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Magnificent Abandon Releases Thursday, July 2, 2009

Great news to share, Magnificent Abandon will be released this Thursday, July 2, 2009 through Siren Publishing.

It's 1958, Long Island, NY
Finding your first one night stand at your sisters wedding would unnerve anyone. Trisha stood before the man she'd once given herself to freely years before. She felt her face heat at the thought of how she allowed him to love her so unconventionally, accepting his hand to redden her butt and asking for more.

This story is for adult readers and contains fully developed love scenes with adult language and situations. It takes the reader inside the steamy side of erotica with scenes of spanking.

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5 Cup Review ~ All the Right Reasons

All the Right Reasons received a beautiful 5 cup review from Coffee Time Romance!
My thanks to Matilda!




ISBN#: 1606013084

April 2009

Contemporary Romance

Rating: 5 Cups

Lucas Mitchell has returned from Iraq a different man than when he first got there. He is now riddled with guilt over a friend’s death. He was wounded and left scarred. He is a bitter man, not sure how to overcome his pain and be the man he used to be; until he meets a woman who captures his heart and soul.

Joy Kovacs comes from a Hungarian gypsy family that believes in the old ways. They have already chosen who she should marry, a man she does not love. Although she is torn over her loyalty to her family and wants the freedom she knows her family will object to, she follows her heart on a path that will change her life.

The attraction to each other is instantaneous for Lucas and Joy. Although each has wounds to heal, they cannot deny their love for each other. Yet her family objects. Joy does not want to hurt her family or loose Lucas, leaving her with a hard decision to make. Lucas must face his past in order to overcome his pain. Is their love strong enough to survive?

What an emotional story, filled with anger and bitterness, love and joy, heartache and pain, acceptance and trust. Lucas and Joy’s story is all that. Ms. James takes you into the most intimate parts of her characters and shows you the real essence that makes them come to life. In turn capturing the reader’s attention and holding on till the last word. This is a book that you will want to add to your bookshelf. This reader is ready to explore the other stories in the Damaged Hero Series.

Angelic Forecast ~ #43

I sigh at the heat and humidity... ick!
“It won’t last,” the Heavenly One’s voice descends upon me.
I look upward. Snowflakes drift toward me from his cloud, then delicately splash against my face. Ahhh... blessed relief.
“Thank you,” I say and smile.
The Cherub swirls more snow around me and I feel like I’m in my own personal snow globe. “Hop on,” he invites, patting his cloud.
I plop my bottom down on Charmin-like softness, then dangle my legs as we float higher. “It’s so beautiful being with you. A heavenly break from the current state of the world.” I pause and it hits me. “What is the state of the world?”
“All untruth reveals truth,” the Heavenly One replies.
“I say ~ liar, liar, pants on fire. Wouldn’t that be a hoot if that happened to everyone on the world stage who lied?”
“We think so. Why do you think Hell realms were invented?”
“Okay. But why not let those of us on Earth have the same satisfaction?”
“It will happen. However, not until the time is right for humanity.”
I sigh with impatience, then repeat, “All untruth reveals truth. I can see that.”
“More and more people will see it also. Lies always bring about their own downfall.”
I nod in agreement. “Hey, are those glaciers in the far distance?”


For the following week take your ease, or make your life as easy as possible. Think about this seriously. What would make your life flow with more ease? Once a solution appears, act on it as you can. One step toward ease brings about another step, then another step. This is important for the future.
With Independence Day coming up this Saturday, this is also the ideal time to consider freedom and that means to you personally, and what it means to the world as a whole community. For, freedom, is the watch word of the Aquarian Age.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona


Where angels fear to tread, 2012 Earth ~
Is a stranger on a superspeed motorcycle her savior from the brutal endtimes?

