY TROUBLE, will be
in the Siren/BookStrand gift basket. This is the first book in the urban fantasy Mudflat series. 

For a preview, check my website for chapter, videos, reviews,
and of course, the weekly Mudflat astrology fortune cookie on Claire's page. (RT convention is Apr 22-26, Orlando, FL)

5 Cup Review for Julia's Knight


Lover's of Alpha Squad 3

Blurb: Julia entrances Caleb the moment he meets her. She's everything he could ever want, but there's one problem--she isn't his woman, she's married to his best friend. But Julia wants Caleb and has every intention of getting him, if she can convince him hers is a marriage of convenience.

Review: Julia is trapped by circumstances and unable to see a way out. She is pregnant by her husband, but they have never been intimate. In desperation her husband turns to his friends for help.

Caleb is remarkably drawn to his friend and teammate’s pregnant wife. Shockingly Julia’s husband has revealed that he is gay. Unsure of what this new revelation means for their future, Caleb is determined that he will be the one to help Julia and her child any way he can.

Julia and Caleb are attracted from the very moment they meet. Julia has been hurt many times in the past by the man who is supposed to love her. Caleb is scared that she will never recover, and Julia is afraid that Caleb is uninterested in being her knight.

The characters in this story are unique and the close-knit unit is amazing. I found Julia and Caleb to be very realistic characters. The men in this story make the reader want to believe in real heroes that will do whatever it takes to keep their loved ones safe. Stormy Glenn has created a diverse series of characters that are all fascinating in their own right and encourages the reader to read the stories in order to experience all the characters.
Delane, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

For more information on this book and the rest of the Lover's of Alpha Squad series, please visit my website at

Winner Takes All--Available NOW

Winner Takes All
Delectable Bad Boys Series
Ménage Amour: Ménage a Trois Romance M/F/M with F/M/M/M, Public Exhibition

"This book is not for the faint of heart." (From my book page, Siren Publishing)

"Fantastic character development. The reader will like the sextreme sex because the author gets the reader inside the characters’ heads... The writing is strong, direct, and the language used is perfect for the tone of the story." (Editor, Siren Publishing)


Cody Brickman, bad boy of football and proud of it, deserves his reputation. Taryn Belle, bad girl of women's sports, fabricated her bad girl persona and deserves none of it. Cody suspects she's a fraud and pushes Taryn to prove she's what she claims to be. Taryn smears Cody's reputation and hits him where it hurts the most, below the belt, by publicly announcing he sucks in bed.

When Cody accidentally stumbles upon a list of Taryn's most intimate, secret fantasies, he smells revenge and enlists the assistance of one and sometimes two friends. Together they help Taryn play out those fantasies in living color, in bare flesh, and in various private and public places. What's a girl protecting her infamous reputation to do but play along? And play she does, until the game becomes too serious and emotions complicate things. Then it becomes a game of Winner Takes All.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Buckskins and Brocade Releases Today!

I’m pleased to say that Buckskins and Brocade releases today! I hope you have as much fun reading it as I had writing it.

Buckskins and Brocade is a historical/western ménage and follows the adventure of Olivia Raines as she accepts her first assignment as an investigator for the government. For those who’ve read Kentucky Woman, you’ll recognize Livvie as the daughter of Jessie McGee, Cutter Raines and Billy Marlowe and see that Livvie is her mother’s daughter in more ways than one.

As she attempts to solve the disappearance of boys in the community of Fort Cloud, Kansas in the guise of the new schoolmarm, Livvie is aided by two agents. Familiar with the Kansas plains and posing as Livvie’s “husband”, Connor and Desmond McBride are everything a woman could want. The problem is they’re identical twins and Livvie knows immediately she can’t possibly choose between the handsome McBride brothers. For a woman like Livvie who lives life on her own terms, that poses no problem at all. She decides she’ll have them both.

Join Livvie, Connor and Desmond as they adjust to “married” life, track a ring of kidnappers and love and laugh in 1890 Kansas. Tracking down bad guys has never been this much fun and the Kansas prairie has never been this hot!

Information and an excerpt for Buckskins and Brocade can be found here:

Here's a video book trailer for Buckskins and Brocade:

Happy reading!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cover Art for Magnificent Abandon

Jinger had done it again! Here is her amazing art work for Magnificent Abandon, due out this summer.
She remembered how he loved her so unconventionally, accepting his hand and asking for more. The attraction they felt was static in the air around them.
For more information you can go to
Please remember my site is for those 18 and older only please.

