Friday, August 29, 2008

Books available from Audrey Godwin's writing library

This is just a few of Audrey Godwin's works that are available at the present time. I haven't been with Siren/BookStrand very long, so my works are limited. If you are interested, excerpts can be found on both Siren and BookStrand websites. Next time I'll give you a peek into some of those that will be here very soon.

Sweet Hell
ISBN: 1-60601-090-5
E-book $5.99
15% off at checkout

Pari has a body that relentlessly craves sex! She hides this shameful affliction behind a tailored suit, a prim French twist and a briefcase, but when the sun slowly sets in the West, Pari can no longer hold herself back. She becomes a different person. One day she sees a lusty male animal on the TV…a killer, a Rambo-type man that makes her blood boil. But he’s a criminal! Has she become so hungry that she will lay down for anyone? She finds herself appointed to defend him at his trial. This leads her into a situation where three lusty men cruelly take advantage of her weakness, but she loves only one—the dark, handsome, illegitimate son who keeps his distance—until he becomes possessed by an amorous ghost who drives him to her bed!

Sin City
ISBN: 1-60601-179-0
E-book $5.99
15% off at checkout

Surrounded by the lavish world of politics, Griff Nyle is as dangerous as he is dazzling. Women are playthings and scandals rock the city. He amuses himself in this erotic playground until a brazen beauty steps out of the shadows and threatens his life and his marriage. She is a powerful Femme Fatale who has a talent for naughty sex. She lures Griff into her powdered boudoir with her lush curves and red, moist lips, but when Griff realizes that this beauty is the bait for a spy ring that is stealing government secrets, he gets serious. Now he is forced to put all his bad boy antics behind him, and save his marriage as well as his country. Can a man who has made promiscuity a way of life change his ways before it’s too late, or will his only escape from this velvet trap be her death—or his!

Dancing with the Devil
ISBN: 1-60601-024-7
E-book $5.99
ISBN: 1-60601-042-5
Trade Paperback $13.99

It has been whispered among those that live here that the jaded city of Hollywood is the Throne of Satan. It’s here that he lives and breathes corruption while ruining people’s lives, and collecting the souls of those reckless youths that speed through the canyons of the Hollywood Hills. He appears as a raging Santa Ana wind, an earthquake or a mudslide, and the result is always the same. Death and destruction is left in his wake!

One night Lorna Desmond, an old sex goddess of yesteryear goes to the Lucifer Club along the famed Sunset Strip and sees Lance Weston dressed in a devil’s costume doing one hell of a sexy bump and grind on a hellish stage. To others he appears as nothing more than a young dancer who knows how to strut his stuff, but to Lorna who thinks she can see beyond the obvious to a slight protruding of horns—a 666 brand that’s been seared into his head—a face too handsome to be mortal—a sinner—a fallen angel—he’s the ruler of evil—the devil himself!

Under the cruel attack of a hypodermic needle, he winds up in a tower room high in the Hollywood Hills where he meets Shania Hunter. They call him the devil, but instead of evil she sees eyes that glitter like two dark stars, a mouth that is a sensuous curl, and as she sinks into his cushioning embrace, his love is hot. Their passion turns the small room into a flame-ridden cave where ecstatic moans ripple from her lips and his muscled body glows in the firelight. They risk their lives for the taste—the touch—the sexual frenzy their bodies ache for until they finally fall into a deep and forbidding love. They are forced, day by day, to carry this secret in their hearts, knowing that they may never escape their prison, but be forced to live in a world of bondage and sadism—a world where pain and pleasure becomes one—a world where domination can lead to damnation—and where enslavement can be—forever!

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