Blurb: Winter Solstice, December 21, 2012 – The end of the Mayan Calendar
What happens when a world weary, worn out incarnated angel, Sedona, who believes she is merely human has three choices after her old van breaks down? ...more

~~~ NOW IN PRINT ~~~ a former #1 on Siren-BookStrand’s bestseller list ~

Author Discovery by Lindsay Townsend, BookStrand author of FLAVIA’S SECRET, A SECRET TREASURE, BLUE GOLD and BRONZE LIGHTNING ~

WHEN A GOOD ANGEL FALLS ~ adventure fantasy erotic romance ~ available from BookStrand ~ ~ ~



Summer Kisses from Savanna Kougar...

~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Siren-BookStrand Author of ~

All Shades of Blue Paradise
[World of the Blue Pearl Moon, Book 1]

When a Good Angel Falls
[Winter Solstice 2012, Book 1]

Murder by Hair Spray in Gardenia, New Atlantis
[New Atlantis Trilogy, Book 1]

Her Insatiable Dark Heroes
[Chrontropolis, Book 1]

Stallion of Ash and Flame ~ coming in November 2009

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"You Gotta Read!" ~ All the Right Reasons

All the Right Reasons received a beautiful review from You Gotta Read! Reviews this morning! My thanks to Val!
Title: All the Right Reasons

Publisher: Book Strand

Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed by: Val

Can love heal all wounds? Lucas Mitchell returned from Iraq a bitter, changed man, wracked with guilt over his friend's death. He buys and ancient mansion and deals with his injuries and grief by restoring his new home and rehabilitating retired racehorses. Joy Kovacs falls in love with Lucas at first sight. Descended from gypsies who are still influenced by the lingering effects of the Holocaust, her family follows the traditional ways. A husband has already been selected for her, and her father insists she work at their ethnic restaurant. But Joy wants to use her talent and be an artist, and she wants no one but Lucas. How can Joy find a way to help Lucas break out of his prison of grief? Although they've committed their hearts to each other, can the growing love and passion between Lucas and Joy survive her family's insistence that she marry within her culture?
Lucas Mitchell was a complex character who had emotionally given up after losing his buddy on his tour in Iraq. Joy was the woman that could save him when no one else could. The relationship between Lucas and Joy was one unlike any I have read so far. Being a Gypsy, Joy could sense what Lucas needed. In subtle ways, Lucas would be able to sense what Joy wanted and needed. To add to this intriguing plot line, the Romungro culture is steeped in tradition and Joy's family would not let Lucas join their tight circle as he was not of full Romungro ancestry. Joy had to choose and one way or another, would let someone down. Would it be her closely knit family or the love of her life? The addition of the villain, Tamas, was priceless.

I anxiously delved into this book anticipating the third book of the Damaged Hero's series. The other two books in the series were amazing and All the Right Reasons did not disappoint. I was in for a shock when I cracked open the book. It was extremely hard to put down. All the Right Reasons evoked unexpected emotions in me. I felt a part of Joy and Lucas' lives and the pain in my heart ached for Lucas and the issues he was dealing with. The guilt he was carrying around was almost suffocating at times. It was truly phenomenal how Ms. James was able to so accurately depict how a soldier would feel in such a situation. All the Right Reasons was a multilayered, emotionally gripping story of the guilt of a soldier, the love of family, and just trying find closure. All the Right Reasons is laced with humor and oh my gosh, you have got to read the bachelor party scene, I laughed so hard. Joy and Lucas are my favorite couple in this series so far. I know I say this after each and every book but the characters truly get better with each book.

Ms. James has once again gone above and beyond and delivered an exceptional well written, well rounded, touching love story with deep meaning. I can't recommend this book enough. I can promise that anyone who is not a fan of Ms. James yet, will most certainly be by the end of this book. I am anxious to read the fourth book in the Damaged Hero's series, Faith of the Heart. I am listing all the books so far in this series because, trust me, you will want to read them all. Although they can all be read as a stand alone book, you WILL want to read the entire series.

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Wednesday's Words for June 24, 2009

This past weekend, we here in North America celebrated fathers.

I suppose because I grew up without one, I hold a special reverence for fathers in my heart. I do have memories of my daddy, though they are imperfect and shrouded by the mists of time. But I was thinking about him this past weekend, and I realized that my oldest son has a great deal in common with him.

I remember my dad doing things that most fathers in his day never did: cooking dinner, washing floors, folding laundry. That wasn’t typical father-like behaviour in the 1960s. But then, neither did both parents generally work in the 1960s. My mom was a nurse, and I recall her telling me that my father believed that, and I quote, “if she had to do part of his job—providing for the family—then it was only fair that he do part of hers—some of the housework.”

This was the example my brother grew up with, and one he emulated. Even today, after having celebrated 44 years of marriage, and being retired from teaching, he still does most of the cooking and a lot of the housework.

My son Christopher didn’t have that example. I do love my husband, but he would be the first one to tell you that he never did much around the house. My son does it all. Not only does he cook, and clean, he bakes and sews and knits. He’s a foreman for a large company, with a good sized crew, lots of heavy machinery—all of which he knows how to operate—but he likes cooking and baking.

His involvement with his family doesn’t end there. He and his wife have three children, and every season the children are involved in sports and other recreational activities. They have juggled t-ball, then later baseball, soccer, football, chess, and hockey. Currently, our son and daughter-in-law are coaching one of the teams. They are busy with children six nights a week, taking them to practices or games. They sit with them each night and help them with their homework. Then on the weekend they ferry the boys to their part-time jobs.

Christopher doesn’t know the meaning of the words “couch potato”.

We spent time with him and his family on Sunday. He and our grandsons – who are now 17 and 16 – take my husband golfing for Father’s Day. As Sunday was sunny and warm, the golf course was crowded. They had a tee-off time of 9 and didn’t return from the course until after 3 in the afternoon. The two adults were tired. But when my son sat down in the back yard, he welcomed his ten year old daughter onto his lap and began to play ‘hangman’ with her.

I’ve rarely seen him display impatience, and I’ve never seen him turn any of his kids away, even when he’s been beyond exhausted. And that sewing he likes to do? Every year he makes his daughter’s Halloween costume for her. [Maybe that last he gets from me, as he and his siblings never wore a store-bought costume for trick-or-treat.]

I take every opportunity I get to tell him how proud I am of the father he has become. I’d like to think that my beloved and I can claim some of the credit for that—and maybe we can, just a little.

But the larger truth is that he’s the man he is because of the choices he’s made and the priorities he set, right from the beginning, when his first child was born when he himself was just 19.

He is, quite simply, the best father I have ever known.


When being good stops being good, being bad can be better!
Reckless Abandon Coming Soon

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Release date for Magnificent Abandon

I have great news to share, Magnificent Abandon has a release date of Thursday, July 2, 2009.

Long Island, NY 1958
Finding your first one night stand at your sisters wedding would unnerve anyone. Trisha stood before the man she'd once given herself to freely years before. She felt her face heat at the thought of how she allowed him to love her so unconventionally, accepting his hand to redden her butt and asking for more.

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Faith of the Heart ~ Releases Tuesday, June 23rd

I’m pleased to announce that the fourth book in my award-winning Damaged Heroes series is scheduled to release in ebook on Tuesday.

This book came into being the way many of my stories do. By playing the “What if…?” game. I can’t take credit for dreaming up the game. It comes from Stephen King. He believes a writer should always think about what could happen, what unusual things could occur, what paths could be followed. I play the game often and highly recommend it for authors. It always keeps me from getting bored!

Faith of the Heart was born on a Christmas Eve mass as we waited for the services to begin. My church has a beautiful crucifix, and I found myself just staring at it, thinking about Jesus and all the things he accomplished in his short life. My husband reached over to hold my hand. (Yes, after almost thirty years as a couple, we still hold hands. We’re a pair of odd ducks.) I started to wonder, “What if someone could cure people like Jesus did?” Then I wished for a moment that faith healers were real and could cure my husband of his Crohn’s disease. At that moment, I had my herione. Faith healer Sarah Reid “introduced” herself to me.

I didn’t sleep much that night as I turned ideas around in my mind. What hero would possibly be the last person in the world to fall for a faith healer? An investigative reporter. One who had experienced a great loss and been ripped off by a fake “healer.” Joshua Miller sprang to life. On our long drive to my in-laws’ home for Christmas dinner, I wrote while Jeff drove. (If you’ve ever been in a car while my husband drove, you’d realize what a sacrifice it was for me and how important this story was.) The prologue poured out of me almost faster than I could capture it on paper with my favorite green ink.

Yes, I’m weird. I always write in green ink. Aren’t all authors eccentric?

About the same time I started on Faith of the Heart, I also started Turning Thirty-Twelve. Then All the Right Reasons. Afraid no one would enjoy a story about a faith healer unless it was an inspirational romance, I kept pushing Sarah Reid and Josh Miller aside to work on other stories. But the couple kept calling to me, begging me to finish their tale. So I did. Then, to test the waters, I sent it to a few contests. And it just kept hitting the finals. I’m so proud to say that FOTH won the Lone Star and Winter Rose contests, and it finaled in Reveal Your Inner Vixen and GOTCHA.

So…if you’re looking for a nice romance, I’d love for you to take a look at Faith of the Heart.


Empowering, Old-Fashioned Romance

Investigative reporter Joshua Miller has turned his back on life. Since cancer claimed his wife, he can't bring himself to write another story. Then he hears about a fascinating woman who piques his curiosity.

After being struck by lightning, Sarah Reid finds herself with a gift... and a curse. She can heal the sick and dying. She soon realizes that along with the special gift also comes danger to her own life. Feeling responsible for the death of her best friend, Sarah reasons that perhaps she has received the gift to make amends, no matter the personal cost.

Neither expects sparks to fly when they meet. Sarah discourages Josh's persistence in investigating her while he fights his attraction, refusing to acknowledge that she can truly save people.

Can Sarah break through Josh's stubborn cynicism and show him that miracles really can come true by leading him back to love?

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Angelic Forecast ~ #42

Aloft his cotton puff cloud, the Heavenly One gives me the nod, once I glance up from the soft radiant rainbows that compose the underside of his cloud.
“Wars, pestilence, famine... it’s everywhere.” I sigh, dispirited.
“It’s time to change the channel to a different reality... for a few moments.” He smiles, his countenance glimmering as if a white sparkly light spotlights his face.
“What the world could be--”
“Yes, how the world could be.”
“Is this one of my lifetimes I’m recalling?” I ask, suddenly curious.
“It is.”
I know better than to ask for more detail. The Cherub’s eyes have gone all smoky luminous with his secrets.

My Summer Solstice Seductress, shades of yellow swirl around her, from golden to icy pale.
She is summer to my eye, her frock an airy whirlwind graced by the sensual display of her legs.
Curvaceous and gleaming with a delicate tan, I would devour her with my tender and brutal passions.
Before me, she is playful as a naughty kitten offering a carefree flirtation only for my pleasure.

I am in love with her ankles watching her flash them in the breezy sunlight as she glances at the flapping sail.
Around us, azure and peridot waters ripple forming diamonds. Yes, I adore her pert nose and silently beg.
If only her father will allow our match, I will dance her into the bold raptures of our love, our marital passions.
A queen aboard my sailing yacht, she kicks off her bright yellow sandals, so sassy with our light-hearted leisure.

A gust of wind lifts her long bouncing curls, a blaze of splendid red beneath the high laughing sun and I swear I will not fail.
Languidly lifting one shoulder, she eases back on one palm, a sweet seductive pose only for my eyes, then gracefully straightens one leg.
She sneaks a peek at me, smiling, a heart-shaped curve of her pink luscious mouth and I quiver like an untried lad with my passions.
A languorous tilt of her head, she surrenders to the sun-drenched rise of wind, her naked throat tempting my lips to plunder such a lovely treasure.


This week on the world stage bedlam will continue, rising and falling in intensity, as if all the stage is one gargantuan roller coaster. Pay attention to the players, yet do not be deceived by the endless drama. For, it serves you not. Instead, this is the week to focus on your own life. How would you change it? Look carefully and let wisdom dictate the paths you choose. Subtle opportunities will present themselves and it is up to you to say yay or nay.
The following week is also excellent for connecting with your family in fun ways. What do you enjoy doing together the most? A picnic? A movie? Taking in the sights? Let the rhythms of this week move you. The songs are all there. Simply listen for the tune and the beat, and then enjoy.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona


Where angels fear to tread, 2012 Earth ~
Is a stranger on a superspeed motorcycle her savior from the brutal endtimes?

Blurb: Winter Solstice, December 21, 2012 – The end of the Mayan Calendar
What happens when a world weary, worn out incarnated angel, Sedona, who believes she is merely human has three choices after her old van breaks down? ...more

