Monday, May 18, 2009

5 Star Review for Buckskins and Brocade from JERR

I just received the Just Erotic Romance Reviews newsletter (#150) and much to my delight Buckskins and Brocade has received 5 Stars!

Reviewer: Stefani Clayton
Rating: 5 Stars
Heat level: O

Growing up in a household with two fathers, a very strong willed mother, an uncle only a few years older than herself and two siblings, Olivia Raines is ready to step out on her own. When she receives a letter from her uncle suggesting she take an assignment for the government, Olivia jumps on the nearest train, only to discover that the man who caught her peeking through his window is the same man who will be working this government assignment. Not only is he a walking temptation but he comes with his brother, his identical twin brother, and Olivia knows she has her hands full. All this before she learns that children are disappearing and the last agent turned up dead. Olivia has a lot on her plate with this first mission, but she is more than woman enough to handle it all. The question is whether the world is ready for Olivia Raines?

Buckskins and Brocade is the sequel to Kentucky Woman and is just as entertaining. I had the pleasure of reading the first story, and couldn’t wait to get into this book. Olivia Raines is her mother’s daughter. She is feisty, independent, and so unique I couldn’t help loving her character. Connor and Desmond are home-on-the-range sexy with just a hint of shadows to keep you drooling. The men fight like cats and dogs, which is just what I would expect from twins who spend all their time together. I just liked them, Connor with his seriousness, and Desmond’s constant laugh. There were numerous secondary characters throughout this story and they all played valuable roles in keeping it real. Sexually, these three start out hot and each scene turned up the heat until the final scene, which left me panting! This story didn’t bombard me with sexual scenes just for the sake of sex, and I honestly appreciate that. Buckskins and Brocade is a great read all the way around.

Thank you, Stefani and JERR!

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