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'Asking Too Much'. Lindsay Townsend. Erotic Romance

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Categories: Erotic Romance, Futuristic
Word Count: 34,505
Heat Level: SIZZLING

Published by: Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

AVAILABLE: Wednesday, September 5th
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offered at a 10% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, September 12th.

[Siren Classic: Erotic Futuristic Romance, light consensual BDSM, spanking, HEA]

In New Athens in 2061, men and women can sell themselves into slavery. Sofia Buccharis, golden, beautiful, and grieving, faced with an uncertain future, offers herself to the man she has admired for years, the former tyrant of New Athens, Theo Leventis. In a daring proposal, she goes further and suggests that they marry. She will be his slave bride—his virgin slave bride.

Intrigued, Theo, a man who has cloaked his emotions in mastery since a devastating divorce, seeks the gentle beauty out again after she has left him to consider her idea. He rescues Sofia from her bullying father and takes her to his private island. Theo courts Sofia, teaching her what lovemaking can be, and she teaches him about emotional intimacy.

In a month's time they will marry—and will Sofia's gamble pay off? Will Theo be a loving master and husband, or has she asked too much of the tyrant of New Athens?
A Siren Erotic Romance

Lindsay Townsend

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday's Words for August 29, 2012

I can still recall the incident, oh so many years ago. I was a newlywed, visiting my mother, and telling her about some matter that, in hindsight, I’m sure was quite trivial. I said to her [or perhaps whined would be a better verb] “it’s just not fair!”

I remember this day in particular because of Mother’s response to that proclamation. She got this horrified look on her face, and immediately demanded, “Who the hell ever told you life was fair? If life was fair, your father would still be alive!”

I remember that her vehemence surprised me. Her attitude wasn’t one I possessed at the tender age of 18. At that age I believed life should be fair and would be fair if only I could figure out how to make it happen.

Times change, of course and thankfully, we mature. After more than a half century of living, one thing that has been proven to me over and over again is this: not only is life unfair, it is sometimes unfair to an appalling degree.

I’ve had that reality demonstrated to me again just this past weekend.

This past Saturday I drove for two and a half hours to visit my friend—the one I reconnected with just a couple of years ago. I wish I could say the occasion for this visit was to enjoy a fun, social time, but it was not.

I went, because her husband was dying from a brain tumor. He was at home, had refused any further treatment, and so she stayed at home with him, taking care of him because, as she said, “I promised him that I would”.

This will be the second time my friend has suffered the loss of a husband. She said to me, “At least this time I know, and I can say all the things I didn’t get to say last time.”

Her first husband died suddenly in his early forties.

My friend and her current husband are good people. They have family and friends, and they are loved by all who know them. They’ve never sought to do harm to another human being, and have offered their help to whomever, whenever they could—even reaching out to those who have wronged them.

Life really is not fair.

When I arrived at her home Saturday, she had friends there, and a nurse’s aide, as well. She needed to get out for a bit—aside from the fact that she had to run a couple of errands, she just needed a break.

I took her to lunch, and we spent time simply being in each other’s company. We reminisced about what it was like being kids in the 1960s, and since we’d known each other’s mothers, we looked back on them from the perspective of being mothers and grandmothers ourselves.

My friend is suffering of course, because, though she’s never been one to wax sentimental, her husband—this man who only a few short weeks before had been a vital, laughing, loving man—is the love of her life. She calls him her best friend, and her soul mate.

He’d been a best friend and a bulwark to her first, this man who’d also been a friend of her first husband’s which was how they met. He had been there for her children, too, as they’d grieved the loss of their father. Friendship eventually gave way to deeper, more intimate feelings. He has been good for her. He challenged her on so many different levels, expanding her horizons. He got her to do things she never thought she’d ever do.

At forty-something years old my friend learned how to ride motorcycle!

We returned from lunch, and she spent time getting her husband settled in the hospital bed that had arrived while we were out. He sleeps, mostly, but she said, he knows her when she’s there. He talks, but just the odd word here and there. After she made him as comfortable as possible in that bed Saturday, he said, “safe”.

She told me that when she held his hand the night before—which would have been Friday night—he brought her hand to his lips and kissed her fingers.

I had no words to give her, but she didn’t need my words. She just needed my hugs and my presence, both of which I was grateful to give her.

I’ve often wondered why some people seem to get such a super-sized helping of crap in their lives. That is a mystery for which I simply have no answer.