~~~ NOW IN PRINT ~~~ a former #1 on Siren-BookStrand’s bestseller list ~

Author Discovery by Lindsay Townsend, BookStrand author of FLAVIA’S SECRET, A SECRET TREASURE, BLUE GOLD and BRONZE LIGHTNING ~

WHEN A GOOD ANGEL FALLS ~ adventure fantasy erotic romance ~ available from BookStrand ~ ~ ~



Sunny June Kisses from Savanna Kougar...

~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Siren-BookStrand Author of ~

All Shades of Blue Paradise
[World of the Blue Pearl Moon, Book 1]

When a Good Angel Falls
[Winter Solstice 2012, Book 1]

Murder by Hair Spray in Gardenia, New Atlantis
[New Atlantis Trilogy, Book 1]

Her Insatiable Dark Heroes
[Chrontropolis, Book 1]

Stallion of Ash and Flame ~ coming in November 2009


Sexual Healing for Three Now Available in Print!

Sexual Healing for Three:
The Matchmaker 5
by Gracie C. McKeever
Genre: Siren Ménage Amour: [Erotic Ménage à Trois Romance, M/F/M, Interracial, BDSM, May-December, Paranormal Suspense]
Release Date: January 12, 2009
ISBN: (e) 1-60601-288-6 (p) 1-60601-462-5
Siren Publishing, Inc. Ménage Amour Imprint
Price: Print $16.99 Electronic $6.99
Rating: Scorching


The Matchmaker:

Angela Calminetti, mother of five, New Age practitioner and gifted psychic and telepath, is proud of her family ties and does everything she can to make sure that all of her younger siblings are as happy in love and marriage as she is…whether they want her to or not.

Note: Each book is written to stand alone.

Sexual Healing for Three

Donna Vega is a dedicated woman on a mission. Matchmaking sister Angela is determined the mission include a love-life with Dominant and architectural landscaper Russ Merrick and his younger brother, Chance Novak, a gifted and sensitive ER doctor. The mission goes awry, however, when Donna lands on the radar of a psychotic employee obsessed with Russ.

Escaping an abusive past, Donna Vega is determined never to be the victim of a man's whims again. She doesn't have the inclination or time for one man, much less two.

Wiccan and drowning survivor, Chance Novak has inherited psychic gifts that he's wary of using. When he meets Donna at a domestic abuse seminar, Chance recognizes an injured soul that he'd like to heal. But can he get past Donna's armor to make her see him as more than just a colleague?

Russell Merrick has always put everyone's needs before his own, pursuing a vanilla ideal of wedded bliss. But now since his divorce can he abide sharing the one woman who could fulfill his every sexual fetish, when his younger brother is the other man?

More importantly, can Russ deflect the twisted attentions of a killer who's willing to go through Chance and Donna to get to him?

Your Mudflat fortune cookie -


There is a Mudflat short story titled “Neat Alyssum” in the June issue of Crossed Genres Magazine
and another titled “The Sweetest Boyfriend” at LongandShortReviews

Phoebe Matthews, urban fantasy
2009 Eppie-winning Mudflat series

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New Release: Picture This [The Heroes of Silver Springs 5]

Picture This The Heroes of Silver Springs # 5

Available today at:

[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Menage a Trois Romantic Suspense, Contemporary, M/M/F]
Six months ago Hurricane Emilio left a path of destruction through Silver Springs and Billings. Like many of the city residents, Rayne Jacobs' sole focus has centered on rebuilding her life and helping those around her. How can a freelance photographer come to the rescue of the people in the city she loves? The question is heavy on her mind when she finds herself staring into an intoxicating pair of whisky brown eyes. The answer comes when she's asked to take pictures for a Men of the Silver Springs Fire Department B shift charity calendar.

Detective Ford Harris has a sharp eye for detail and keenly developed senses. Right now his eye is on Rayne. When he discovers the deadly surprise caught on film, he fears he'll need all his senses to bring the threat down before it gets to her.

It's been years since a woman caught EMT Cory Nox's heart but Rayne Jacobs manages to do it on sight. The discovery that she's also the woman his roommate has fallen for spells pleasure with a capital P. But will it be his EMT skills that are needed most when danger comes down on their heads?

Tonya Ramagos


Trained to protect. Willing to die. Ready to bed and out.

Caught Off Guard....Twin Games....Stormy Nights....All or Nothing....and more to come!

A Siren Publishing Bestselling Series Available at

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"You Gotta Read!" ~ Free Falling Review

I was thrilled to receive a "You Gotta Read!" rating from Val at You Gotta Read Reviews for the second in the Damaged Heroes series, Free Falling.

Thanks so much, Val!

* * * *

Oh my gosh, where to begin with this book? Characters, we will start with the characters. I recently reviewed Murphy's Law which is book 1 in the Damaged Heroes series. Ross had been one of the characters in the first book which left me feeling that his character was just a bit too nice, safe, and maybe a bit too deeply infatuated with Katie. There weren't the sparks you would think when you thought of a romantic couple. So when Ross got his own book, I couldn't help but think, finally, I get to see what makes Ross who he is. I was stunned.

Ross turned out to be a character who definitely had control issues, was a Type A personality and had a wide range of emotions that left me pleasantly surprised. To make a long story short, Ross turned out to be a dream hero! I fell in love with his character, humor and fierce protectiveness of Laurie. He was one to come to a snappy judgement but was slowly learning to look at situations in a different perspective. Laurie's character was so spunky, straightforward at times and humorous about eighty percent of the time (the other twenty percent she was too busy dealing with the action that was taking place in the book). Being a psychologist, she knew her self confidence issues were something she needed to deal with but out of habit, succumbed to regularly putting herself down. It would take a strong man to show Laurie just how beautiful and mesmerizing she really was. Having a gift of being able to read peoples emotions had hindered Laurie in the love department. She couldn't even kiss a man because she could read their deep emotional thoughts. It was just too much for her to handle.

