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Sex with the Passion of a Creature of the Night!

A Scorching Manage!
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Those of you who have read Brothers of the Night know that Jennifer Duquesne, the heroine, was only a girl of nineteen. She was hot, sexy and hard to handle, and even flaunted her wedding vows in the face of her husband who loved her
with the passion of a creature of the night!
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But hold onto your seat! She's grown up and the horror-filled legend of the cursed Duquesne family continues!
Today she's a beautiful thirty-something woman who has an act at the Rock Candy Club called Sugar & Spice. It's the dream of every man there to have her. What they don't realize is, although Sugar is every man's dream -- Spice is his nightmare!

It all began when Jennifer's twin son lay dead at her feet and pain such as she'd never known pierced her heart. In her hand was the silver blade that killed him-on her clothes was his blood-and in his mouth spoke the haunting words of forgiveness.

She went a little crazy.

With an anger that sent her over the edge, she stood slowly, raised her fist to the shimmering moon overhead and did something even the Duquesne brothers didn't do—she challenged the gods to a duel!

Jennifer's challenge coupled with her untimely suicide attempt caused an earthquake in the City of Hell! The deities got together and decided to send the War Lord's son, Judas to earth to fix the problem. While everyone was trying to decide what to do no one noticed that Lupercus, the Wolf god was missing!

Judas found him on earth masquerading as a priest! Judas realizes he has an impossible job ahead of him. He is only a half-breed warrior up against a god! Since power wouldn't help him, he had to be smart enough to outwit this spoiled runaway god who found Jennifer dancing in the Rock Candy Club, and fell in love with her evil twin Spice!

All Hell breaks loose when the Autumn Moon Cycle begins. Word goes out among the authorities that Gypsy Reef has turned into a hot-bed of horror and full moon liaisons are turning up mutilated bodies! They've discussed it, turned it over in their minds, but always come back to the same conclusion!

Gypsy Reef is being stalked by a she devil they are calling... WEREWOLF!

Fallen Angel Review (5 Angels):

"...whirlwind ride..."
"...dazzling read..."

"Sugar and Spice is a whirlwind ride that not only sends spine-tingling chills down your back, but adds some devils, angels, and wicked demons into the plot that makes the war between good and evil explosive. Jennifer and Judas exhibit different layers of emotions that shift in a way that grabs the reader. Audrey Godwin canvases a tale that lends such detailed descriptions, that it leaves this reader with much imaginary. Often I looked over my shoulder to make sure no one was standing there, because her expressions are so vivid with the characters and all she creates. I loved her description of Judas down to his blonde hair. The intensity of the fear among the characters could not only be scene{sic} through their expressions but this reader could almost feel their sensations in this dazzling read." - 5 Angels, Linda L., Fallen Angels Reviews

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