My friend’s husband passed away Monday afternoon.

Love, Morgan

Monday, August 27, 2012

Prepare to be Dominated!

Uniform Fetish, 2

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, light spanking, sex toys, HEA]

Stephanie Vasquez can’t seem to keep the law off her back. Officers Grayson Myers and Dominic Weston are dead set in teaching her to abide by the rules of the road. As much as she’d love to give in to their flirtation, she’s hesitant to trust any men—even if they do look delicious in their police uniforms.

After she’s caught in the middle of a major crime investigation, her two cops take her into their protective custody. They teach her that it’s okay to trust them, to give in to their raw domination of her body and soul.

Grayson and Dominic have a lot invested in the feisty brunette. They want to keep her for themselves, to finally commit to one woman. But will the criminal element get their hands on her before they can prove their love?

Angelic Forecast ~ #208

"No." The denial bursts from me. The horror of it fills me, and I shake my head 'no'.

"There are many on the good side battling to stop this future. However, the people of Earth must awaken, and take steps to protect themselves."

"Yes." The word escapes my lips. Every particle of me wants to help, to stop this needless, diabolically-created future.

"You will help. It is one of our destinies together. To that end, my Sh’raka, we must return to Mars immediately."

Dhuroth's words barely leave his lips, when I feel the whirlwind sweeping around us. The whirlwind of time, I think, as the sensation of moving 'somewhere' seizes me.

Like a dreamless sleep, I lose all awareness.

When my eyes fly open, I awaken in the same moment. However, I have no sense of where I am.

A gentle darkness surrounds me, and I feel my lion man holding me. Are we lying in bed together?

"We are home, my beloved. It is time to rest."

Dhuroth pulls me closer so I am flush against his naked chest. I've never felt anything so sexy and absolutely wonderful.




Courage, or the Great Heart of humanity, is the theme for the following week. The Dragon of Courage soars for the clouds while the cowardly dragon nips at his tail in a final struggle to win and destroy all that is GOOD on Earth.

During the upcoming week, there are likely to be major and explosive events on the planet -- both good and bad. For, another evolutionary leap of humanity is here, and all that occurs at this time, will reflect this physical and spiritual transformation.

As always, prepare for adversity. Prepare for the superstorms of life.

Also, emotional superstorms and a contentious attitude will permeate this week. As always, there are two sides.

For many, their contentious words will signal a strengthening of their spine. This is because humanity's courage is being reactivated. Also, many people are simply fed up with the bully corp-gov, and they are standing their ground -- they are saying 'no more'.

On the other hand, someone else's contentious attitude will indicate they are clinging tightly to their blinders. For, reality, as it is now, has become their enemy.

On the personal front, once again, this is a crucial week for many. A key, or key decisions will confront a whole lot of us. The best approach: unless, it's an emergency situation, take a step back and evaluate the pros and cons. Once you've made your decision, take action, and go forward with confidence.

Also, now is the time to watch your backside as never before. The system is paranoid, and fighting like a cornered dragon about to be slain.

Realize that anyone who gets in the way -- anyone who is targeted by the system -- 'do not' expect any mercy.

Remember, at this point in history, it is time for 'the people' to band together in groups, and protect each other. Carry cameras at all times, and for those who are tech-savvy, have a way to upload immediately to a site far away.

On the economic front, the mega-monster banks writhe like agitated leviathans as 'the people' wake up to their heinous and endless crimes. Now, the 'banking spanking' begins as their time comes to a close.

However, likely the process will drag on for the next six months, at least.

In reaction, there will be veiled threats by the self-appointed economic kingpins. THEY will use their political and military might to force us deeper into the Orwellian world. At the same time, these bankster gangsters will offer 'incentives' for anyone who goes along with their tyrannical system.

Also, look for the stock market to take some wild dives this week, and/or next week. In part... only in part... this Wall Street manipulation is about making 'the people' fearful so they will acquiesce and conform to 'authority'.

On the truth front, during the next couple of weeks, there will be several whistleblowers who break the political system wide open, exposing major crimes. However, it remains to be seen if what they reveal will reach the front page of the brain-drain media.

On the war front, factions of the dark-side global elite continue to battle for supremacy in the Mideast and throughout the world. This means violent conflicts escalate worldwide. And there 'may' be a serious confrontation with a warship.

At this time, nations who have stayed in the background since WWII, may arise, and take a side in this international chess match of war. This strategic move will be made to remove the focus from the collapsing economy.