Ross and Laurie's characters were polar opposites with him being the type of person to need control at all times and Laurie's need to help everyone. These two characters complimented each other in a way that was unexpected and appealed to me. Alex was the ex-boyfriend who had left abruptly only to come back into Laurie's life a few months later. The drama he brings to Laurie's life is sure to put some stress on the relationship between Ross and Laurie, or will it only bring them closer? Sheila, Ross' secretary had me laughing so hard with her smart comments and spot on assessment when Ross did something wrong.Now on to the plot of the book. Free Falling was an intense suspense read laced with a paranormal element that certainly brought a sense of intrigue to the story.

A combination of two love stories that were intertwined throughout the book had me hooked. I loved how the clues were left along the way and I was kept on the edge of my seat trying to figure out the the answer to the mystery. The plot line was very well developed and the writing was so smooth it flowed flawlessly. I could feel the emotions of horror, anger and love from Ross as well the helplessness Laurie felt to keep the circumstances that were happening around her at bay.

This is the second book that Ms. James has written in this series and I have fallen in love with her writing style and ability to combine suspense with a breathtaking plot. I highly encourage you to read the entire series. Although Free Falling is book 2 in the series, it can definitely be read as a stand alone book, but I guarantee you that once you read one, you will want to read them all.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Happy Wednesday All! :-)

My Bronze Age Futuristic Menage, THE TOPAZ EMBRACE, for the Menage Amour Line releases today! A sizzling love story combining the limitless possibilies of the future with the exotic allure of the ancient past, THE TOPAZ EMBRACE tells the tale of Ankhet, a mystical Oracle, and the two brave, complicated men who love her, Danar and Tallon. Enjoy!



In 3050, a global network of hereditary, gem-based Oracles—The Oracle Standard—rules a technology bereft Earth. The greedy Intercontinental Federation seeks to wrest power and wealth from the Oracles. Ankhet, Topaz Oracle, near the end of her reproductive years, must produce legitimate issue or the Topaz Oracle Office will fall, and the The Oracle Standard’s power will revert to the Federation. By law, she must allow all sincere Consort Candidates to attempt the test of worthiness. Only a Worthy Consort can bring an Oracle to her sexual peak and serve as a life-mate. After years of failure, Ankhet discovers not one, but two Worthy Consorts, Tallon Sinclair—a bitter stranger shipwrecked on her island, and Danar D’Aubois, her trusted Personal Guard. As she struggles to save the Standard, Ankhet discovers, despite the exquisite pleasure the two bring, both have secrets, and the Federation may not be the only threat.


Summer 3050, Topaz Oracle Island, The Indian Ocean

“Let me go, or by the gods, I’ll bring this temple down stone by
stone.” The angry roar reverberated through the building and straight
down Ankhet’s spine. The furious rattle and clank of metal chains,
accompanied by harsh male grunts, echoed through the marble holy

Oh, dear. What had her staff done now? She hurried across the
polished white stone floor on bare feet, and approached her
unexpected guest. Her acolytes, or assistants, obtained and detained
the man, against his will. According to her maid, Sarri, her
overzealous and conveniently absent Oracle assistants decided this
visitor represented a prime Consort candidate. Gods save her from
matchmaking acolytes skilled at escaping the watchful eye of their
Chief Acolyte.

Embarrassment at the situation almost halted her progress, but she
had a duty to deal with the unfortunate man. Standing just out of his
reach as he spied her, she searched for any hint of the receptive male
response she usually enjoyed. She found only a fierce frown, and his
eyes narrowed as he strained at the manacles trapping him. She took a
little step back.

“How dare you have your minions chain me like this, Oracle.”
The vibration of venom in his even voice as he stared at her, warned
her she’d made an enemy. In a perverse way, the low tones sent
delicious shivers through her body, in spite of his hostility.
His fury she understood, given the unwilling nature of his
“application” for the Consort position. Yet, disappointment gripped
her, as, unlike most of his predecessors, this one appeared unmoved
by her legendary charms, or the esteem of her rank. He projected
great strength of character and dignity. Intriguing and attractive
qualities, to be sure. A viable Oracle Consort must be of sterling—and
strong—character. Perhaps this time her single-minded temple
workers finally got it right.

Too bad their method caused such offense.

“Do you not speak, Oracle?” The guest didn’t bother to hide his

She studied him, ignoring his question as he lay before her on the
floor, facing her, with his back propped up against the wall, glaring in
defiance. While not a handsome man by any current standard, his
face attracted her, with his square jaw and sensitive mouth, a straight,
broad nose and wide brow. A young man, far younger than she, he’d
the carriage of a much more mature man. His eyes, however—they
drew her in and fascinated her. Not brown, not green, nor even
hazel—though that might be the most accurate description of the
color. The emotion projected by his gaze gave it power and his eyes
reflected the undiluted color of tragedy.

“What is your name?” Her gaze remained locked with his while
she awaited his response.

“Tallon Sinclair.”

The deep tones rumbled through the large room, making the fine
hairs at the back of her neck stand on end. Damnation. Even his name
called to her on a primitive level. Tallon. What had her people been
thinking to leave her with a man like this chained in her temple? Well,
she knew what they’d thought, but this could not end the way they
hoped. As soon as the guilty parties returned, she’d see to it they
understood the error of their actions.

If only she could manage to look away.

Hidden within his gaze, beneath the outward fury at his situation,
lay a world of heartbreak and despair. His pain, almost tactile,
reached out to her psyche, her heart. His warrior spirit, even more
dominant than his outward physical appearance, called to the woman
in her. He was her weakness incarnate—a wounded kitten of a man
within the body of a mighty lion.

Retreating behind bravado, she announced, “I am the Topaz
Oracle. You may address me as ‘my lady,’ sir.”

“My lady, I know what you want, and I’ll not cooperate.” Fury
shot golden sparks through his gaze as he pulled against the restraints.
Hurt stung through her chest like a lance. Her appearance did not
please him. No doubt he spent his life surrounded by nubile young
girls vying for his attention. “Ah. So you understand why they
brought you here.” Anger flared as her ego engaged. “Don’t flatter
yourself. My acolytes overstepped their authority in a well-meaning,
but misguided attempt to ensure the Oracle succession.”

“And I’m to believe you had nothing to do with this?” He
rattled the chains again.

“I did not. The future of this temple and the Oracle Standard are
in danger, that is common knowledge, but I neither ordered their
actions, nor did I know of their intent.” All oracles, in spite of their
visionary powers, suffered a blindness regarding their own lives,
leaving them dangerously vulnerable. For this very reason, each
Oracle possessed her own Personal Guard. An Oracle might discern a
coup attempt across the globe in its planning stages, but the true
motivations of those with whom they interacted on a personal level
remained shrouded in mystery.

She eyed him in feigned disdain. “I didn’t approve their selection,
either.” She crossed her arms and attempted to project a nonchalance
she didn’t feel. “How did you come to my island, Tallon Sinclair?”
“I’m a seafaring trader. While en route to Old Asia, a storm came

Wednesday's Words for June 17, 2009

Do you believe in fate? In destiny?

I’m of two minds on this topic. First, I do believe that there are discernable patterns in life. You’ve got that natural law about sowing and reaping, and the more ‘scientific’ version called cause and effect. You also have this covered in mathematics with your if/then statements.

There are specific things in life that, if you do them, specific results will occur. That is why as parents we often say no to our children, or caution them against certain behaviours. Because life has taught us that certain actions bring certain consequences.

I’m not as sure I believe in destiny and fate as meaning that our lives are all mapped out for us, and we have but to live each day because it’s all been determined beforehand. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe in God. It’s just that I have difficulty reconciling the “everything has been pre-determined” school of thought with His having gifted us with free will.

