Friday, August 15, 2008

Author Discovery: Lee Silver's The Twist

Lee Silver's thrilling novel, THE TWIST, initially begins as
a rigged medical trial for a tobacco company. Zane Tollison
signs a contract which turns him into a human guinea pig
and introduces him to Kathy Davis a scientist and workaholic.

The book's blurb mentions “Zane is changing into a carbon copy
of Kathy, a pawn in a bizarre genetic metamorphosis...” but
what is left out is the story is also a very intriguing romance
based on the hero and heroine learning about one another
by getting under the other person's skin. THE TWIST
moves from being a story about a complex game of dress up
to an emotional and sensual journey which brings the two
main characters closer and closer. The villain, Jonathan Chorde
pulls all the strings in a game where the winner gets *much* more
than simply money and power.

While I enjoyed all the details of Zane Tollison's immersion into
womanhood and his relationship with Kathy who becomes his mentor and close friend, I found myself sympathizing with Elise “Leesie”, Zane's wife. Elise, to me, represents all the weaknesses of the physical realm due to her emotional background. Kathy on the other hand, personifies the intellect and skill of women. Between both these female characters, Zane becomes a hero which faces a challenge within himself due to his transformation. While we're used to hearing that “It's a man's world” poor Zane has to live the nightmare of being in a woman's world much to the reader's amusement.

The Twist is a fulfilling fast-paced work sprinkled with tastefully written naughty scenes you will enjoy from the first to last page.

~ Silapa Jarun ~
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