As the human race AWAKENS, fewer and fewer of 'the people' will show up for any war put on by the establishment. Yes, the so-called world leaders can throw a war like you throw a party. But, there's no guarantee anyone will show up.

On the AWAKENING front, from this point forward, the awareness of energies, what are sometimes called 'subtle' energies, will dramatically increase for many of us. It will be easier to know how someone else is truly feeling, for one example. Also, tuning into the so-named 'psychic' frequency will become much easier.

On the paranormal front, there will be more sightings of unusual crypto creatures such as the 'manwolf' and 'thunderbirds'. They have decided to make themselves known to humanity.

Space, the final frontier -- the truth now arrives step-by-step as has been stated before. To keep this 'truth' hidden, desperate and despicable measures will be taken by the soulless ones. However, it is time for humanity to awaken, and know their real heritage.

On the home front, with the ever-sinking economy taking its toll on 'the people', there will be vast changes in how many choose to live their lives. Inventiveness rises alongside resourcefulness. For some this is the opportunity to become self reliant in a new way that benefits everyone else.

On the food front, a civil war of information begins between those who desire natural foods and those who believe in or sell GM/GMO. Eventually however, the TRUTH will prevail, even with obscene amounts of money spent to bury the facts.

On the land changes front, due to the faster pounding ocean waves, the erosion of 'certain' beach areas around the planet quickens. Superstorms will also sweep over coastlines all over the world now, rearranging the land.

As is currently happening during the writing of this forecast, earthquakes will continue to shake, rattle, and roll Mother Earth. Volcanoes rumble and spew, becoming ever more active, especially under the oceans. As well, with the arrival of several planet-like bodies in the solar system, the topical features of Earth are undergoing a rapid change in certain areas of the world.

On the energy front, an under-market for off-the-grid energy devices is developing as people wisely look for any way to become energy-independent. With the closure of coal plant after coal plant, with the stranglehold of the oil cartels, and the ongoing failure of nuclear plants, there is likely to be a shortage of power. This also means the price could be out of sight for many.

Consider setting up a backup energy system -- any kind you can manage.

On the really bad news front, to create a state of FEAR among the population, and to keep control, the dark-side elite is using bio-warfare agents against 'the people'. THEY want a limited pandemic scenario for now.

Also, THEY are poisoning certain places/cities here, and worldwide, in the same manner as the Gulf of Mexico.

Obviously, it is wise to keep your immune system strong. By staying as healthy as possible, and by learning about natural healing alternatives, you and your loved ones can withstand this onslaught.

On the good news front, new and incredible opportunities arise for those of us who are able to think outside the 'establishment' box.

At this momentous time, freedom lovers become a force, one to be reckoned with. Now, many more champions for 'the people' come forth.

Trendwise, preparation and resistance is the theme for the rest of 2012. Take heed because the times they are a-changing.

~~~The Year of Dragon Darkness and Light... with whipping writhing strength, the ultimate in revelation arrives, creating chaos while spiraling through chaos... during this make-or-break year use the fierce frightening power of the dragon, or it will use you ~~~

This week take some time to daydream. Remember your days as a bright-eyed child. What did you daydream about the most?

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

Warning!!! The global elite [New World Order] does not want *you* to read this book. See ~ Powerful Dreams at my Kougar Kisses blog.


~~~ Where angels fear to tread, 2012 Earth ~~~

World weary and worn out, the incarnated angel, Sedona, who believes she is merely human, has three choices after her old van breaks down.

Let the Nazerazzi squad of the North American Union capture her and force her into a FEMA concentration camp.

Walk out into the Arizona night desert, let the wildlife have a good meal with the hope her death will be quick.

Or does she dare trust the mysterious stranger suddenly before her?

Handsome as sin and all in black, he emerges out of the darkness.

Sedona wonders if the stranger on a superspeed motorcycle is her savior from the brutal endtimes.

Or, is he a roving cult member of the New World Order, hunting his next blood sacrifice?


It’s only a few days before Winter Solstice, December 21, 2012 ~ The end of the Mayan Calendar.

Sent from heaven to help Sedona save humanity, Zerr Dann knows the Divine is playing its last card on Earth.

He also knows Sedona is about to find out Christmas miracles still exist.