But every once in a while something happens that gives me pause.

You’re all aware of the tragic flight of Air France 447. As is often the case when these horrible events occur, there are a few silver linings, or miracles, if you will, usually in the form of people who missed the flight and therefore are alive.

According to news sources that I read this past week, one such couple was vacationing, from Italy, and then missed their flight home—the doomed Air France 447. So the next day this couple took another flight back to Europe. They landed and rented a car to drive home. On the drive, they had an automobile accident. The wife was killed, the husband hospitalized.

When my husband saw the story he said, with utter confidence, “See? When your time is up, your time is up.”

I wonder how many people believe that?

Certainly an element of fatalism finds popular expression in society today. It brings to mind two t-shirts I’ve seen this past week: one declares, “In a hundred years it won’t make any difference,” and the other, which always gives me a bit of a chuckle, “Eat right. Exercise regularly. Die anyway.”

I wonder if my being an author has an influence on my tendency to think that not much is really written in stone. Yes, there’s a world of difference between creating a separate reality in fiction and the living of life. But because I try to make the actions of my characters match their personalities, and because I study people, I really do believe that ultimate outcomes are vastly influenced by choice.

“Yes,” my husband tells me, “but maybe the one thing that is written in stone is our expiration date.”

That might very well be so. Maybe that is the only thing that has been predetermined. But you have to wonder at the very capriciousness of fate sometimes, if that is the case. Survive one horrific accident to succumb to another days later. Life imitates art? I think there’ve been a couple of movies along that theme.

For the most part, I choose not to dwell on what may already have been decided. If I’m scheduled to depart anytime soon, I really don’t want to know about it.

I just want to keep on doing my thing, day after day, and hope for a little love, and a little laughter along the way.

And if I’m lucky, I might even get it.

Feed the flames of your passion…with a novel by Morgan Ashbury

Monday, June 15, 2009

Five Ribbons for All the Right Reasons!

All the Right Reasons received a beautiful 5 Ribbon review from Romance Junkies! My thanks goes out to Pamela Denise!

* * * *

Twenty-three year old Joy Kovacs has Hungarian gypsy roots. Her family is strict in their traditions. She already has a future husband picked out for her and she is expected to run their ethnic restaurant. However, Joy dreams of being an artist and refuses to marry for any reason other than love.

Twenty-six year old Lucas Mitchell comes back from the Iraq war, his life permanently changed. He carries with him physical scars, and also, internal scars that affect him far worse than his outer markings. Trying to piece his life back together and deal with the traumas of the war, he invests his time in restoring an old mansion he purchased and rehabilitates retired racehorses.
The moment Joy lays eyes on Lucas Mitchell she feels he is destined to be the one she’ll spend her life with. Joy first sees Lucas on one of her outings to sketch an old mansion she has been taken with. As she watches Lucas working on repairs to the mansion, she decides to sketch him too. Lucas comes across a painting and the sketches of his house displayed for sale at an Arts Day event when he is searching for a birthday present for his sister-in-law. He is angered at first by the invasion of privacy, but as soon as he sees Joy, all ill-tempered feelings fly out the window.

Lucas and Joy come together naturally and a connection is formed almost immediately. Their love might have come easily, but several challenges are ahead for them. Lucas must learn to battle against his inner demons and Joy will have to stand up to her family if they want to make their relationship work.

ALL THE RIGHT REASONS is the third book in DAMAGED HEROES series. Dan Patch Raceway and the characters from MURPHY’S LAW are back as secondary characters, along with a whole set of new ones. As the series title suggests, Sandy James pens each of her main characters with adversities they must cope with. Lucas and Joy were so believable and likable. Joy’s quirky carefree attitude, and Lucas’s schooled cautious one were such a delightful contrast. I have had the wonderful opportunity to read all of her releases in the series. My only problem is deciding which one I’d pick if I had to choose a favorite. Sandy James is a truly talented author who does a magnificent job with creating works that touch the heart. Every time I pick up one of her novels, it’s like stepping into spring time, warm and refreshing. I look forward to book four.

Coming Soon! The Award-Winning Faith of the Heart!

Let me introduce you to my latest book -- Faith of the Heart! It's the fourth in the multi-award-winning Damaged Heroes series . This story won both the Lone Star and the Winter Rose contests. I hope you'll give my Damaged Heroes a chance to win your heart!
Sandy James
Empowering, Old-Fashioned Romance

Investigative reporter Joshua Miller has turned his back on life. Since cancer claimed his wife, he can't bring himself to write another story. Then he hears about a fascinating woman who piques his curiosity.
After being struck by lightning, Sarah Reid finds herself with a gift... and a curse. She can heal the sick and dying. She soon realizes that along with the special gift also comes danger to her own life. Feeling responsible for the death of her best friend, Sarah reasons that perhaps she has received the gift to make amends, no matter the personal cost.
Neither expects sparks to fly when they meet. Sarah discourages Josh's persistence in investigating her while he fights his attraction, refusing to acknowledge that she can truly save people.
Can Sarah break through Josh's stubborn cynicism and show him that miracles really can come true by leading him back to love?
Romance Writers of America's 2008 Lone Star Winner, 2008 Winter Rose Winner, 2008 Reveal Your Inner Vixen Second Place, and 2007 GOTCHA Third Place

Jumping up from the bench, he jogged over to the swing set. His gaze scanned the area until he finally saw her crouching in the grass next to a large oak tree, cradling something in her cupped hands. She slowly rose to her full height, slight as it was.

"What do you have there?" Josh asked as he walked up to stand beside her and peer down at what she held. There was no reply as she concentrated hard on her tiny burden, not even acknowledging him. "What is it, Sarah? What have you got?"

"He must've fallen from his nest," she replied as she slowly opened her palms to reveal a baby robin.

Immature enough to still be covered with pinfeathers, the poor thing shivered with fright. It was clearly too young to survive without parents. A closer inspection revealed that one of the pathetic bird's legs was bent at an odd angle. He knew it had no chance to survive. "It's hurt. It's probably best to let nature—"

"No," she whispered. "I can't stand to see an animal suffer. He's not going to die." Closing her eyes, she let her hands encase the little bird again. Her body began to tremble.

"Are you all right?"

She didn't answer him.

Josh watched, wondering what she hoped to accomplish. Slow minutes passed. "Sarah, you can't—"

She didn't let him finish. "I can," Sarah insisted as she opened her eyes and grinned. She slowly opened her palms. The baby robin rested there, both legs now straight.

Blinking against the image, Josh fought to understand. Reaching out to touch the tiny bird, he ran a fingertip along each spindly leg. "I don't—"

"I couldn't just let it die. It had a broken leg."

"I saw. Sarah, I... You didn't..." But she did. She had actually healed it. The proof was right there in front of his skeptical face. He didn't want to believe it.

"I need to put him back in the nest." She began to look up at the branches of the tall oak.

Josh shook his head. "The parents won't take care of it if they smell humans—"

"That's a myth," she interrupted again. He was starting to get used to that habit of hers. "Listen."

"I don't—"

"Just listen."

He waited patiently, but didn't expect to hear anything. He sighed. She shot him a scolding glance. He tried to listen again.

There it was. Bird song. He followed the melody to another tree that rubbed branches with the oak. Two infuriated robins were obviously watching out for this baby as they shifted from branch to branch, squawking and flapping their wings. Sarah must have realized he heard the parent robins because she favored him with an arrogant smirk Josh suddenly realized he could learn to love.