Wednesday's Words for April 15, 2009

The countdown has begun. In five days I will be getting on a plane—alone—and jetting off to Orlando for my fourth Romantic Times Book Lovers’ convention.

I have yet to slip into full list-making mode. Those who know and claim to love me are getting worried. How can they make fun of my lists if I don’t make any?

It’s been a busy and eventful year since last I made my way to this annual celebration of books. Last year, of course, it was held in Pittsburgh and I was able to drive there. This year sees me flying, and this will be my very first flight on my own.

I have to make some adjustments, of course, because I am traveling alone. Since my roommate, the lovely and talented Ms. Raina James, fellow Siren author and friend extraordinaire is taking her laptop computer, I’ll leave mine behind. That sucker is heavy, and I’m going to be challenged enough as it is.

I was going to take the larger of our two suitcases, but think perhaps I’ll take the other, middle-sized one instead. I’ll have to have a look at my list (when I get around to making it) and see what would be best. I suspect it’s going to be an interesting exercise, limiting the amount of clothing. Do you think I can cram more into the suitcase if I roll my clothes as opposed to folding them?

I have been taking a fair bit of ribbing from friends and family about becoming a wild and wanton woman off on my own, so far away from my nest. As I believe I may have mentioned before, there have been covert plans to check out “Grannies Gone Wild” to see if there is any video evidence of my indiscretions. By the way, I thought they were kidding until I actually googled “Grannies Gone Wild”. Who knew?

Of course I assured everyone that when it came to indiscretions I would be extremely discreet and ensure that no cameras of any kind were present. My eldest smiled and informed me that with all the fancy cell phones in the world today, there were cameras present everywhere all the time.

I love attending this convention, but I don’t go for the seminars and panels; I don’t go for the freebies you can grab in promotion lane; and I don’t go, amazingly enough, for the promotional opportunities included in this sort of a gathering, including the two book fairs.

I love attending this convention because of the people. There are volunteers who work year after year, whom I’m always happy to see, and vice-versa. There are new people to meet—authors and readers alike. Oh, how I love it when someone comes up to me, reads my name tag and then introduces themselves because they’ve heard of me. Last year someone came up to me and said, “Oh my gosh, I read all your books!” That put me on cloud nine for the entire week.

I also love to reconnect with my sister authors who have become very special friends. This year, roving the environs of Orlando will be an amazing quartet, composed of Emma Wildes, Lara Santiago, Raina James—and yours truly. I’m looking forward to seeing Wendi Darlin again—we met in San Francisco last year. And I’m excited to be meeting, for the first time, Siren-Bookstrand and Extasy author, Tonya Ramagos.

Sitting around, chatting with fellow authors, talking about writing is pure heaven for me. Sitting around and chatting with other women is a relatively new experience, but one I have found I really like. I never had any really close female friends growing up, not until I got into my late forties. I never had a pyjama party, the kind young girls usually have with manis and pedis and dishing on guys.

In some ways I was a very late bloomer.

I’ll be spending a great deal of my time, this year, at the Siren-Bookstrand table in the hospitality suite, called “Club RT”.

If you’re going to the convention this year, why not stop by and say hello. My fellow authors and I will be giving away an enormous gift basket. So come on by and enter.

I’ll see you there!

Two hot books, one award-winning author.
The Lady Makes Three / Wanton Wager

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Past is Another Country...

'Stonehenge' by John Constable (from Wikimedia Commons)...They do things differently there.' (L. P. Hartley, The Go-Between)

Setting any story in the distant past brings its own delights and perils. For me it allows my heroines to be engaging and ingenious, sometimes accepting historical society's conventions and restrictions, sometimes going against them, but always provoking inner or outward conflict. Heroes can be shown off to great advantage, really doing something - protecting, rescuing, struggling with great war-horses, battling the elements or the bad guys.

However, the backdrop against which all this high-stakes, high-adventure romance takes place needs to be carefully drawn and considered. Fashions are different, right down to underwear (or lack of it). Transport, law, weapons, animals, trees, climate, customs - these can all be very different from the present.

