Monday, May 18, 2009

Angelic Forecast ~ XXXVII

“Go ahead.” The Heavenly One nudges me gently, then winks. “Share your Hawk Spirit ~ from The Never-Ending Story.”
“Sure?” I ask. Why I don’t know. Wouldn’t the Cherub know?
“Yes. It is not merely one more part to the evolving story, it is symbolic for what is occurring now.”
“Will people ‘get’ the symbolism?”
“Everyone will receive the message best for them at this moment in time,” he assures me. Tenderly his fingertip strokes my cheek as his eyes blaze with a fierce sweetness that utterly reassures me.

Hawk Spirit ~

Kallyn roved her gaze over the magnificent, yet rustic lodge, surrounded by slim giant pine trees and a sparse forest of Spring-leafed out trees. Catching sight of two black bears, she murmured, “Wow,” and leaned forward, watching them lumber swiftly into the depths of the forest.

Somewhere water rushed and gurgled. Maybe a stream behind the lodge. Kallyn decided it must be mid-morning because of the bright blue sky and how the slanting beams of sunlight struck the trees.

Feeling obstinate she said nothing as they closed in on the lodge. Diamonds, spy this, covert that... and James Bond. She grimaced keeping her face turned away from Sergei. Yeah, her life was a spin of turmoil within a cyclone. What stuck in her craw at the moment... so many men and so little time to have a decent romance.

Just to be more obstinate and not because Sergei was that terrifically appealing, she asked, “Are you any good in bed?”

The question must have short-circuited his brain because he said nothing. Still, Kallyn witnessed his knuckles turn white as he gripped the steering wheel, his arm stiff as the proverbial board. He slowed and turned onto the road leading up to the lodge.

“I asked you a question,” she languidly slid in the knife of her voice. Not really caring if he answered or not... she was damn fed up to the gills with everything... Kallyn watched the chipmunks skitter about collecting goodies to eat.

“You don’t remember...” he began, his voice low, hesitant. “You shouldn’t remember, actually.”

“I don’t remember a damn thing,” she crossly burst out. “Oh, yeah, I remember being a dragon... but I certainly don’t remember how good you are in bed or not.”

“We were married at the time...”

“We were not,” Kallyn pounced with her tone. “I am so tired of all the lies. And if you say that we were again, or anything I don’t like, I promise you will regret it.” Scowling, Kallyn searched the wide sky above and saw three hawks circling above a clearing. For a brief day-dreamy instant she wondered if she could shape-shift into a hawk.

Instead, her mind floated toward the sky and suddenly she was soaring with the hawks, feeling what they felt... the wind combing over their feathers, the sunlight warming their backs... their hunger as they searched for breakfast. And something else... ~ I am Hawk, your Animal Spirit... rise above those who would use you for their own gain and not yours. Think of me often and I will guide you, my dragon friend. ~

‘Dragon friend?’ she asked telepathically.

‘That is why they want you on their side. They want to use your ability to become a dragon. A dragon’s fiery breath transforms diamonds into powerful magical tools.’

Kallyn shuddered inside, good and bad. To her core she felt Hawk’s words as true. But how did she escape their clutches?

God how she wished she felt her flaming force come alive. She’d transform and burn no-good-in-bed Sergei to a crisp... how did she know he was no good?

Aunt Dora’s complaint about his lack of prowess suddenly lived in her memory again. Sergei had been at their hide-away Yellowstone cabin for a small time.

He had led her astray and lied about everything...

“No, I haven’t, Kallyn.” His words broke into her thoughts. Was he reading her mind?

For the forthcoming week enjoy Nature however and whenever you can. The Sun is bringing a newness to your soul and spirit. The Earth sings with the thought of you and supremely loves you whenever you help Her grow her wondrous plants. The very heavens themselves are sending streams of diamond light to bring you a brand new awareness of Life, and its potential for you and for all of humanity. All of this counters the spread of darkness. For this has become a dark age. One overcome by the sheer willingness to overcome.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona


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