[Angelic Fantasy Erotic Romance]

~~~ EBOOK & IN PRINT ~~~ a former #1 on Siren-BookStrand’s bestseller list

Author Discovery by BookStrand author, Lindsay Townsend.


Kisses from Savanna Kougar...

~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Siren-BookStrand Author of ~

All Shades of Blue Paradise
[World of the Blue Pearl Moon, Book 1]

When a Good Angel Falls ~ In Print
[Winter Solstice 2012, Book 1]

Murder by Hair Spray in Gardenia, New Atlantis ~ In Print
[New Atlantis Trilogy, Book 1]

Her Insatiable Dark Heroes ~ In Print
[Chrontropolis, Book 1]

Stallion of Ash and Flame ~ In Print

Branded by the Texans ~ IN PRINT ~ A Siren-BookStrand Bestseller!
[Three Star Republic]

Kandy Apple and Her Hellhounds ~ What happens when two of Hades’ most mission-accomplished Hellhounds find just the right witch for Halloween? ~ Ebook and In Print.

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Read the 1st Chapter of Intimate Seductions...

*Some words omitted to maintain the PG 13 blog rating

Chapter One

Warren stumbled into his bedroom. Having shared in one too many congratulatory shots of whisky in honor of his friends, Derek and Sandi’s, news of upcoming nuptials, he was a bit more drunk than usual. Thankfully, Ann and Quinn had driven his sorry ass home. He had to admit the good old Travis boys had lucked out in the woman department. Ann was a goddess, and Sandi was an angel. No matter how happy he was for his old buddies, he was glad it was them and not him. The last thing he needed was to be stuck with one woman his whole life. He was very satisfied with bachelorhood.
“Hi, handsome.”
He flipped the light switch on and was met with the image of a nearly naked, but gorgeous redhead lying in his bed. The only thing covering her was a tiny pair of green panties. He’d always prided himself on his practicality in any situation. Some questions just need to be asked.
“Hey there, sweetheart. Pardon me for asking, but do I know you?”
The brazen bombshell seemed hurt by his question. “Well, not really, but I thought I left a bigger impression than that.”
He scanned his memory for any indication of her. Surely, he hadn’t slept with her. Something like that he would remember. That ruled out any chance that he’d taken her out on a date, since all of his dates end in sex.
“Sorry, sugar. I’ve had a few too many shots of whisky tonight. Help me out?”
“Actually, I think I’ll just be leaving.” She got up from the bed and reached for her clothes.
As she bent over, he got an incredible view of her ass. Instantly, his d**k became hard, and the idea of her leaving was not something he was going to let happen.
“Hey now, don’t be like that. Of course, I remember you. I was only teasing, babe.”
She flung her long red locks around and put her hands on her hips. “Oh, really?”
He gave her his best smile. The one that always made the women fall to their knees. “Really. Now why don’t you come here and let me make it up to you?”
She came toward him slowly, her beautiful, round t**s all but begging to be sucked on. He had no idea who the hell she was, but he couldn’t wait to get her back in his bed.
She was only a couple steps away from him when he grabbed her and pulled her into him. Her ass was so round and soft, he wondered if she bathed in creams and lotions.
He wasted no time as he brought his mouth down to hers and swept his tongue inside hers. There was a brief moment of hesitation on her part, like she hadn’t been expecting him to be so aggressive. It only took a couple seconds to coax her to give into him. He was used to women who needed a little help relaxing. She was a gorgeous woman, definitely worth his patience.
“Oh, Warren. I’ve wanted you for so long.”
She had? Who the hell was she? Nothing about her seemed familiar. He very rarely forgot a pretty face and never forgot a hot body. His curiosity was getting the better of him, and he was dying to ask her who she was, but he didn’t want to risk her trying to leave again.
“Me, too, sugar.” It wasn’t a total lie. He’d wanted her for the past five minutes. For dogs, that was a very long time. Lord knew he had been compared to a dog a time or two.
She pulled away from his kiss. “You have?”
He couldn’t exactly burst her bubble. She looked so happy to hear him say it. “Yeah, sweetheart. Really.”
“Oh, Warren, make love to me.”
Their mouths locked together again. This time, she was not timid. Her mood had changed, and she seemed eager to play. He could hardly wait as he undid his jeans while she was ripping open the front of his shirt. He knew she’d broken some buttons and heard them hit the floor, but he didn’t care. He wanted to bury himself inside this sexy, mystery woman. Figuring out who she was could come later.
His shirt was on the floor, and his jeans soon met with the same fate as he kicked them off. He slid his hand in her panties. A small patch of hair was coated in her wetness. Dipping a finger inside her to test her readiness, he was struck by how wet she was. Whoever she was, she wanted it as bad as he did.
“Mmm…I have to be inside you, sweetheart.”