"They haven't left him. If I can get him back in his nest, they'll still care for him." Sarah slowly circled the big tree, gazing up through the branches and frowning.

Josh let his gaze follow hers up several limbs until he saw the nest. "There," he said, pointing to the junction of several medium-sized branches.

She nodded. "I see it, but I can't reach it. Maybe we can find a ladder or something."

Josh had a better and much more convenient idea. "Come here," he coaxed as he crooked his finger. She took a few hesitant steps toward him. Crouching in front of her, he wrapped his arms around her knees and stood up. Her shocked gasp made him smile, that and the fact that her thighs were pressed to his chin as he looked up at her. "You can reach now."

Sarah gently placed the baby robin back in the nest. "You can let me down now, Joshua."

Gradually releasing his tight hold on her legs, Josh let Sarah's body slowly slide down his. He was aware of every inch of her. Thighs, stomach, and breasts passed eye level. Josh tried to control his body's reaction to the feel of her, the smell of her, the perfection of Sarah. He stopped her descent before her feet touched the ground, content to simply stand there holding her against him.

Staring into her eyes, he saw the confusion he knew must mirror his own. Sarah's hands rested on his shoulders, but she didn't resist his embrace. Slowly, her arms stretched out to encircle his neck.

Josh gazed at her pretty pink lips, wondering how she would taste. He gave in to the urge, gently settling his mouth on hers. She tasted like heaven, her lips as soft and just as sweet as he'd anticipated. He only savored her for a moment before pulling away. Then he let her slide down the rest of the way until her feet reached the ground.

"You shouldn't have done that," Sarah whispered as she slowly drew her arms away and let them fall to her side.

"No, I probably shouldn't have," he replied, wondering if the kiss had affected her the same way it had affected him. He could still smell her delightful flowery scent, taste her sweeter than honey on his lips.

Wondering if he should apologize, Josh was taken entirely by surprise when Sarah suddenly stood on tiptoe, slipped her arms around his neck again, and pressed her lips gently to his. Just a quick peck, but he had no idea what had possessed her. Their eyes locked, her arms still holding him close, his hands settled on her waist.

Suddenly, a peck wasn't enough. Josh set his lips against hers, but not for an innocent kiss. No, there was nothing chaste about it. Nudging her lips open, his tongue swept into her mouth in blatant possession.

Angelic Forecast ~ #41

“As the song says, Strange days have found us. The Doors, isn’t it?” I ask.
The Heavenly One descends, his incomparable jet black wings gently bring us above the mirrored and rippling surface of a small lake.
“I sing that song to my Sedona,” he croons inside my ear, the utter male for a moment. We hover above the silvery dark waters, the breezes wafting around us. “Strange days are here and are arriving ever more quickly.”
“Like a battery of incoming missiles.” The image and thought has just struck inside my head.
“Like tsunami after tsunami,” he agrees.
“Why are we here?”
“It’s peaceful, a vortex of peace. Mother Earth creates these vortexes.”
“Let me guess someone is sabotaging them.”
“Yes, there is regular interference by those who own evil natures. The changes in Father Sun are also causing intermittent fluctuations.”
“A time of discontent,” I say, my mind spinning with possibilities.
“A time of discontent is upon the people of Earth.”
“Which can be used against those with evil natures.”
We hover and I bask in silvery radiance of peace.

The following week will bring a path filled with obstacles, as if you are hiking along a forest path after a humongous storm encountering tree limbs and rock. Use your best judgement in dealing with those obstacles. Whether you go around the obstacles or remove them. Or use your own infinitely creative way of thinking to dislodge those obstacles. They no longer serve you and do not serve you.
This is also a week to reach out, meeting the hands of those you love. Join together and speak of ways where a common purpose and goal will serve you both. The alliances made with pure hearts will serve everyone later, providing wonderful outcomes.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona


Where angels fear to tread, 2012 Earth ~
Is a stranger on a superspeed motorcycle her savior from the brutal endtimes?

