Friday, August 15, 2008

May I present SWEET HELL, A novel of fire!

Fresh excerpt from this novel of fire!

Sweet Hell
Erotic: Contemporary Romance,
Multiple Sex Partners

Written By
Audrey Godwin


ISBN: 1-60601-090-5
E-book $5.99
15% off at checkout!


Pari Sisco is a woman who has been labeled a nymphomaniac! A woman who finds herself surrounded by three lusty men! One is a tyrant who holds nothing sacred—the other is a charming, irresponsible heir to a fortune—but the other is the black sheep—the sexy, gritty, illegitimate son who makes her body cry out for satisfaction! He's the one she wants, and she'll do anything to have him—even endure his father's filthy appetite! Kitt is forced to watch his father make love to Pari—listen to her screams in the night—see his hands all over her. He wants to leave, but his father won't allow it! He feels himself going slowly mad—mad enough to—KILL!Maybe. But it can't be too easy—too swift—no! It has to be prolonged. The old man has to suffer! It's easy. He'll simply use his father's weaknesses to destroy him! He finally does it, and the old man dies!But something goes wrong!Pari watches as Kitt slowly begins to emulate his father, demanding her submission as he brutally takes her anywhere he chooses—on a couch, against a wall, or on his desk. And even though her eyes tell her that she's with the man she loves, every plunge, every thrust and every whispered obscenity makes her wonder—is it Kitt, or is it Boris? I believe they call it...possession!

Fresh excerpt

(In this scene, Pari has sex with two men, but whose kiss does she feel on her lips, whose hands does she feel caressing her, whose words are whispered to her in the night, and who brings her to such incredible heights of passion? Is it Kitt...or is it Boris?)

There was no lightning, no thunderous roar, no devilish fanfare of triumph, only an icy coldness that seeped into him. When the whispering, wheezing echo of words died, Kitt could feel the new awareness that had invaded him. In only seconds his thoughts turned corrupt. He felt sensations of pure evil languishing inside him. He could feel the utter decay that rendered him powerless while bursting free to hurt, kill and destroy. Cruel, depraved desires and lewd, base vulgarities whirled in his brain. Obscenities restlessly lay on his tongue, ready to be issued forth like the hot, hellish lava of a spewing volcano.He lowered his eyes and looked down at himself. He felt his arms, his legs, and smiled as if he were pleased. Then he slowly rose from the bed and stood in front of a mirror. When he saw the young, handsome, healthy body he hissed, Oh, yessss, and turned and walked out of his room. The corridor was dark, but he knew where he was going. He saw it up ahead. Pari's door. When he reached it, he opened it softly. She was lying partially covered by a sheet, the moonlight giving her pale skin a beautiful radiance."No!" Kitt said, struggling against him. "No, you old bastard, leave her alone."Yes! Boris urged him on. You've wanted her since the first time you ever saw her and now's your chance.Against his will, Kitt walked over to her bed. Looking down into her serene face, he reached out and caressed her cheek with his hand.She moved, and uttered a quiet moan.He slowly pulled the sheet back, looked at her smooth body and lowered himself gently beside her.* * * *Pari’s eyes fluttered open. "Kitt," she whispered, seeing a strange look on his face. It was the face she loved, but somehow something was different. Seeing the look in his eyes, sheer black fright swept through her, causing her to pull away.“Be still,” he whispered, grabbing her shoulders and pinning her down.She struggled beneath his weight.His lips opened and he buried his face in her neck, drawing on her perfumed skin. “Pari, my darling, don't fight me. It's been so long.”Pari frowned. The voice was Kitt's, but the words were strange.“You're so lovely, my dear, especially in the shining radiance of the moonlight.”Pari's eyes widened. The words were coming from Kitt’s lips, but they sounded more like… Boris. She pulled away and looked at him closely. “Kitt,” she whispered. “Tell me it’s you. Tell me, Kitt.“Quiet, my love,” Kitt said as he slowly moved his lips from her neck down to her cleavage. With the hunger of a wild creature, he gathered her in his arms while he mounted her.Pari remembered all the fevered nights she had spent alone, wanting Kitt. Now, he lay over her, parting her legs, and softly growling as he drew hungrily on her breasts. She felt his hand groping her cleft, and she couldn’t keep from responding. She arched her back and moaned as his fingers sank into its soft darkness."Ohhhh God, Kitt."His hand moved faster, pushing, pulling. She couldn't stay still. Her hips began revolving, straining shamelessly against his hand. Then before she knew what was happening, she was assaulted by a giant, throbbing orgasm. She began to quiver, her cunt continuing to spasm over and over again as she drifted into its hellish fire. He slowly removed his fingers and replaced them with his large, heavy cock that worked itself into her like a crazed snake. The sensations it brought with it were incredible, and Pari squirmed as if being assaulted at every plunge.His hands began a lust-arousing exploration of her soft flesh, squeezing, demanding, forcing, causing her to whimper with need. A need so powerful that she scratched at his back, his shoulders until blood flowed down her fingers. Like a bronco she bucked to reach the silver bliss that eluded her. And then at last it came with a groan and a hiss, and she flared over and over again, feeling herself sail into the depths of a hot, scarlet flame. It was then that a blood-curdling scream was wrenched from her throat. It drifted on the night, through the halls of the mansion, and across manicured grounds until it reached the leaning shadows of Boris Rogan’s tombstone.

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