Monday, September 7, 2009

A Stellar Review for Jasmine's Urban Cowboys, Five Angels

Hey Everyone, Check out the new glowing review I got on Jasmine's Urban Cowboy's

Jasmine's Urban Cowboys

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Sensual Awakenings 1: Jasmine's Urban Cowboys
Jasmine Harper, once model now talented interior designer, is ready to celebrate being a free woman. With her divorce final, she invites a good friend Brenda out to help paint the town. Brenda has an idea, why doesn't Jasmine go bowling with her then when the game is over, the two can go out for some drinks. Jasmine agrees, never expecting to meet two handsome men at the bowling alley. Gabe Gregory and his Uncle Ted have a certain chemistry about him that makes Jaz feel tingly and warm all over. Gabe wants to introduce Jaz to his Uncle Ted who wants to show the lovely lady a good time. Brenda fakes an excuse to leave, suggesting Jaz not only take Ted up on any offer, but go for the gusto and have Gabe join them. After giving it considerable thought, why not, that is if the men are game. What man wasn't game to experiment with sexy Jaz? When Jaz heads home to prepare for Gabe and Ted's arrival, she still wonders can she go through with it. After all, what woman wouldn't desire four hands instead of two discovering her body? When the heat rises, will it be what Jaz expected or will it cause the party girl to crash never wishing to be around any man again?

Sensual Awakenings, Book One: Jasmine's Urban Cowboys is a dynamite read. Jaz's character is a blast. She has spark, is fun, down to earth, and the type to go after what she wants. The story sizzles with Jaz, Gabe and Ted. The
secondary characters are robust and add just the right amount of seasoning to keep the story moving at a good pace. I enjoy Brenda and the friendship she and Jaz share. There are some pleasant twists and turns along the way that the reader doesn't know what Jaz has up her sleeve next. With some surprises and anticipations, Laura Ashton awakens the senses and breathes life into the pages. She makes Jaz real by placing her in a situation where the players must make decisions, while following their heart. I definitely want to read the second and the third in this astounding series.

Reviewed by: Linda L.


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