Blurb: Winter Solstice, December 21, 2012 – The end of the Mayan Calendar
What happens when a world weary, worn out incarnated angel, Sedona, who believes she is merely human has three choices after her old van breaks down? ...more

~~~ NOW IN PRINT ~~~ a former #1 on Siren-BookStrand’s bestseller list ~

Author Discovery by Lindsay Townsend, BookStrand author of FLAVIA’S SECRET, A SECRET TREASURE, BLUE GOLD and BRONZE LIGHTNING ~

WHEN A GOOD ANGEL FALLS ~ adventure fantasy erotic romance ~ available from BookStrand ~ ~ ~



Sunny June Kisses from Savanna Kougar...

~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


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This week's fortune cookie from Mudflat -

Mudflat series, 2009 Eppie winner


This week I have a short story titled “Neat Alyssum” in the June issue of Crossed Genres Magazine at
and a short story titled “The Sweetest Boyfriend” at LongandShortReviews at

Phoebe Matthews, urban fantasy

Friday, June 12, 2009

New Author

Hi All,

I'm a newly contracted author for Siren-Bookstrand as well. My name is Sandy Sullivan and my release, Cowboy Love is due out in October with print book being released in March 2010. I'm excited to be part of the family with Siren-Bookstrand and get to know all of you.

I live in Tennessee now after being raised on the West Coast, mostly Washington State. We love Tennessee though and now I have my horses and farm I've always wanted so I'm free to let my imagination run wild!

Thanks for inviting me and I look forward to more of my work being published by this publisher.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Hello all!  I am new to Siren as well to this Blog.  My book, Black Leather Pants, comes out in ebook in Sept with the paperback coming out in Feb 2010!  And on top of this exciting news is the fact that my family and I are packing up, moving from California to Louisiana.  Family and jobs are guiding our hand but I am excited that my son will be able to grow up with his grandparents and cousin.  Perhaps I will make another book out of this experience!!!  LOL!  I'm thrilled to be part of the Siren family and hope to make wonderful friends...authors like you are my idol and to be counted as one means more than anything.  Thank you.

-Beth D. Carter

Wednesday's Words for June 10, 2009

In the years between when I was a parent of young children and then became the grandparent of young children I seem to have forgotten one salient fact about them that has been brought home to me these last couple of weeks: little kids stink.

No, not figuratively, literally and don’t yell at me please, I love the little critters with all my heart, but they do stink.

Not only do they stink, they cause stink to happen in their absence.

Let me share with you how I came to re-visit this truth.

First a little background. As you know from these essays we quite often have the two children of our late son here with us overnight. Their mother—our second daughter—is a nurse and sometimes during the school week must work a three to eleven shift. Rather that have the children picked up so late at night, they have a sleep-over here. Mom comes early in the morning before I leave to take my beloved to work, and usually crashes on the sofa.

I return home and let her sleep until seven-thirty. At that time I get the children up, and get them having breakfast. They then dress and brush their teeth while mom packs the lunches she made for them in their school bags and then she takes them to school in the next town, where they live.

One day recently things weren’t progressing as smoothly as usual, so I decided to pitch in and give mom a hand in the lunch-to-school bag process. Now, when the kids return with me here from having gotten off the school bus they tend to just drop their bags by the door. I ask about home work, but in first and third grade, there’s not a lot of that so most times the bags sit until needed the next day. These bags are the standard, over-the-shoulder sort that many children own, and contain their school agendas, a book or two, an extra sweater, and their insulated lunch bags...and as I was soon to discover, sometimes something more.

Grandson had already opened his bag, pulled out his lunch container and given it to mom. Granddaughter was taking extra long in the bathroom so I grabbed up her bag and whipped that zipper open.

Oh. My. Goodness.

I thought I was going to pass out right there on the spot. I have never, in my entire life, smelled anything quite as rank as what wafted out of that innocent little girl’s school bag.

“I think something died in here,” I told mom.

She frowned and reached for the bag just as granddaughter came into the room.

Mom gagged. She looked at her daughter and said, “Did you not notice this stench?”

Granddaughter shrugged her shoulders with classic insouciance, as if she could deal with the rankest stench any day of the week and not even break a grimace.

Mom proved herself that day to be a woman of rare and stunning courage. She reached into that font of fetidity, that pouch of pong, and began to extract its contents one by one.

The culprit finally emerged, a plastic zipper-type bag containing mulched, two-week-old unwanted and very rotten egg yolk.

Holding my nose I carted it outside to the trash container. I then wiped that school bag down with disinfectant, sprayed it with an odor neutralizer and left it outside to air.

This was two weeks ago. This past week, we had the children on Wednesday. I picked them up from their bus stop in the next town, and brought them home—a drive of about twenty minutes. On Thursday afternoon I prepared to get into my car to go and fetch my beloved from work. The car had been closed and locked all day, the sun shining brightly—and hotly—upon it. I open the door, get in, and think...something stinks in here. But I was running late, so I just headed out. When I reached my destination forty minutes later, I got out of the car and opened the door to the back seat to investigate the source of this sour, rancid smell.

And discovered—courtesy of grandson this time I later learned—a plastic zipper-type bag containing liquefied, fermenting watermelon.

Grandma now has a new rule! No opening of school bags while in the car.


Feed the flames of your passion…with a novel by Morgan Ashbury

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A Thick Black Line – New Release from Judah Raine

Hey everyone! Just thought I’d pop in to share my excitement, and a little about A Thick Black Line, my romantic suspense which is released today!

I had a lot of fun with this one, and even ended up designing my own cover – a major challenge, learning curve and fun run all of its own! Though I never set out to write suspense, somehow the story insisted on plumbing the depths of the sinister background action and exploring its impact on the characters in the present. In a world where Bo is boss, where she decides – dictates? – the what and the why and the how of things, finding herself at the mercy of things outside her control is both stressful and emotionally trying. Add to that shadowy figures from the past and a tempting, oh so gallant hero who is suddenly thrust into her closed “personal” space… The result is intriguing.

What really happens when the irresistible force and the immovable object collide?

“Probably nothing at all.” Bo responded, infuriatingly practical. “That’s the nature of the puzzle. Equal pressure on both sides results in no movement. It’s elementary, actually.”

How wrong can a girl be? These questions, and a whole lot of others, are answered in A Thick Black Line…

Here’s the blurb and a short excerpt:

Bo Carmichael has drawn a thick black line around her heart, and with good reason. She has worked hard to overcome the anguish of betrayal and the devastation it wreaked in her family's lives, and she's now close to realizing her dreams. There simply isn't place in this equation for emotional entanglements, especially not with Nic Sinclaire, the only man who has the ability to breach her defenses.
From their first encounter, an impossible chemistry rages between them – a crackling heat that threatens to melt the ice surrounding her.
A bizarre twist makes Nic a constant companion and self-appointed protector. As Bo's barriers shift and crumble, she can no longer ignore the powerful emotions his proximity evokes…

He looked suddenly thoughtful. Still angry, no, very angry, but with a gleam of underlying speculation that should have been a warning on its own. But she hadn't expected him to agree with her and the momentary surprise proved a dangerous distraction. "But maybe there's a way we can settle this once and for all."

"Really? Just like that?" Deliberately mocking. Even false bravado, maybe. But only cold amusement showed. She was bouncing back.

"Just like that. I can prove that I'm right."

"Sure you can. And I'm Dick Whittington's cat. You might as well—"

Bo never got to finish the sentence. His hands were hard on her shoulders, painful, his lips bruising and punishing and demanding. And relentless in their determination to conquer and control. Her protest cut short, Bo could only push and flail helplessly against his unyielding chest and the iron bands of his arms.

Angry, a little desperate, she continued to fight, struggling to free herself, to escape the callous demands of his kiss. Then, realising at last that resistance was futile, she stopped, forced herself into stone-like unresponsiveness. But, instead of the hoped-for freedom, it only made things worse.

With a soft, triumphant groan he pulled her even closer, his kiss deepening, teasing even, as his hand slid beneath her shirt to play hot and tantalising up and down her spine.

Even as her mind screamed a warning, Bo felt her resolve dissolving, felt herself slipping into a place beyond time and reason, where nothing seemed to matter except the burning, aching need to consume and be consumed. The rush and the heat and sheer abandon of it had her clinging to him, responding to him, her whole body moulding itself into his so that his strength was the only thing that kept her standing.

When Nic finally lifted his head, both of them were breathless, bemused, like travellers from another time finding themselves in strange, uncharted territory.

"The defence rests," he said softly, his eyes holding hers, reading the desire that she couldn't have hidden, even if she'd had the wits to think it. His voice rasped rough, raw with an emotion that frightened and excited, and seemed to speak more than his look ever could. "I think that effectively proves my point, don't you?"

Then he was gone without even so much as a backward glance, releasing her so abruptly that Bo had to clutch onto the nearby table to steady herself. She felt weak, shaken, appalled by her reaction and the awful realisation that something—something huge and hungry and wilful—had been roused within her. What frightened her the most was that she had never even guessed that it was there.

Have fun, everyone! I'm off to celebrate!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Angelic Forecast ~ #40

“Is the world tired?” I ask the Heavenly One. “Or is it just me?” “Much of the world is exhausted.” Swooping down beside me, the Cherub lifts me in his arms, then sails upwards. The late night sky crackles with lightning. Raindrops splash against my skin. The winds blast over us and around us.
“Where are we going?” I shout.
“To the back side of the moon.”
“Where the bases are?”
“No. There is something else I want you to see. Hang on tight.”
I squeeze the Heavenly One’s neck as he twirls faster and faster traveling upwards. I have no idea what our speed is. Still, the storm ceases around us and there is an eerie rushing silence.
Moments later, he says, “We are here. Look down.”
Having no clue what to expect, I blink open my eyes. His glistening ebony wings are wrapped around me, holding me secure. I look toward the shimmer surface of the moon. We hover high above one area. Shocked, I gaze at patches of emerald.
“Vegetation?” I ask.
“Green cheese,” he light-hearted teases.
“Not blue cheese?”
“Isn’t that for salads?”
“Oh my goodness!” Small silver discs zip back and forth over the strange rough landscape. “UFOs.”
“Now, you know where some of them come from.”

This week will be one of confusion. Often it will feel like you’re walking through a heavy fog. Use caution as you proceed with any project. And use your best discernment in dealing with others. For their confusion could mislead you as well as them. Your best bet is to use your intuition like radar to guide your steps. Also, look for the beams of light shining through. You will recognize them by the feeling of divineness that overwhelms you.
This is also a week for fun, those precious intimate moments you most enjoy with those you love. Expand on those moments and your life will take on a new dimension of joy.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona


Where angels fear to tread, 2012 Earth ~
Is a stranger on a superspeed motorcycle her savior from the brutal endtimes?

Blurb: Winter Solstice, December 21, 2012 – The end of the Mayan Calendar
What happens when a world weary, worn out incarnated angel, Sedona, who believes she is merely human has three choices after her old van breaks down? ...more

~~~ NOW IN PRINT ~~~ a former #1 on Siren-BookStrand’s bestseller list ~

Author Discovery by Lindsay Townsend, BookStrand author of FLAVIA’S SECRET, A SECRET TREASURE, BLUE GOLD and BRONZE LIGHTNING ~

WHEN A GOOD ANGEL FALLS ~ adventure fantasy erotic romance ~ available from BookStrand ~ ~ ~



Sunny June Kisses from Savanna Kougar...

