Monday, May 11, 2009

Angelic Forecast ~ XXXVI

“Nine and nine. Today is a NINE day. This 36th angelic forecast breaks down to a NINE in numerology,” I say to myself.
Synchronicity strikes again and I wonder at the cosmic harmony creating our world right now, and, at the same time, the harmonies being created by our response as the people of this world. “Round and round the universe we go,” I sing softly. “Where we stop I don’t know. I do know number Nine is considered to be the number of completion. Completing anything?” I ask the Heavenly One as he floats down before me, his majestic ebony wings flapping slowly. I stare. It’s like watching a fantasy come to life and I feel wondrous inside.
“Yes, in every blessed moment.” His purply shining eyes tease me. “There are several world events which will come to a head this week and early next week. Few people will notice because there will be few news reports.”
“Let me guess,” I drily begin, “the consequences will show up sooner rather than later and people will wonder how did that come about?”
He nods, his gaze serious and piercing. “Do you remember Tonto, the Lone Ranger’s companion?”
I smile. “Of course.” A moment later it hits me like a hammer to the head. “Oh. White man speak with forked tongue. That’s what Tonto would say.”
The Cherub nods, an imitation of the stoic proud Tonto. “Men and women on the world stage will speak with forked tongue this week.”
“Haven’t they always?” I ask, feeling my brow raise. And my ire.
“True. Now, it will occur at a level never before known in this current age.”
“The endtimes,” I barely murmur. “Completion. The end of our current age.”
“The endtimes,” he repeats. “And the beginning times.” Straightening his arm, he suddenly plucks something out of the air. The blackest snake I’ve ever seen. It twines it’s whip-like body around the Heavenly One’s arm. Lifting its sleek head the snake gazes at me and flicks its forked tongue.
“A friend?” I ask. The snake does not act in a threatening manner.
“A gift. A harbinger of what is to come.”
“A harbinger?” I cock my head, puzzled.
The snake unwinds, slithering onto the ground. I watch it disappear into the thick grass and foliage.
“The time for deception ends. The truth about humanity begins.”
I nod because I understand.

The forthcoming week is one of pivotal changes in your life, especially. While it is good to complete projects this week in the best manner you can... actually, this week is about setbacks. Whatever setback you experience this week and into next week will be best served by changing the direction of your life, rather than by persevering toward what you have been denied. For example, if there is a particular product you desire that isn’t available, look for it elsewhere instead of waiting to purchase it. This week is about changing course. Don’t fight the headwinds. Find a new course in life.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona


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