My oldest book, in both creative genesis and the date at which it is set, is Bronze Lightning. This is set in the Bronze Age, before the eruption of Thera (the modern Greek island of Santorini), the island shown below in a Bronze age fresco. Some structures, such as the pyramids and Stonehenge, were already old when the story opens in 1562 BC, although these also looked different. The pyramids I have imagined with their wonderful limestone covering, which would have made them gleam a brilliant white in the landscape. Stonehenge was also complete and not yet fallen into the decay already familiar when Constable created his painting of it.

Ritual places are not the only things that were different in the distant past. Some activities, such as the smelting of metals, farming, brewing, the making of clothes, were all different from what came later and very different from our own time.

Bronze age fresco from Aktrotiri in Thera (Santorini)(Wikimedia Commons)Beliefs and religion were also very different and, given the few written sources we have from Bronze Age Europe, must be inferred from archaeology and other means. Fearn the hero believes in a Sky God who has some characters that are similar to the later Viking God Thor: all later religions tend to have 'clues' of past faiths in them. He also undergoes a trance state where he sees symbols that modern shamans have also reported seeing in trances and which have been painted by cave painters.

In Bronze Lightning I bring the heroine Sarmatia right to my own doorstep. The winter house she lives in is set where my parents' house is now, and the wild apple and cherry trees she sees in blossom are ones I have known since childhood. Lots of other details are changed, however, because the distant past truly is another country.

In the Bronze Age, the climate in England was warmer and drier than today. There was much more woodland, and animals such as beavers, bears, wolves and wild boar in the woods. We have lost all these creatures excerpt for the boar, which has escaped from farms in southern England and is making its home in woodland again. Lime trees flourished, and orchids and other flowers that are rare or extinct today. The sheep Sarmatia care for were more like Soay sheep, that do not flock and whose fleece is not at all like the thick fleeces of modern breeds. The cattle were smaller or completely wild. Even the stars she followed were different. Even the polar star hung in a different place in the Bronze Age.

I exploit these differences to show the past in my story, to remind my readers that they are in another time, another place... where magic and romance do truly go hand in hand.


Monday, April 13, 2009

Angelic Forecast ~ XXXII

“Droopy eyes,” I say to the Heavenly One. He descends as if standing comfortably on an elevator, his brows raised in concern. “I’m tired,” I explain further.
Pressing my hand between his, he infuses me with a honey-thick golden energy. “Many people will feel drained this week, especially. There are several transformations happening in the matrix field of Earth.”
“The land changes?”
“Land changes continue.” The Cherub infuses me with a bright white sparkly light. “There will be a new quality to the atmosphere, which will gradually come about.”
I raise my brows in question, not wanting to interrupt the serenity and the strengthening force of the angelic energy he pours inside me.
The Cherub eyes glint with a royal purple radiance, and he flashes a grin. “To answer, my lovely one, the alteration in the atmosphere will allow the purer rays of the sun to shine upon the land and the people. The sun has undergone its own grand change to provide a more golden light along with the new blue ray of the Aquarian Age.”
“Hmmm... what will I notice first?”
“There will be an ever-widening divide between those who serve good and those who serve the bad side. This will be witnessed on the world stage, first.”
The Heavenly One bows over my hand, a mischievous sparkle in his eye. He pressed a sweet kiss on top and as I bring my hand back I see the golden imprint of a unicorn. “They miss you. Your unicorn friends on the Other Side.”

The following week will bring no let up in intensity. Instead there will be subtle ratcheting up of divisive energies. This will show up on a personal level as miscommunications and misunderstandings. Indeed, proceed carefully and look for the truth in all matters before flying off into action. On the world stage there will be major happenings behind the scenes which will manifest in the next two weeks. There are likely to be more than one major event happening at once. Hold onto your hats and not because of the Spring winds, which are likely to be forceful.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

There is no Spring in 2012...


Where angels fear to tread, 2012 Earth ~
Is a stranger on a superspeed motorcycle her savior from the brutal endtimes?

