Saturday, May 30, 2009

Loving Two Highlanders

I'm delighted to say that Loving Two Highlanders released yesterday!
When Alexander Campbell, a convict and a rebel, arrives in Jamestown in chains, Megan MacGregor is horrified that her dying husband chooses Alex as an indenture for their printing shop. Megan has resigned herself to a life without sexual fulfillment as she prepares herself for her husband's possible death. But Alex brings buried emotions and desires to the surface and suddenly Megan is caught between her love and loyalty to her husband and her need and blossoming love for Alex.
Megan is unaware that Trevor has a plan and has chosen Alex as a possible replacement for him in his wife's life. As Megan struggles with her desire for Alex, Trevor orchestrates ways to push them together, striking a bargain with Alex - Megan's pleasure in exchange for Alex's freedom.
When Alex creates a cure for Trevor's illness, Megan finds herself in the impossible situation of loving two Highlanders. But Trevor has a plan for that as well.
Information and an excerpt from Loving Two Highlanders can be found here:

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