~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

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Free Falling ~ Coffee Time 4 Cup Review



ISBN#: 1-60601-307-6

April 2009

Siren Bookswww.bookstrand.comE-Book$5.99

305 Pages

Romantic Suspense

Rating: 4 Cups

Laurie Miller is a psychologist who uses her empathic gift to help her patients. She is just about burnt out on all of their emotions and needs to recharge. Her thirtieth birthday and a promise she made to her parents is also hanging over her head.
Ross is an attorney on the fast track, being a workaholic helps. Even his employer knows that he needs a break, so he is being sent to deliver papers to a person dodging his responsibilities. He can think of better places to vacation than Montana in the winter.
Snowbound at the Miller family ranch in Montana, Laurie and Ross discover a journal written by one of Laurie’s ancestors. A mystery dating back to Prohibition leads to danger for the couple who are rapidly falling in love. Laurie’s secret could cause serious trouble between the two.
This story combines two love stories. Ruby and TJ, a speakeasy singer and a bootlegger have a very exciting tale told bit by bit through the journal. Laurie and Ross’s tale is equally fraught with danger. Their love story is full of ups and downs. Ross hates the rich and Laurie is wealthy, though she does not flaunt it. The other characters, particularly Ross’s assistant and her unlikely boyfriend really make the story. The stalker is identified early on, but this does not lessen the suspense at all. The author weaves a plot that will keep you at the edge of your seat while enjoying a really good pair of love stories.
MauraReviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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This week's fortune cookie from Mudflat -


This week I have a Mudflat short story titled “Neat Alyssum” in the June issue of Crossed Genres Magazine at 

For more fortunes, reviews, excerpts, visit

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5 Heart Review ~ All the Right Reasons

All the Right Reasons Damaged Heroes Book 3

Author: Sandy James (Author Website)

Genre(s): Contemporary Review Date: 6/4/2009ISBN:

Print Book Price: $15.99 - (Website)

E-Book Price: $5.99 Book Strand -(Website)

SCORE: 5 / 5

Twenty-six year old Lucas Mitchell is not the same person he used to be since returning home from the Iraq war. He’s bitter with himself for not being able to save his best friend’s life while over there. Wracked with guilt and plenty of frustration, Lucas just doesn’t seem to be fitting in like he used to in his hometown of Indiana.

Since suffering from the physical and mental injuries he obtained while serving his time in the war, Lucas just can’t seem to move ahead with his life now that he’s back home again. Everyone at the race track, where he works paddocking his brother’s harness race horses, just seem to be talking behind his back about his injuries and how he’s changed since coming home. Trying to ignore all the hurtful comments he hears, Lucas decides to put all his energy into renovating an old mansion he just bought and is quite eager to set it up so he can rehabilitate retired horses so he can make a decent living.

Deciding to keep his distance away from all the people around him, Lucas jumps into his work full steam ahead. Little does he know though that when he first meets up with a twenty-three year old, Hungarian beauty named Joy Kovacs, things will never be the same for either one of them ever again.

Is Joy the only one person who is able to bring the old Lucas back? Is she the answer to his prayers or just another complication for him to deal with in his life? Is Lucas every able to break free from the demons that haunt him?

Ms. James knows how to tell such an emotionally driven story and she just tears at your heart while allowing you to personally get to know Lucas and all the challenges he’s facing since returning home from the war in Iraq. This author writes her stories from the heart and each one is compelling in its own way. I immediately fell in love with Lucas and hoped that someone would finally be able to pull him out of all the self-torment he was subjecting himself to. When Joy entered the picture, I was hoping she was just the person he needed to help him get through the grief he was suffering from. I wanted Lucas to finally forgive himself and to be able to move on having a happy life again. Ms. James did a fabulous job in telling this story and I would highly recommend the Damaged Heroes series to other readers. This is the third book in the series and as I understand it, there will be another one on the way. I eagerly look forward to reading the next installment in this wonderfully written series. Well done, Ms. James!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday's Words for June 3, 2009

Every Sunday morning, Mr. Ashbury sleeps in until just before 9 a.m. This is a royal sleep-in for him as the other six days of the week the alarm goes off at 4:45.

I awaken him just before 9 because he loves to watch his Sunday morning talking heads. Then, just as Meet The Press is winding down, I begin to cook his Sunday morning breakfast. This meal never varies much. He likes sausage, eggs, hash brown potato patties and toast. Sometimes I do the potatoes differently by shredding raw potato into the pan and adding lots of butter. He loves that, so I save it as a special treat. Sometimes I make him pancakes as well, and once in a while I substitute pemeal bacon for the sausage. This breakfast then is delivered to him in the living room, where he can enjoy it while he continues to watch his news/political shows.

I tried preparing a more healthy breakfast—once. I made oatmeal, and a fresh fruit salad, and one slice of whole wheat toast. I put everything on a nice tray, and proudly carried it in to him.

He looked at it a long moment before venturing, “What the heck is that?” (He didn’t really say ‘heck’ but I am trying to watch my language. I’ll let your imaginations supply the word he did use.)

I said, “It’s your breakfast!”

Well, he did eat it, but with such a grumpy-face—and the request that I go back to making him real breakfasts from now on—that I have never done it again.

The reason I am mentioning this at all is that I have had occasion to observe younger couples and what has struck me the most about them and their relationships is the lack of the concept of service between them.

Has anyone else noticed this?

“Do you make your husband breakfast on his day off?” I asked one young woman, just to see what she would say.

“Why should I? I’m not his mother.”

Judging from some of the young men I know, I’m not so sure about that. But it’s not about acting like a mother—or a maid, either. It’s about doing something loving for the one you’re supposedly in love with.

We’ve been married a long time, Mr. Ashbury and I. It will be 37 years in July. Now I’m not going to lie to you. The bloom is off the rose and the honeymoon is over. Nights of passion? Yes, I remember them. But they don’t exist anymore. If they do for you and your beloved, that’s wonderful and a bonus, I think. But just because we don’t act like star-struck twenty something’s doesn’t mean we’re not as in love and committed to each other as we were when we got married.

Actually, I think we’re more so.

When you first get married everything is soft music and pretty flowers, candles that gut out in the middle of the night, and cosy mornings-after. But the future is a giant unknown, and while you hope you’ll be together forever, you don’t know that you will be.

Mr. Ashbury and I know.

You see, love is more than an emotion; it’s an action. When you love someone you do loving things for them.

I always take pains to make good meals for Mr. Ashbury as he does love his food. I ensure when he works long hours that he doesn’t need to do anything at home. His off hours are for lazing on the sofa watching television, not for doing chores around the house. He doesn’t drive, so I take him to work and bring him home again. When I pick him up from work every day, I have a coffee for him—and often a bag of his favorite sour cream and onion potato chips, too.

Mr. Ashbury does loving things for me as well. He told me that I was retired from the working world and could therefore devote my time to writing. He makes sure I go to conventions because they will help with that dream. When he sees me admiring wildflowers, he picks some for me. And in the evenings, I put my feet on his lap and without a word he gives me a foot massage. Every time I want one.

What could be more loving than that?

Feed the flames of your passion…with a novel by Morgan Ashbury

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

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