Blurb: Winter Solstice, December 21, 2012 – The end of the Mayan Calendar
What happens when a world weary, worn out incarnated angel, Sedona, who believes she is merely human has three choices after her old van breaks down? ...more

~~~ NOW IN PRINT ~~~

Author Discovery by Lindsay Townsend, BookStrand author of FLAVIA’S SECRET and A SECRET TREASURE ~ ~

WHEN A GOOD ANGEL FALLS ~ adventure fantasy erotic romance ~ available from BookStrand ~ ~ ~

Spring Kisses from Savanna Kougar...

~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Look is "flying" with a 5-Wings Review!

I'm thrilled to be able to share this stunning review for THE LOOK, my newest release...

Classic Romance Revival Reviews gave it 5 Wings!

Here's what the reviewer had to say:

Twenty-seven-year-old Morgan Slater comes to the rural KwaZulu-Natal midlands in search of the truth and a family she has never known and finds herself drawn to a strange house. This is an immediate, engaging opening to The Look, especially when Morgan encounters the brutally handsome, suspicious Blake Thornton. Their explosive meeting resonates with both, as each sense they can really ’see’ each other and ‘look’ into each other’s hearts and minds. The conflict between Morgan and Blake is nicely played, giving the writer lots of opportunities to develop the theme of looking - and watching.

The pace of the novel is nicely judged, as the mystery of why Morgan has come to this quiet backwater is gradually revealed. It allows the reader to savour the country community that Judah Raine vividly draws and enjoy the developing relationship between the sparring Morgan and Blake.

The emotions in the novel are subtle and powerful, shown rather than told so the reader can feel with the heroine. Morgan is a perky, sympathetic character and Blake a good foil to her. Morgan’s a lovely tease and Blake certainly needs taking down a bit so I enjoyed their back-and-forths. Beneath their banter is a far more serious issue, the reason why Morgan has come to Thornleigh, and that is handled with great delicacy.

The cat is adorable - if you read the book you’ll see why and how - and the whole easy-going way of country life in South Africa is very appealing. Clearly Judah Raine knows the country and knows what she is talking about: the rhythms of life and people and their speech are perfectly caught. Fishing can be romantic, too - if you read The Look, you’ll understand!

The Look by Judah Raine is a sweet romance with lots of romantic tension and a glorious Happily Ever After. This reviewer read it on a rainy afternoon in one sitting and was transported to South Africa and the strong, protective arms of Blake Thornton.

Thanks CRR Reviews!

You can find The Look at:


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Siren-Bookstrand Authors at RT -- and you can win!!!

Well, the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention in Orlando, Florida, is just over a week away. A number of Siren-Bookstrand authors will be there, taking in the scene, meeting people and just having fun in general. Hey, it’s Orlando! Who wouldn’t have fun?

If you’re going to RT, here’s an added perk: You have a chance to win a truly bodacious basket of goodies! Entering to win is easy. All you have to do is find the gift basket from the Siren-Bookstrand Authors in Club RT and fill out the small tickie with your name and contact vitals. The winner’s name will be drawn Saturday. So, just what will you win? How about this:

  • $100 gift certificate from Siren-Bookstrand Inc.
  • a hand-crafted scarf created by author Mary Lou George
  • Brothers of the Absinthe Club, Volume 1, by Emma Wildes
  • Cowboy Games, by Wendi Darlin
  • The Dance, by Jami Davenport
  • Free Falling*, Book 2 of Damaged Heroes series, by Sandy James
  • Love Slave For Two, by Tymber Dalton
  • Made For Each Other, by Morgan Ashbury
  • Menagerie, by Lara Santiago
  • Mucho Caliente, by Francesca Prescott
  • Once Upon a Time (seven-author anthology), courtesy of Morgan Ashbury
  • Rapture (four-author anthology), courtesy of Emma Wildes
  • Seek and Destroy, by Allie K. Adams
  • Serena’s Song, by Raina James
  • Sex or Suffer, by Lara Santiago
  • Spirit, Book 2 in New Crescent series, by Mary Lou George
  • The Stetson, by Betty Womack
  • Tarbaby Trouble, Book 1 in Mudflat series, by Phoebe Matthews
  • Turning Thirty-Twelve*, by Sandy James
  • Twin Games, Book 2 of Heroes of Silver Springs, by Tonya Ramagos

* denotes ebook download; all others are trade paperback editions

There may be further additions to this list, so please stay tuned. Also, don’t be shy -- come meet us at the book fairs, both Wednesday and Saturday, and at our table in Club RT. See you in Orlando!



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