Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Five Star Review for Murphy's Law

Murphy's Law received a fantastic review from Val at Manic Readers! 5 Stars and highlighted as a "Featured Review." Just thought I'd share!

MR Review Murphy's Law by Sandy James

Seth Remington is known for his extravagant, irresponsible ways as well as wrecking car after car. His father is at a loss to find a way to help Seth grow up, that is until he dies and his will is read. In order for Seth to be able to have access to his inheritance, he has to work for Katie as a groom for one season. They are to have no contact and she is the one who will decide if he gets his money or not. In return, Katie gets a stakes horse. Can Seth Remington really do a normal person's job with a meager paycheck? Can Seth stop his playboy ways and have a relationship with Katie without any physical contact? Let the fun begin!

Katie's character was enchanting and extremely likable. She instantly made it into my heart from the moment I met her. She is strong on the outside but on the inside holds a lot of pain from past broken relationships. She is so patient and kind to everyone she meets. There is no way not to love Seth's character. He is a man who has no idea what life is all about. He has never done anything to earn his place in life and, God love him, he is about to get a rude awakening. I was so entertained when he got a taste of the real world. The predicaments he got himself into made me laugh. He found something that was his in life and that too touched my heart. The differences in Seth before he met Katie and after were striking.

Katie and Seth together were electric. You could just feel the sparks flying off the page. Sam, Brian, Chris, Ross and even Rachel (whose character I loved to hate) made this Murphy's Law just that much more entertaining. The plot line was magnificent and I gained knowledge of how a real race track works. I was able to see the horses’ personalities through Seth and Katie and I actually walked away wanting to ride a horse and know more about them. I always hope that books have epilogues so that I can see how the main characters are doing a little bit into the future. This epilogue was explosive!

Ms. James has outdone herself on Murphy's Law. It truly is one of the best developed and engaging books I have ever read. With action, rejection, animosity, suspense and a stimulating love relationship, Murphy's Law is certain to grip your emotions and do flip flops with your heart. I highly recommend Murphy's Law; it is a well crafted page turner. Ms. James is an extremely talented writer that I will continue to follow in the future.

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