“Yes.” She was breathless. “Please, I’ve waited so long.”
He knew he should be confused about who she was. She clearly knew who he was, yet he had no memory of her. Hell, he didn’t care though. He wanted to f**k her senseless. Getting acquainted could come later.
Hurriedly, he pulled her panties down to her ankles and lifted her to the bed. He covered her with his large body and reached over to his bedside table. Grabbing a condom from the box, he tore it open with his teeth and threw the package on the floor. Mere seconds went by as he rolled the condom on his d**k. Her glistening, pink lips looked so delicious. He wanted to bend his head down and slide his tongue in her slit, but his need to pound inside her overpowered his thirst. He spread her legs apart and positioned the tip at her entrance. A second later, he drove into her.
A loud scream tore from her. Being a man that made women scream on a regular basis, he knew what pleasure sounded like, and that scream was not one of them.
Scared he’d hurt her, he stopped and looked at her. “Are you okay?”
Her eyes were squeezed tight. Biting on her lower lip, she mumbled, “Uh-huh.”
She was lying. Something was wrong. “Open your eyes.”
Her eyes opened, and he saw tears fall. “Oh f**k!”
For the first time in his life he was losing his hard-on. He pulled out of her and got off of her. Sitting on the edge of the bed, he put his head in his hands.
“What did I do wrong?”
Her shaky voice perplexed him.
He turned around to answer her. “What? Sweetheart, you did nothing wrong.” Reaching over, he wiped a tear from her cheek. “You’re crying. I hurt you.”
She nuzzled her cheek into his hand. “I’m sorry. I didn’t expect it to hurt so much. It’s okay now. Can we try again?”
What the hell? He knew he wasn’t small in size, but never had he hurt a woman. She was wet and ready. It didn’t make sense that—oh shit!
He closed his eyes, almost afraid to ask the question. “Are you a virgin?”
His mystery guest looked up at him from her tear-filled, green eyes and nodded.
“Oh f**k!”
He rose from the bed and paced the room. No matter how much he loved women and sex, he still had a heart. If he knew she was a virgin, he would’ve never taken her so roughly. Hell, he would’ve never taken her, period.
“Warren, please don’t be angry with me. I’ve wanted to be with you for so long. I figured if I told you, then you wouldn’t want to.”
“Oh gee, ya think? Of course I wouldn’t have.” He didn’t know what to do. How was he going to deal with the fact he’d taken a girl’s innocence? “Jesus, how old are you?” He prayed her answer would make her at least legal.
“I’m twenty-three.”
Thank God for small favors, he thought to himself.
“Why do you keep saying you’ve been waiting for this for so long? Who the hell are you?”
As soon as he saw her pretty eyes flood with even more tears, he wanted to kick himself for being so cold. He’d just taken her virginity, and now he dug the knife in a little deeper for her.
“You…you said you remembered me.”
“Look, I’m sorry.” He came to the bed and sat next to her. She’d pulled her knees up into her body and was curled up. “I don’t remember you. Where did we meet?”
“At my grandpa’s stables.”
He shook his head and wondered if she had him confused with someone else. “At your grandpa’s stables? Sweetheart, that doesn’t make sense. The only stables I’m ever at are…” He stopped.
His heart suddenly ceased its continuous beating when images of a sweet thirteen-year-old girl who always wore her long, auburn hair in a braid.
“What is your name?” he asked while silently praying his suspicious were wrong.
“Amber Jenkins?”
She gave him a soft smile. “Yes. It’s me, Warren. You do remember me.”
She leaned over to kiss him, but he quickly pulled away. “Amber Jenkins! As in my boss’s granddaughter, Amber Jenkins. As in the girl that old man Jenkins vowed to shoot the nuts off of any man who went near his precious granddaughter!”
“Warren, I’m not a little girl anymore.”
He wanted to hit something. He didn’t just have sex with the one woman who would not only cost him his job and probably make old man Jenkins chase him down with a rifle, but he took her virginity.

* * * *

Her vision blurred from tears as she waited for him to say something. She wasn’t a little girl anymore. She’d gone off to college, graduated. She was twenty-three years old for crying out loud. If there was one thing she was not, it was a baby, and she hated that so many in town still treated her like one.
Having Warren treat her like one though, that was the worst kind of humiliation. How many nights had she lain awake thinking about him? How many times did she delve into her deepest fantasies and imagine what it would be like to finally have him hold her, kiss her, and touch her? Finally, after all these years, and he was acting like she was a leper.
“Please say something.” She reached for him as she said it.
Turning toward her he gave her a somber look. “Amber, why did you do this?”
