Sunday, September 13, 2009

Angelic Forecast ~ #54


If you would honor my back, I will carry you to our home. Sarius moves with such grace and gentleness, positioning himself before me, that I slip from the cloud and wrap my legs around him.
I wonder what I have done as he walks forward, a floating gait that makes me breathless. The other two horses flank us, their gazes angelic.


We fly and run at the same time over what appears to be a dry winding riverbed. I feel weightless, yet not. On both sides of me are low banks of river stone and long stretches of emerald green land, a different, more intense, shade of green than I’ve seen before.
In the far distance, and to my left, are mountains, gentle green giant mountains, not craggy towers reaching for the sky.
Suddenly, we shift direction, racing up and over the riverbank. Ahead is a lone mountain with three spires. The closer we come, the more I see the pinkish glisten of stone. The small mountain grandly rises from the ground and the stone is a splendid soaring chaos of striations.
Our home, Sarius mind-speaks to me.
At the same time, I watch an arch-shaped door appear.
Home? I have nothing better to ask. I’m in a state of absolute wonderment.
Many of us grow our homes here, Sarius replies.
Like living stone?
Yes. The stone and crystal form according to our desires. As it grows the structure takes on a life and shape of its own. It becomes part of the land.
Wow. Now that’s creative architecture.
The door seems to phase open. I see no actual solid shape swing inward or outward. All the rosy, caramel and pewter colors of the stone deepen, and become a glorious swirling aurora.


The following week will appear as if the universe owns a giant ratchet and is twisting the world up to a new notch of tension. This week is best dealt with using your own spiritual awareness and by taking a step back. Observe carefully, then respond. Several crucial decisions will be made by those on the world stage.
Your own personal decisions will also be crucial to how your life evolves from this point on. The most important thing to consider is your family and all those you love. What kind of future do you want for them and for yourself?
This week is about creating the future more than has previously occurred on our beloved Earth.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona


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