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I just wanted you to know that after one week, Jasmine's Urban Cowboys is Number Five on Siren's Bestseller List. If your not familiar with my book here's the first review the book received.

The first review is in for Jasmine's Urban Cowboys and it's a good one. Here it is, in it's entirety..

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jasmine's Urban Cowboy by Laura Ashton - Book Review

Sensual Awakenings 1 by Laura Ashton
Siren Publishing, Inc...
E-book ISBN: 1-60601-444- 7
May 2009

Price: $5.50

Book Review:

Jasmine is finally free. She is free to start over and do what ever she wants now that a huge weight is lifted off of her. Now all Jaz wants to do is get drunk and have the night of her life. Too bad her friend Brenda has other plans for her. Or maybe it could be the best time of her life. Especially after meeting two of the sexiest men alive.

What’s a girl to do when she’s faced with a hard choice. Is it really a hard one?
Ted and Gabe thought it would be just another night of bowling. But they sure are bowled over when they meet one sexy lady named Jaz. They both like Jasmine and are having a very hard time keeping their hands and mouths off of her. Things get even hotter between the trio. And what a way to end the night.
Jasmine is straight forward woman. Yet she’s never met such sweet and sexy men like Ted and Gabe. It’s such a hard decision for Jaz to pick one man so she decides to not see them anymore instead breaking anyone’s heart.
Jaz decides to focus on her new job. Too bad she didn’t count on her men to fight sneaky to win Jasmine over.

Ted and Gabe have a tough road ahead of them. One of them is going to get their heartbroken yet they’ll realize that Jasmine is worth the risk.

Laura Ashton is new and upcoming bestselling author. Ms. Ashton will win over many readers with her upcoming new series, Sensual Awakenings. With the first title in that series, Jasmine’s Urban Cowboys is off to an amazing start. You can be sure that its just going to be even more sexy in the upcoming titles in the Sensual Awakenings series..
I have to say that Jasmine’s Urban Cowboys is one hell of sexy ménage ride involving Ted, Jaz and Gabe. Ms Ashton lead characters have lots of sexy fun in the beginning then slowly manages to seduce not only the heroine, Jaz but readers too will fall in love with this novel as well.

Usually, there’s drama before the fun and sexy scenes come to life but Ms.. Ashton comes up with a new way to draw in the readers. Sure, we all like to read sexy love scenes yet there’s a hell of lot more drama behind the scenes as well that keep everyone entertained.
One of those dramas are Jaz’s best friend, Brenda who’s life right now isn’t going the way she’s hoped for. I for one hope that Ms. Ashton is going to give Brenda a chance to shine in her book soon?
Another memorable character is Ted’s mother, Camilla.. She is one of kind sweetheart who's very open to new things and isn’t easily offended by people’s choices and lifestyles. Seeing her son and nephew fight for what they want makes Camilla wants the same and go out to get what she's hoping to find her own happy ending.
Back to the main characters, I am amazed and definitely charmed by these three main characters. Ted and Gabe are so sweet and sexy and were definitely brought up to respect a woman. These men sure didn’t give up on Jasmine and kept on slowly seducing her over to their bed… Oops. I mean their side.
All that is left to say about Jasmine’s Urban Cowboys is that you won’t forget anytime soon. They only other thing I can say about this book is that this is one sexy true love story that is just the beginning of great series called Sensual Awakenings.
My vote… Say yes to Ms. Ashton’s Jasmine’s Urban Cowboys.

I am happy to give Jasmine’s Urban Cowboys a rating of 4 ½ Stars.
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Night Time Romance Reviews

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