Had he actually just asked her that? Why had she done it? She would have thought, with her waiting in his bed naked and asking for him to make love to her, that her intentions were pretty clear, but apparently he was the kind of man who needed to be hit over the head with a frying pan.
“I like you, Warren. Ever since I was…” She stopped herself, refusing to utter the words “little girl” and searched for the right way to say it that wouldn’t betray her. “Ever since I was younger, I’ve had the biggest crush on you, but I never grew out of it. Instead, my feelings just kept growing.”
He sighed and turned to face her. Covering himself with a pillow, he looked at her with so much regret it made her want to cry some more. Was the act of making love to her so completely humiliating that he couldn’t even smile at the prospect?
“Sweetheart, you know the kind of man that I am. I…date…a lot. I’m flattered that you have feelings for me, but I’m thirteen years older than you.”
“Age is just a number,” she insisted.
“That’s a nice theory, and it would look great on a refrigerator magnet, but this is real life, darlin’.”
“Are you telling me that you didn’t want me just five minutes ago? Did I imagine you touching my body and kissing me while you whispered you wanted to be inside me?” She blinked against the tears, refusing to let more show themselves.
He muttered something under his breath she couldn’t make out. “With all due respect, sweetheart, you did show up in my bed naked. A man is only human.”
Now she was getting angry. He blamed her for this? What this was she didn’t even know. The only thing she was sure of was that it had taken every bit of her courage to finally let him know how she felt.
Granted it wasn’t like she had sent him a letter or made some grand announcement of her feelings, but she figured that was what a teenager would do. She was a woman now. So she did what any woman would do when they wanted to lure a man. She used her body to seduce him, and he was using that against her as though she did something wrong?
“Oh, I see. So it’s my fault that you wanted me, then? If I had just stayed away, this would have never happened and you wouldn’t be left with the horrible knowledge that you had sex with me. Is that it?”
No longer hurt, no longer holding back tears, she now got up from the bed. She was angry and insulted that he wanted to make her the bad guy in the situation. It wasn’t that she could deny that she had started it, but when she tried to leave just fifteen minutes earlier he was on her like flies on a barbeque trying to get her to stay.
No. She would not be made to feel guilty because he had issues with her age, or because of who her grandfather was. He wanted her just as much as she wanted him. How dare he blame her! Reaching for her clothes, which she had tucked on the side of the bedside table, she continued her rant.
“I’m so sorry, Warren. You poor thing! Who I am to come in here and turn you on like that when you were so clearly against it!”
“Amber…” He tried to interrupt her, but she quickly cut him off.
“No, really. I can’t believe I tried to take advantage of you like that. You must feel so used and hurt. It really is because of women like me that make it hard for such good, church-going men like yourself to live a life of celibacy.” Her tone increased with sarcasm with each word she spoke.
“Now hang on just a second. I know you’re…”
Once again she stopped him, unwilling to listen to any smooth talk from the great Warren Murphy.
“You know nothing!”
She pulled her T-shirt over her head while looking around the room for her panties. When she spotted them on the floor at the foot of the bed, she went to reach for him, his swift movement beat her to it, and he was already handing them to her.
“Amber, honey…I know that you are hurt and probably embarrassed. But you’ve got to know that I would never hurt you intentionally. Not in a million years.”
His southern drawl was comforting as he tried to soothe away her hurt. She had watched him work the magic of his silver tongue for years with other women, but she would not fall victim to his charms. At least not this time. He wouldn’t be able to get himself out of this jam that easily.
She gave her virginity to him, and moments later he was acting like he had just been infected with some horrible virus. Virginity-taketh-itis it was probably called. He’d probably mope around for the next week, downing beers at The Roadhouse while all of his little admirers fed into his ego. Well, she wouldn’t be one of them. Not this time anyway.
“Well might I say you look remarkable for your age,” she bit out sarcastically.
“Well, you managed to hurt me fairly quickly, so clearly those requisite million years have come and passed us by.”
He let out a groan of frustration and reached for her arm, but she pulled away. No matter how angry she was at him, he still was the keeper of her heart. His touch might be the very thing that made her forget what an incredibly giant jackass he was being.
She grabbed for her jeans, quickly slipped into them, and jumped up and down as she brought them up to her waist. In seconds, she had them zipped up and snapped shut. He stood before her, his hands on his hips, still completely naked, and it took everything she had to not look to see if there were still signs of how he had wanted her.
