Wednesday, May 20, 2009

5 Heart ~ Reviewer Top Pick for Turning Thirty-Twelve

Diana Coyle at Night Owl Romance just gave Turning Thirty-Twelve a "Reviewer Top Pick - 5 Heart" review! Thanks so much, Diana!

Jackie Delgado, a forty-something year old science teacher at Harrison High School, just doesn’t want another man in her life again. The only good that came out of her marriage to David is that they have two sons, Patrick and Nate. After a bitter end to her twenty-one years of marriage, Jackie wants nothing to do with having another relationship with a man. She is content raising her boys and between the boys, work and her friends, she is quite happy at the moment. But as her youngest finally goes off to college like his big brother did, Jackie starts suffering from a bad case of empty nest syndrome. The only comfort and companionship she now has in the house with her is Jellybean, her TV theme show singing cockatiel.

Her girlfriends, who are also teachers at the high school, are always trying to set her up even though she says she’s not interested. Finally, Abby convinces her that there’s this one guy that she thinks Jackie might actually like. Reluctantly, Jackie tells her girlfriend to give him her number. When he calls her to ask her out, she’s in for the biggest surprise of her life.

Who does the blind date turn out to be? What does she think of this guy overall? Does this turn out to be a match made in heaven for the both of them?

Ms. James did a fabulous job creating this storyline and she developed characters that you just can’t help but fall in love with, quirks and all. I found this story to be a little bit sweet with a whole lot of hot and sexy mixed throughout. I loved Ms. James’ sense of humor that she sprinkled throughout the pages and I found myself laughing out loud numerous times as I was reading. I would highly recommend this story to others and it’s a definite keeper in my library. Don’t pass this one up!

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