Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Wooooo Hooooooo! Sweet Hell is
#1 on the BookStrand's Bestselling List!
I thought it might do well, but to have it number one is making me crazy! All right, you know what's coming up, right? Another fresh excerpt from Sweet Hell that hopefully will knock your socks off!

Sweet Hell
Written By
Audrey Godwin

ISBN: 1-60601-090-5
E-book $5.99
15% off at checkout

Pari has a body that relentlessly craves sex! She hides this shameful affliction behind a tailored suit, a prim French twist and a briefcase, but when the sun slowly sets in the West, Pari can no longer deny the sizzling desire that builds deep inside her. She becomes a different person. One day she sees a lusty male animal on TV…a killer, a Rambo-type man that makes her blood boil. But he’s a criminal! And then she’s appointed to defend him, leading her into a situation that surrounds her with three lusty men. Pari is in trouble! What will she do when her urges begin to flourish and she changes from a lawyer to a sex-hungry female?

Brief Excerpt
(Kitt learns about Pari's torrid past which instinctively makes him push her away. But still he struggles with his desire for her. As a result the sexual tension between them sizzles. To hurt him she has agreed to marry Boris, Kitt's father.
Oh, my, what a mess!)

Her gaze shifted and she noticed Kitt walking the grounds with a dark-haired woman. They stopped, turned, and faced each other. The woman looked up into his eyes flirtatiously. Pari felt a pang of green-eyed jealousy wrench her painfully. She knew that look all too well. It was the look of wanting. The look of love. Pari's eyes widened when she saw the girl reach up and kiss Kitt. But what was worse, Kitt responded by kissing her back. They talked a while longer until they reached her horse that was tied to a bush. They said a few words of goodbye, she mounted the mare and kicked it gently, causing it to turn. Her lovely body swayed on the saddle as she handled the animal like a pro. Kitt waved just before she turned and rode away, and then strolled back up to the mansion as if he had something on his mind.
Pari turned and rushed to the head of the sprawling stairway.
As Kitt approached the first step of the steep flight, he looked up and saw her. The awkward moment caused him to hang back, his stride becoming slow and unsure. Finally, as if making a firm decision, he made his way up while she made her way down. As they neared each other, their eyes locked and continued to hold until they at last met. Kitt looked at her coldly, and said, "Hello… mother."
Pari ignored his remark. "Who is she?"
"Who's who?"
"You know who, dammit. The brunette with the horse."
"Oh," Kitt replied, looking amused, "that was Lynette."
"Yes. Lynette Silvers. She's a friend."
"She must be a pretty good friend." Pari reached up and rubbed her finger across his lips and held it up in front of his eyes. "She left her calling card."
"So, mother. What do you intend to do? Ground me?"
"Will you stop calling me that?"
The amused look left Kitt’s face, replaced by one of irritation. "Well, isn't that what you're going to be? My friggin' mother?"
"I don't want you to see her again."
"Who the hell do you think? The stupid bitch that wears too much lipstick."
He clenched his teeth and spoke in a soft, grating tone. "I'll see any damned woman I want."
He turned abruptly to go around her, but she stepped in front of him. "You were going to make love to me last night."
"Love? Make love, did you say? My dear, love had nothing to do with it. It was raw, animalistic, and I felt as if I’d lost all my senses and tumbled down into the middle of hell. You were all over me like a batch of writhing, coupling snakes. I’ve never felt anything like it before, and hope to God I never do again. Last night I was out of my mind. I could have ravaged you until there was nothing left. A man can only feel that way if he’s sunk as low as he can get.” His eyes dropped, a hungry look in them as they raked shamelessly up and down her body. “You can believe me when I say that I’m staying as far away from you as possible. I have no desire to visit hell again."
Unmoved by his words, she whispered suggestively, "There's no one here now."
"Nice invitation, but I'll pass."
"What in hell do you do when you get the urge, take a trip to see your lipstick queen?"
"If I do, at least I don't have to take a number to get in her bed."
His crushing words rang in her ears, crumpling her face in pain and quickly filling her eyes with tears. She said nothing, just lowered her head, turned, and went to her room.

* * * *
Kitt regretted the words as soon as they left his lips. His repentant eyes followed her, and his mouth opened to call her back, but nothing came out. He watched her close the door, knowing he had hurt her deeply.

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