Her tennis shoes were next, and she sat on the edge of the bed to slip the canvas on before quickly tying them. She could feel his eyes on her, the intensity of his gaze was all but boring a hole right through her, but she refused to look up at him.
She had shown up without an invitation. She knew that and wouldn’t deny it, but he hadn’t exactly been complaining either. He was just as eager for her as she was for him. The fact that he was so incredibly small-minded that he would let her age or last name affect how he felt more than hurt her feelings, it made her mad.
Once she was completely dressed, she ran her hands down her pant legs and pushed up while exhaling a deep breath.
“Good-bye, Warren.”
She made her way toward the door, and he stepped in front of her, his large hands cupped the side of her face as he brushed a thumb over dampness that still lingered below her eye.
“Darlin’, I’m so sorry I’ve hurt you. I really never wanted that. I didn’t remember you. Hell, the last time I saw you, you were still just a kid.”
His stupidity and thoughtlessness only fueled the fury that was welling inside of her. Leave it to him to take her already-hurt feelings and stomp all over them.
“We saw each other last summer at the Fourth of July barbeque. You winked at me and called me ‘pretty lady.’”
His discomfort was obvious when he asked, “I did?”
She simply nodded her head at him, certain that if she answered she would forget her ladylike manners and use language that wasn’t fit for a woman’s mouth.
“Shit.” He ran a hand through his hair. “I remember you I think. Were you wearing a little red sundress with blue and white stars?”
“Yep. That was me. Can I go now?”
Please move. Please don’t touch me again. Please just let me leave.
The silent pleas echoed inside her head. He still stood before her, completely naked, and she was beginning to fall victim to the memory of that hot evening when she thought he truly saw her as a woman and not some little girl anymore. It hurt more than she could describe to know that he hadn’t even known who she was when he said it.
“Jesus. You must have thought…I led you on, didn’t I…in a way anyway.” He looked at her with remorse and brushed his knuckles against her cheek.
She would not let him see her cry again. Not ever. This was the only time she would offer herself up to Warren Murphy. He had taken that opportunity and threw it back in her face after he had taken something from her she could never get back.
“With all due respect, Mr. Murphy”—she made a mocking gesture of placing her hand on his arm—“can I call you Mr. Murphy? I mean you are thirteen years older than me. It would be rude not to show my elders respect.”
She didn’t miss the way he worked his jaw in annoyance at her comment. “I suppose I deserved that.”
“Whatever. Like I was saying, with all due respect, you should probably let me pass and get some clothes on. Standing there naked like that might give a person the wrong impression. Wouldn’t want me to try and take advantage of you again, would you?”
Not waiting for him to move, she pushed his hand away and nudged herself past him. She was halfway through the living room when she heard him shout her name. Refusing to stop, she reached in her pocket and dug out the key to her Jeep.
She was down the front steps and reaching for the door handle when she heard his front door fly open with so much force that his screen door slammed into the wall of the house. Looking back, she saw him fumbling with his jeans while attempting to make it down the steps without falling.
The darkness made it hard to read his expression, but his demands that she wait spoke to her crystal clear. He was upset, and she cared very little to hear his reasons or thoughts on an already-mortifying situation.
She opened the door to the Jeep and got in. If he didn’t like the way things were going, too bad. Things weren’t exactly working out the way she had planned either. With shaky hands, she stuck the key in the ignition and revved up the engine.
Just as she placed the Jeep in reverse, he had caught up to her. He reached inside to try and stop her, but she floored the gas pedal. The abrupt movement of the Jeep had him jumping out of the way while gravel shot up from the tires.
He was shouting, but the radio had kicked on, and she refused to turn it down to hear him. Whatever his complaint was, she didn’t want to hear it. It had taken her years to work up the nerve to finally let Warren know how she felt. Knowing the kind of man he was, she broke every rule she had and offered him the one thing she had offered no other man.
Her innocence.
He had thanked her for the precious gift by making her feel a fool, treating her like a child, and placing the blame with her.
Never again. Warren Murphy had his chance with her. He would not have another. He may have captured her heart years ago, but he would not take her pride, too.


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