Thursday, May 28, 2009


SHADOW LOVER ~ Available now!

She goes back time and again, daring to enter this creature's mysterious domain, and asks herself, who is he? Who is this hulking monster whose eyes burn with hunger when they look at her--this phantom of the night who watches her from the shadows--this creature she has come to know as -- Frankenstein!
ISBN: 1606010328
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A young, handsome man has a tragic accident where his face is slashed to ribbons. For ten years he exists in shadows waiting for a miracle. As time goes by, he begins to slowly devolves into a bestial animal dangerous to those around him until Chyna Marsh, a sexy, trash-writing little tramp enters his world and turns it upside down. He hasn't had a woman in ten years, and when she begins to use her body, and her knowledge of what men like to lure him out, he struggles to push her away to keep her safe. And then one night when she pushes him too far...Chyna finds out how a monster makes love!


Mystery, Romance...Frankenstein!! "Ms. Godwin delivers the goods. This book is set apart as it is a modern day Frankenstein story, with the romance and mystery thrown all together to emerge this wonderful, captivating story about two people who sincerely need each other and find their way to their hearts desire. This reviewer gives kudos to Ms. Godwin for a wonderful well-written story that takes the reader on a ride that is at times funny, tender and romantic." - Dawn, Love Romances

Dark & Erotic Twist!! "Audrey Godwin's SHADOW LOVER is a beauty and the beast story with a dark and erotic twist. It is sensual and emotional, sending tingles and tugging on the heartstrings in turns. An enjoyable read, and an interesting step aside from the typical direction of the genre." - Daria, Romance Junkies

Comes to Life Before Your Eyes! "This is truly an emotional story filled with pain, conflict, and good versus evil. If "Beauty and the Beast" made your heart beat faster, this one will really appeal to you. It is well-written, flows easily, and brings the characters to life before your eyes. It is a bit lengthy at 265 pages but the storyline makes the read worth the extra time." - 4 Hearts, Christina Kay, The Romance Studio

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